All in a Days Ride (all pics can be clicked for higher resolution)

Rode up to Chehalis Lake British Columbia today.  A decent logging road that takes you through shady forest areas to vistas with views to die for….temperature changes throughout the ride.  No cell coverage so I brought my SPOT just in case.  Here is the link to my track…

DAY Trippin

Sep 13 2014 From my SPOT page


Not a very far ride today but it did take me most of the day.  Worst hazard was when I hit a stump shifter side.  Good thing I was wearing my boots.  I think I would have broken a toe or two.  Shifter got a good smack but was easily bent back into place.  Having said that I did not bring tools with me….not too smart.  Had my SPOT but no tools.

It was warm out so I got a good work out even though the road was not technical.  Lot’s of loose gravel, pot holes and sand.  Road was mainly dry so no “ponds” to wade through.  But I did manage to hit the one stump that appeared out of no where.

No matter how many times I ride out this way, it always smells and feels different depending on the time of year.  You can veer off the main highway, 7 and ride up dykes when you hit the valley. Always a nice little detour.

I am making a video, took a lot of clips today just playing around.  I really still suck at editing.  I think it’s because I do not have the patience to wade through the clips and edit properly or take the time to learn more about iMovie but it’s fun anyway.  I will get it done soon.

We have not had a lot of rain at all this summer to be honest.  You can tell here.  An off shoot of the Fraser River and all water levels to me seem down. Good news though the Fall is coming and what that means to me is the Bald Eagles in a few months will all be coming back from Alaska after their binge on the spawning salmon to eat our salmon come Nov-Jan.  Where I rode today is the area I visit every late Fall/Winter to see the thousands of Eagles that come to the Chehalis Flats near Harrison, BC.  But that will be another post.  I do one every year.

Lot’s of little ponds along this road where I saw some fishing or just floating on tubes basking in the sun.

It felt good to get out.  I have a pretty bad case of bilateral bronchitis and a cold.  Sneezing and coughing in my helmet made for an interesting  day but I needed to get out and ride.  I feel the craving for a long trip.  I know I went on a X Country trip this year all ready but it seems like May/June was so long ago.  I am planning on going back to Alaska June 2015 though.  So, something to look forward.  No planning, just taking the same gear I always do and follow wherever my GPS takes me.  I will probably not ride the Dempster like I did in 2011 but still go to Dawson.  Will ride the Dalton again.  So, stay tuned for Alaska Revisited 2015.

Here the rest of my pics in a gallery…like I said always great to get out and as for the soloing part…getting used to it.

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11 thoughts on “All in a Days Ride (all pics can be clicked for higher resolution)”

  1. Carry tools, flat tire fixing stuff and first aid kit. You have plenty of room in the trunk box. The Gold Chain looks nice.

  2. Awesome! Great views- nothing beats a cold better than a ride in the country, I say, and there is nothing like a giant sneeze while alongside a 16-wheeler going 70 in the rain! I think the adrenaline from that alone is enough to knock the cold out of ya!

  3. Hi Leslie. Glad you are out enjoying this beautiful weather! Each time I see your pictures with your spot device secured to your handlebars, it always makes me reflect to the days I patrolled the Rocky Mountains as a State Trooper. Let me ask you a question. Since you are using a spot device there is a sense that you might need help, but if you have an accident and your bike is 100 feet away, or down an embankment, how are you going activate the Spot device? It would be my suggestion that you seriously consider carrying the device in your pocket of the gear you wear. That way it would be closer to you, if you were to need it.

    Keep exploring! That is the perfect use of an Adventure style motorcycle.


    1. I thought about in the gear but it needs to have direct access to the sky. Some wear it on their arms or on their backpacks as hikers but for riding still haven’t come up with an idea for the device to have clear view, stay secure at high speeds or rough terrains.

      1. I guess you then need to decide in how you wish to ultimately use the PBL (Spot) device. Do you wish to use it as a tracking device, for leaving crumbs, for your computer? Or do you wish to use it for an emergency beacon for that moment we all hope never arrives, in your pocket? When I had my accident on my BMW GSA last Fall, my bike was so far away from me and I had too many broken bones, I would have never reached the bike on my own. My gear was still on me, but the bike was down the embankment. Just food for thought. Other GPS devices provide tracking for routes and if that is your intention, you might decide for which use is the most important to you and maybe have both. I know what my decision would be.

      2. The way I have it set up is when I travel and hit okay at the end of a days ride that sends an email to 10 people. If they don’t get an okay throughout the day especially at the end they should be alerted. The tracking would help to find me but I see your point. I love the track and will have to ponder more about the what ifs

      3. Thanks for listening. Just want the best for you, young lady. My comments are based on my experience and always preparation for the worse case scenario. To be honest, the majority of people riding with a PBL are doing it exactly the same way you are. Your use is clearly in the majority. When I have shared what I just shared with you, to people that are doing what you are doing, it leaves them with a blank stare and a realization of what my comment intends to bring attention to. Ride safe and by all means, Ride!

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