West to East Complete, well almost

First half of my trip mileage = Maple Ridge, BC to Long Island, New York is 7145 KM’s or 4,439 Miles. Gas mileage due to the x and head winds heading east was not that great. 5.1 L/100 Km’s. A little over 300 Km’s per tank.

Heading west I should get much better mileage. What a journey thus far…and really appreciate all the comments, emails, messages etc. Monday, June 2nd starts my journey home, but first I need to go more east to Montauk Point, Long Island.

One of the best investments I have made for the trip was my head lamp protector I got from AltRider. But any would do. After all the hail I have been through there is no doubt my head light would have been damaged if not for this farkle.

Will be installing this on Tuesday as prevention for the trek home

Bike got a wash while I have some “down” time too and getting ready for my leisurely ride tomorrow to Monatuk Point with a fellow ADV rider from NYC and an old high school buddy. No luggage just the three of us heading out to the most easterly point of Long Island. Out on the point there is a plaque for missing sailors. I lost a friend years ago at sea…I hear his name is out there.  Matt!  So, I will go searching to read his name and remember who he was and how he died way too young.

When I stop I am tired. Taking even a day off from riding I hit a wall but in this layover I expect by today I will not be so exhausted. I have 2 more nights at my folks house and should be refueled to head back.

I have had some old high school friends stop by my parents house to visit…been over 30 years and was awesome to reconnect. The connection was made through face book and then in real life coming to New York. I wish I could see more old friends.


and Pam…

Part of the reason for this trip is to reconnect the past with the present then the future. Slowly things are making sense, I hope the journey back goes smoothly and my healing continues.

I know I have a long way to go but so far I have gained more confidence as a solo rider and I am embracing my “new” life without my other half. I wish I had another month of riding to anywhere to be honest. It seems as though being on my bike is indeed my happy place….pics from Montauk as soon I get them after my ride tomorrow.

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