Montauk Point or Bust

Heading out to Montauk Point, Long Island today.


Weather beautiful, warm, sunny and a great day for a ride.  Meeting a new friend from the virtual world and riding with an old friend from when I was a kid.  The three of us out for a leisurely ride east on Long Island.  Pics later and a little update.  SPOT will be on as I count this as part of my route and track.  🙂

Follow the SPOT by clicking here!


  1. Mike Torr says:

    So, come on up to Maine. I come from NY and spent a great deal of time at Montauk, and want you to know that it’s even better in Maine. Come on up! Take the ferry across the sound and head north.

  2. Monica says:

    Looks like great ride Leslie!!! keep up the great adventures

  3. Leslie, Am I to understand that you come from Kentucky? If so, cool! We’re in Tennessee.
    Jerry Quinn. (bullontheloose)

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