Patience pays off – My new Aux Lights & Brackets

Sept 26 2014 – as always all pics can be enlarged for Higher Resolution

I went down to Pacific Morpsorts, my dealer to have George Payne the ed technician install my new lights and attached them to my PDM60.  He initially installed my PD when I asked him last year to organize all my wires under the faux  tank.

The PDM60 unit was designed with one goal in mind: providing the owner with years and years of superior, hassle free electrical performance. The unit provides 6 circuits, totaling 60 Amps, of load handling capability. It is designed to connect directly to a primary (12V) power source (vehicle battery), and efficiently disperse and monitor power to your electrical/electronic applications. Each circuit on the unit has a preset output capacity, determined by the unit programming, and a specific operational behavior; the details of which are specified further in the instructions below.


Fenix F4 Light – Just like Rigids

George Love this little device because hose you can customize how each device works and there is no need to use relays or fuses.  It’s amazing how meticulous he was with the install. He got rid of what seemed to be miles of wires and relays to keep everything so neat under the faux plus when he has to service my bike there will be no surprises.

I have been waiting for over a year for the perfect mount for lights on my F800.  Nothing impressed me until I found the Denali light mounts from REVZILLA.

If you buy anything through Revzlla why not just click the link on my blog?  It helps off set some costs associated with keeping this up and running.  😉

I always wanted my lights to be as close to the fairing as I could.  Similar to the way BMW has their OEM LED lights set up on the F800ADV.  The Denali bracket I would call a universal bracket because it work easily with my by Motorcycle Innovations.  The lights look and feel just like the Rigid lights.


* 40 degree FLOOD pattern
* 40W per pod
* 1.5A draw
* 3300 Lumen per pod ( 6600 per pair )
* Beam Distance: 585M

CREE LED chips, 100,000+ hours average life span, this is usually more that the 50,000 life span of many.  I run them on all the time day or night.  Might have to be careful as at night since these are VERY BRIGHT!

The all new F4 Hyper Bomb houses a blinding set of 4 10W CREE LEDs, throwing out 3300 Lumens per pod ( 6600 Lumens a pair ). F4 Hyper Bomb FLOOD covers 545M,……. all in a small 2 X 2” light….. Go ahead….. try and blow it up!

I am the first one to admit I am not patience enough to do all it takes to install these lights. George being the good guy he is at my dealer allowed me to watch and learn as he installed the nights, explain what he was doing, making the sure all the wires were out of the way, loaded up the PDM60 software on his laptop and set everything to the way I wanted.  He was patient with me as I took pics for the blog and also I wanted to learn.  I have not seen my PDM60 since it was installed a year ago and today I got to see how small it was and how easily it was placed behind my air box.

can’t even notice the PDM

The good point using a service tech to do “complicated” installs is he will know exactly where everything is when I need my valves inspected. I think it’s worth it rather George get an unpleasant surprise when many try to do this on their own.  He even took the time to add clips for even clip on and off as well soldered the wires together.  I WOULD have never done that .

Seat off

Bike had to be stripped of all the fairing which after watching George was easy.  Have to get om a very small drill that he had….came in handy versus using a the larger drill I have.

both side fairing off as well as the center to make for easy access

What my wiring looked like before adding the lights.  I had my GPS and heated controller all ready in there.


What the bracket looked like before the install

It was obvious to me at this point these brackets for Denali lights would work for the Fenix

I choose a YELLOW housing because I wanted to be different and thought it would look good with the colour of my bike while being practical.

horn mounts are used here

The brackets go inside the left and right fairing.  Mounted to preexisting mounts. Instructions are easy I even played with the location of the mounts before I brought my bike down to the dealer.  My question as well as George’s at first was weather or not here would be enough fork clearness.  That became evident there was plenty of room after he got the brackets on.  Cleared the forks as well fit right in the side fairing perfectly.

brake side

Better view of the horn side.  The brackets come with new bolts too.

close up

How the lights look with the blue film protector covers still on and the side fairing off.

lights mounted

George re-routing the wires.  It was amazing to seem him trim the the miles of wires, relays and the two switches not needed because of the PDM60 capabilities.  The PMD60 does not use fuses at all, everything is done through a PC and cable.  May not be convenient on the road but I bring the cable an instructions with me when I go away because many techs have never seen this device.

always good to have these with you all the time

The instructions let’s you download the dash board that will be familiar with your set up once done.

From what I understand this device works off a PC not MAC yet.  George had to reinstall the software and once the special cable that comes with the PDM was attached it read the configurations he made a year ago on the dash board.

George bought a Denali fuse block recently for his modify bike he has been working on and said he regrets going the fuse route after playing with this.  Said it’s work the few extra bucks.  I agree after seeing what some who knows what they are doing.

loading the dash board
The dash board that allows total customization

George makes this look easy.  I find it confusing like an puzzle missing pieces.  What I am impressed like any really good electrician is find the bast safe route for the wires, he use zip ties to secure ay loose, soldered, striped wire added connectors to really make is accessible to disconnect all the devices without disturbing the set.

short and sweet the wires

Getting there, at this point still shortening wires, soldering, adding clips and making sure wires stay clear from everything and hidden.

I like the yellow personally

My Aux lights are set to turn on with the key as long as the switch is on by I also wanted to be able to over manually override the lights and be able to turn them off with the switch.  We mounted it flush with the faux tank…right across from my temperature controller.  Yeah, symmetry is but it is where I like it.   I have no program for the few times I will use the switch to have it on my throttle side.

George tested all the connections before closing the bike up.

these lights are bright. George after everything was tightened up took my bike, closed the garage door and adjusted my head light and my fog lights. He turned to the right sided one a little outwards to help see the should better and aligned them with my head light. Will see how on coming cars respond as well as the car I ride behind.

Hardly looks any different from when we started even after more wires for the lights.

should have taken a better pic of the final location of the PDM60, but it’s right behind the ari box with room to spare.

The above pic also shows you where my temperature controller is, yes drilled through the plastic an now the switch for the lights.

Done!  Side fairings on the bike is put back together and the location of my lights to me is PERFECT.

just where I wanted my lights to be located

While he was working on my bike had him adjust my chain and he used this cool laser tool..

Chain laser aligner

So, that is it.  Don’t think I need anything more on my bike.  I am ready to commute in the dark and come home in the dark over the next few months.  The sole purpose to get this done sooner than later.  I am glad to have the aux lights are [art of my lightening system now.  Any questions feel free to ask just thought since it’s unusual we as customers get to see the behind the scenes I had to share the patience and invite into the back by George to see this install. Thanks George see you on a few weeks for my 30,000 service.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

11 thoughts on “Patience pays off – My new Aux Lights & Brackets”

  1. Very nice Leslie. I put the Rigids on my 2005 F650gs. The hardest thing was finding a way to mount them. I had to rig something up, not nearly as nice as your mount. They really light up. Yesterday I installed the cyclops H4 LED “bulb” in my headlight. The combination should really help see the deer and elk around here. (Rural northern New Mexico) My experience with the lights is that oncoming cars flash me so I have to turn the Rigids off with approaching traffic.

  2. Snagged a pair of CREE’s on eBay for $39.61 and they got here. Amazing at how the market is flooded driving down prices. I got Rigid Dually’s for my wives ride and they cost 8 times that a few years ago. I used some mounts from Revzilla (clicked your link) that went on the OEM Tiger crash bars. I mounted them as low as possible to make that conspicuity triangle. Amazing how much brighter they are than the OEM 55 watt fogs that the XC came with. Enjoyed your photos seeing the guts of your GS.

    I always put star washers on my battery terminal output wires. Keeps the nut tight on the post

  3. This is a great installation post. I had never heard of the PDM60 before you had posted one for sale. I like the fine control you get and it really is a lot simpler not to have all of the relays and wires on the battery. By the time, I finished my research, it was already snagged. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Thanks for the write up. Very interesting… This PDS box looks neat, but seem quite difficult to work, and since I am a Mac user, I guess they are out anyways…. Now, why Yellow?! It does not blend in at all with the bike, it does not look good in my opinion…. maybe is a girl thing… 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow i’m impressed. They are good ans they look good ! Much better than the LEDs on my F800GS ADV…
    Want some !!!
    Will look into this PDM box too.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. Hi Leslie!
    I’ve got a ’13 f800GS too, and just splurged on some Rigid aux lights. My dealer is quoting me a number for the install that is very close to the amount I spent on the lights. Is this real? Did it cost you About $900 to get the lights and have them installed? I’m stunned.


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