Day 19 – West Point, NY to Geneva, NY

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After being caught in another storm, love riding in the Spring I arrived at the Westpoint Motel. A bit of a dump in some regards, like the bathroom was gross, I did not trust the linens that kind of stuff…it did get me out of the rain. I was greeted by a man behind the desk that needs to get a new job!

I spent most of the night texting home about my Beagle Cruizer who was hospitalized for not eating for days, lethargy and just overall not feeling well. I have since found out he has been diagnosed with A-Typical Addison’s Disease at the rip age of 10. Perhaps me leaving, all the change in his life as well has brought on this disease that was probably dormant waiting to rear its head.

If anyone knows me my three dogs mean the world to me and when I get back I will have to learn his new routine of meds and how to take care of him with the disease for the rest of his life. Needless to say I got to bed around 0100 and woke at 0430.

I have been averaging about 4 hours sleep this entire trip but that is the norm for me. It gets a little bothersome though when you have to ride. Although I do seem to be managing and not falling a sleep on the bike.

I like this pic because riding is about the fact you ride not the bike although some will differ. I see all different makes and models on the road as many do and I try everyday to remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to take long trips almost every year and wave to all bikes 2 or three wheels.

My ride for this day took me through the Catskills of NY. I rode through such beautiful scenery and was on many rural routes. Stayed away completely from traffic because I only had about 430 KM’s to do and did not have to be in Geneva, NY until late in the day. I practically had the roads to myself at times and this day was a day that I enjoyed.

Throughout the day I was being updated about my dog so at times it was hard to focus. I am finding out how important, I guess I all ready knew this…how important it is to not let “thoughts” that upset you interfere with riding. Like my job, one has to compartmentalize “problems” to stay focused and not add to the hazards out there that riders face on a daily basis. I have pulled over many many times to get my head back on straight.

I went to school upstate New York, Hobart & William Colleges on Seneca Lake but have not been up this way in years. Almost forgot how beautiful it is. Nice reminder coming through the Catskills and came up to Geneva a way I have never been before. Another part of this trip. Although on pavement a lot I am definitely riding roads to place I have been before but not coming in from all different directions.

This train runs on weekends I guess for a back country view of the Catskill park.

I slowed my pace literally for Day 19 and spent some time at places and views I felt I wanted to see this time around. It’s hard for me to slow down normally but like I said with only a little over 400 KM’s to ride I knew I could take my time.

Could probably do a whole entire trip seeking out covered old bridges like this one. Single car traffic only and still functional. Maybe just me but these bridges remind me of when times were easier in some ways but harder in others.

I could have taken many more pics and just caught my eye and I hung out here for about 30 mins.

No cars, no traffic just the way I like it.

My new tires, the Metzler Karoo 3 seem to be doing well now that I broke them in. Less vibration than the Heidenau’s but I do wonder how long they will last? Seem softer and do feel like they love the road.

They have about 1000 km’s on them by now. I like them too. Been getting messages of folks asking why oh why would I put an aggressive tire like this on my bike if “all” I am doing is riding on pavement? My stock answer is this…I don’t always ride all pavement, I find a true DS tire like the K60 last very long on hard surfaces and for me do just as well as a street tire. I like to know if I deviate I always can trust the tire tread underneath me. I ride in the rain a lot and love a DS tire. Very simple.

Rode quickly through Ithaca, NY. I used to go there all the time when in College to hang out. After weaving in out of small towns, having roads to myself as I got closer to Geneva that was not the case. It was OK by then I was ready to get to my next true planned destination to see my old college soccer coach from my “athletic” days.

Taughannock Falls is located in Ulysses, NY, part of the popular Finger Lakes Region of central New York. I was just talking with my coach about how I spent 4 years up here and really did not explore the region like I should have. Being in University or college at such a young age I guess I was more interested in the social being rather than the beautiful region. Such a shame but I explored this time around.

Beautiful eh?

Stopped off to see a really nicely located vineyard/winery. This region is really becoming known for its wines. And nope I did not taste but bought a nice bottle of Merlot.

Hobart & William Colleges are located on Seneca Lake. One of the Fingers Lakes in upstate NY. It’s deep and I remember when I was here you could see white caps in bad storms. It’s huge.

Seneca Lake is the largest of the glacial Finger Lakes of the U.S. state of New York, and the deepest lake entirely within the state. It is promoted as being the lake trout capital of the world

After pulling over to see and look and take in my journey back to college life…I took a little bike tour of my campus. Not to overly bore anyone but the campus has changed a lot over the years. I mean of course it has but when I was here there weren’t too many new to look historic building built. Now, I can see the development, old versus new. Still as beautiful as ever. I went here not only for soccer but because it was small. Only 1800 students, 1000 men and 800 women.

I will attached a few pics of the tour for your virtual viewing pleasure.

Really old dorms…this is one of them

Have to sneak another pic of my bike in..after all this is a bike trip.

I finally arrived at my destination and guess what? No one was home. Seems to be the theme…first my brother not home, my parents were at church and now Aliceann, who is camera-shy but not her dog.

Beautiful OLD farm-house they live in and is just the same as it was back in the 80’s with new paint etc.

I am here for 2 nights and will leave on Friday, June 6th for Ontario. Dundas area to stay a fellow ADV rider/reader of the blog and his wife at their new B&B. After that I then will head home to be with my dogs. For now…my coach said she will work me out. Nothing changes in the life of a coach and their old ex-athlete.

The moment Aliceann got home she took me and her dog, Gabby for a 3 mile fast walk.

Until next time. Leslie

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

14 thoughts on “Day 19 – West Point, NY to Geneva, NY”

  1. Cruiser will be waiting for his Momma as well as the other two , glad he will be o.k. – one less thing for your head . Nice pics of upstate – it is so Beauiful , the GS is looking good with the tires & chain sprocket combo. Get some rest or sleep as You call it – LOL . Enjoy yourself til the next move . Be Safe , Dean

    1. Rest with an old coach? LOL Actually she said it is my call and we can do nothing or everything today. Only one short day to spend catching up

  2. Very familiar with the Finger Lakes region, used to go to Watkin’s Glen for the BMW rally there in September Labor Day! Enjoy the ride, Very nice photography.

  3. Leslie, you’re a great blogger…. is that what it’s called? LOL!!! I look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventure(s) and at the end of each blog I feel like I just took a virtual mini-vacation. Beautiful part of the country and great pics too! Thank you for sharing!

    As for your doggy… (so cute)….. it’s easy to blame ourselves for things that don’t go right but I don’t believe you or the circumstance was any part of him developing his illness……. give yourself a break, really, it’s not your fault. He’s 10 and in “dog years” that’s old.

    I agree with you about the tires and I mostly do street riding too – but I like the versatilely of having tires on my bike that can be ridden on any surface with confidence. Not to mention they out last a street tire by A LOT – in the long run they’re less expensive! I don’t plan to put street tires on my Tiger ever again.

    Continue to enjoy your trip and ride safe!

    1. Thanks but a great blogger? Hmmm nice compliment though. Yeah I will never have a street tire on a DS bike when the K60’s last as long as they do and I’m at least going to have some tread like I said when I make that turn off pavement. Thanks for your comment! Awesome

  4. Okay…..LOL!!! Not blogger…. what would be the appropriate term/word?
    Help me out here…. LOL!!! Glad you understood what I going for….. 🙂

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