Days Come Together – Day 21 & 22

Seems like so long ago I was a guest at the Dundas Glen Bed & Breakfast.  Located in Dundas, Ontario near Hamilton.  I was the first guest at this newly soon to be open B&B.  Hosted by Travis and Susan and their little daughter Georgia.  I arrived here on Day 21 and spent a night chatting with the Hosts about my travels and their travels over a great steak dinner, salad, beer and baked potatoes.  😉

Travis has been one of my face book page readers as well as the blog and invited me to come stay with his family back in March.  Glad this layover got to happen and my route took me this way.

Travis owns the same bike as mine and both are ADV riders.  They are also hoping to get known in the ADV world as a B&B that will accommodate travelers like myself and offer a very cozy and hospitable place to stay and eat for passerby’s.

Still in the reno phase, both Susan and handy man Travis are plugging away at their new career choice to get their doors open for business.  I got to test out one of their rooms which was comfortable and peaceful.

The brains area of the social media sites and everything else that goes into a start up business.

Before arriving back into Canada I had to say good bye to my college coach/mentor now friend Aliceann in Geneva, NY.

Bittersweet for me as it’s been years and I mean years since we last saw one another.  We spent an entire day together wondering around the beautiful area known as the Finger Lakes in upstate NY.  Great conversations, some pretty direct advise about how I need to start tucking away my heart broken feelings about my separation and start embracing the love and support I have “out there” and get stronger as just me.

Aliceann has a way about her when it comes to “dealing” with me.  Despite not being in touch for so long it was like we saw one another yesterday.  This trip started out as a journey to heal, meeting new and old friends, seeing my family like my brother’s house in North Carolina that I have never been to since he moved there in the late ’90’s.  The journey had began to works it’s magic by the time I got to Geneva and Dundas Ontario.  Having said that it sure doesn’t take much to slide back a few steps depending who I was spending time with and how I was feeling.

My ride took me through Buffalo, NY.  Been here many times before. I truly do not mean any disrespect for those who might live in this area but I feel the same thing each time I pass through.  Buffalo just seems to be the end of the world.  What I mean by that is it not very appealing cosmetically and with all those power lines, industry going on it’s rugged look, it has a feel of watch your back type of thing.  I know, that sounds harsh and critical, but I never get a warm fuzzy feeling when in this area.  But to be honest, I have never spent time downtown to give this city a chance.  It’s always been the conduit to Canada and maybe I need to go back to see if my impressions would change if I spent more time in the heart of the city? I by passed Niagara Falls this time.  Been there in 2010 on my X Country trip on my BMW F650GS and many other times as well.  So, no detour to the falls and no pics.  I can tell you this, if you never been go and see them…they are grand in size.

You have to cross over the Peace Bridge to get to Canada.

In this area I also have been before, I seem to be reaching into my wallet to pay tolls at each crossing to get into Canada.  They make a killing at this border junction.  Toll for this bridge and then another after you cross into Canada.  Nice way to get some easy cash from visitors.  Welcome to Canada can I have your money? 😉

Geneva, NY is not far from Buffalo, about 2.5 hours.  While on the New York I kept thinking about New York being my home State, my family asking if I would ever move back since now the reason I moved to Canada is no longer there.  I had time to think about these questions, time to process Aliceann’s deep seeded advise and I guess for now my conclusion is I stay put in BC, try to establish a real and true meaningful life outside my 17 year relationship, embrace my new friends and get back to focusing on a job I love, organ donation for BC Transplant.  Take it from there…give myself time and don’t make any sudden decisions about anything.  My parents would agree.

I have a thing for bridges and trains when on the road.  Don’t know, just a better appreciation I suppose.  I think it has to do with riding and exploring on two wheels. Some have asked including my family why the hell do you do this?  My stock answer is do what?  I know what they mean. Ride a motorcycle in unpredictable weather, ride a bike when I can easily be killed?  I figure each and everyone of us can be killed in a car, bicycle, heck we could die at any given time by accident or not.  It’s just a bout exploring, as I say being one with nature. LOL  Riding a bike even on the same roads is different each time.

Riding a motorcycle allows you to see, feel and be more alert to your surroundings than a car.  For me it’s the best way to travel and at the same time it can be daunting and scary.  But in the end for now this will be my mode of transportation on “vacations” like this.  You can’t be a lazy ass if you want to do this.  Long days riding, HOT weather that turns into cold and wet sometimes at a moments notice. Riding in the Spring has proven this to me…tons of sunny days, but also, hail, rain, wind, lightning, storms, tornado warnings you name it and I don’t mind it.

I arrived to the B&B not too late in the day.  Short mileage day for me but at his point I knew that my dog Cruizer was not feeling well and I made the decision at this point while I would not RUSH to get home I would try to get home a little faster to be with him.  Little did I know on June 10th I would hear the worst news that Cruizer died in my home.  Anyway, I did my post on his death if you want to read about it more, CLICK HERE  and HERE

I just can’t talk about it too much because it’s raw. I am putting together this post on June 13, and have had little or no time to grieve the loss of my buddy while on the road continuously.

It’s interesting that I lost the one dog out of three I would never have thought would die this trip.  I thought my 14 year old dog Xander who has been in heart failure since 2008 would pass.  All along I have been working on letting Cheryl go, I had no idea I would suffer another what I feel is a bigger blow and bigger loss in my life, the loss of my beagle.

After a short visit with Travis and Susan, great food both dinner and breakfast.

Fancy special recipe Susan made, pancakes with a twist of lemon, I was off on the road again to head back to the USA.  But first had to high five their daughter Georgia and Travis who also loves photography caught this quick exchange.

I love this picture by the way and thanks to Travis for giving it to me.

I would ride in the US for the majority of the way home because I wanted to ride the Badlands and spend time in South Dakota/Wyoming other than riding through.  Stop and smell the roses as they say.

I have a Nexus pass which often especially in and around the Ontario area crossings comes in handy to by pass the border line ups.  Well worth the $50 for the card-makes life on a motorcycle a bit easier too not having to wait.

I have been trying to eat more on the way back home.  Had issues heading east with maintaining blood sugars.  Eat more, drink more water, stop more, oh did I say eat more?  So, I constantly have a supply of instant protein and sugar for my emergency cases when sugars dip.  Being diabetic on the road has not really been that big of a deal except the few hypoglycemic moments I have had.  This proves to be very difficult to ride a 560 pound bike.

So, I eat more and drink more heading West.

This is what is usually in my tank bag at all times. Gourmet roadside dining.  I know there are so many reading this right now and saying, “I wish I could eat this day in and day out”. 😉  You know I don’t when I am home…but on the road it’s an awesome way to dine.  All about your state of mind. When I travel on my bike, this to me is 5 stars.

I try and have been able to take shots of my odometer as it clicks away every thousand KM’s.  So, here is the thing.  This was day 22, my bike turned 22,000 KM’s but check out the next picture…

Notice anything?  I mean really what are the chances of catching this? Does this mean luck is coming my way? Or absolutely nothing?  I know I talk about what I am thinking and feeling probably more than anyone wants to hear, but it’s my report and my journal so I guess I will keep talking.  Why do I need to reveal my head space? It’s important to try and ride with little emotions that can distract you.  Clearing the mind of anger, sadness, remorse etc is important to stay alert and focus.  Another epiphany of sorts I have had while spending a lot of time with myself is I need to be more open to chance, Karma and well, things like 22222.  I take it as a good sign and most mean something.

After again not a very long say ridng once back in the States I stayed at a campground in Muskegan, MI right outside the fast ferry I would take the next day across Lake Michigan.

Chateau Leslie

Big Agnes tent, and big it is for one person.  This was bought for two of us but down to one I thought what the hell keep it, cost a lot, love the space for all my gear and I have found a great way to pack it on my bike.  Sets up quickly too so this tent will stay with me and I see no other reason to down size.

Oh yet another selfie.

It’s a must when I feel like smiling. I think I have been in a very serious mood on this trek.  I mean I have a lot to process.  A lot for me to process because I don’t like things to be complicated.  I like my life to be simple.  Change is good at times…chaotic change throws me of my equilibrium and that is why I am on this trip.

Next installment coming up soon.






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  1. I have always loved numbers and catching special numbers on my odometer, too. My last post had two, actually, that happened just on a short weekend getaway. 🙂

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