Day 18 – Service, Storm and Sick Dog

Day 18 of my X Country trip was spent mainly at MAX BMW in Brookfield, CT.  I needed a 20,000 KM service but decided to wait until I get home to have the valves inspected on my bike.

Cool dealer, they have loads of classic bikes on the show room floor as well as all the new models.

The service included, air filter, oil filter and oil change, top up fluids, inspection.  The Master Tech found my output Shaft Seal to be leaking oil and was replaced under warranty.  I got new front and rear brake pads, a new DID gold chain and sprockets.  Mainly preventive measures I am taking.  My tires, chain and pads all had some life left in them but I still have over 4000 miles to go.  I adjusted the ergo’s of my handle bars a bit and with Dan we tilted them back in my risers just a touch to make my reach a little closer.  Felt good afterwards when I was riding.

I have had nothing but Heidenau K60 tires on my bikes since 2010.  They did not arrive at the dealer in time. I made the decision to go with Metzler Karoo 3.  Many ask why a “knobby” if riding on the pavement so much?  I love having something more substantial under me that I know can take me anywhere I would ride.  I find the K60’s to do well in any climate I ride in or type of road.

I hope the Karoo’s are the same.  Initially they felt much smoother than the Heidenau’s on the road.  Barely noticed any vibrations.  Even in the rain although I did not PUSH it at all, still breaking them in, they felt good.  Time will tell how long they last and what I think of them really.

The service manager at MAX BMW….okay what to say.  Well, her name is Brianna and let me tell you this…this spunky, energetic, friendly and certainly knows everything there is about service was exactly how people said she would be.  Professional, accommodating, multi-tasker, a marathon runner,

Tough Mudder and is young.  Don’t let her age and size fool you she is one of the best service managers I have ever watched work.  If any ADV riders are out this way and need a service, contact any of the MAX dealers they will help especially people like Brianna who got me eventually back on the road.

Everyone at MAX was nice and helpful to be honest and they are busy.  7 technicians.  3 Masters.  Huge bay to service the tons of bikes that come there everyday.  Amazing to see actually and they are like a well oiled machine.  Tanks MAX for your help.  But now I am broke ;-).  A very nice woman Fran drove an hour to come say hello to me.  She is a face book page reader.  Thanks for the coffee Fran, conversations and keeping me company for a few hours.

I left Max at around 1530 hrs in the afternoon.  Did not make that far once again mileage wise.  Too late in the day for a start.  I did manage to hit a storm heading to West Point, NY.  I did not know I was coming to West Point until my GPS took me there.  I also had to stop riding as soon I could because of the lightning strikes.  Out here in the east the strikes seem as though they are right on top of you.  They are HUGE and the thunder claps almost scared me off my bike they were so loud.

I saw this…

Which turned into this…

Which made me do this…

Safe for that moment.

Tons of rain and the lightning I had to find shelter and I did from an old vacant building.  I saw a younger guy wearing no gear but a helmet trying to wait out the storm but he took off right when it began to pour again.  I am not sure how far he had to go but he had to be freezing and soaked in his t-shirt and jeans.

I also got some bad news from home that my Beagle, Cruizer is sick.  He was taken to my vet, sent home, got worse and I had my house sitters take him to the ER for over night observation, blood work etc.  X ray shows nothing.  He is lethargic, not eating and for a Beagle that is crazy, and dehydrated. I hope to hear some better news when everyone at home who is caring for him contacts me to let me in on what is going on medically.  So, sick dogs, bad storm equaled stop for the night at about 1900 hrs.

Today I head to Geneva, NY to visit my Alma Mater, Hobart & William Smith Colleges.  See my old soccer coach and her hubby. Might stay an extra day there if I can and don’t have to rush home for my dog.  My plans are to still head north to the Toronto area for a day or so and then head west to try to get home by the 14th now.  I feel like I need to be home sooner than later.  I don’t like how my dogs routine has been disrupted with the separation and I don’t like being far away when they are not well.

Time will tell. I am off heading into what looks to be some rain this morning but will hopefully clear up as I head north west.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

6 thoughts on “Day 18 – Service, Storm and Sick Dog”

  1. FWIW, I did about half of my trip with Karoo 3 tires and had to change the rear in Sturgis for a TKC 80. The K3 is a brilliant tire, very confidence inspiring on every surface I rode – its a knobby tire that corners like a street tire, it just didn’t last in the desert. Between the load (heavy), speed (high) and blazing hot pavement (HOT), I could nearly see the tire wear between fuel stops.

    I replaced it with a TKC80 for two reasons:
    1, the front K3 was wearing fine and I didn’t want to match it with a more street-oriented tire
    2, no one had a rear K3 in my size, the nearest one was three days away. The dealer had a pile of TKC80s on hand.

    Your miles may vary.

    1. I would think TKC would wear out much faster then the Karoo’s? If this rear wears to the point I have to replace it after 4000 miles than I would never consider it again. I don’t change my tires so the K60s would return lol

  2. Sorry to hear about your sick doggy : ( Hopefully you’ll get the good news that it’s nothing serious and he’ll be okay.

    I’m a big fan of the Heidenaus so I’ll be curious to read your opinion/review of the Metzler Karoo 3.

    I skipped my valve inspection on my Tiger…for now. It’s an expensive service that can wait. I was told by a Triumph master tech that if your easy on your engine and there’s no engine power lost or strange engine noises then it’s okay to wait and have it done when the bike has more miles on the odometer. I sometimes think these recommended service calls are another way the manufactures keep the bucks rolling in. That said….Its good you had the bike serviced and looked at by a qualified tech…..better safe than sorry.

    You’re doing great…. stay safe!

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