Day 20 – Vineyards & Preparing for the Long Ride Home

Short and sweet as they say about visits that last only 2 nights and really one day. My day of course began way before “normal” people awake from their restful sleep.  This is what most people miss when I am up…

The sun rising!  Continue reading “Day 20 – Vineyards & Preparing for the Long Ride Home”

Day 19 – West Point, NY to Geneva, NY

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After being caught in another storm, love riding in the Spring I arrived at the Westpoint Motel. A bit of a dump in some regards, like the bathroom was gross, I did not trust the linens that kind of stuff…it did get me out of the rain. I was greeted by a man behind the desk that needs to get a new job!

I spent most of the night texting home about my Beagle Cruizer who was hospitalized for not eating for days, lethargy and just overall not feeling well. I have since found out he has been diagnosed with A-Typical Addison’s Disease at the rip age of 10. Perhaps me leaving, all the change in his life as well has brought on this disease that was probably dormant waiting to rear its head. Continue reading “Day 19 – West Point, NY to Geneva, NY”

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