Best “Backyard” Riding Ever!

September 28th 2014 (all pics click-able for Hi-Rez) I woke up to a very FOGGY and misty morning.

How my morning started out

My usual early rising…I manage if lucky to get about 4-5 hours a sleep a night.  Long story but anyway….I checked the weather out and the weather people did predict the sun would shine eventually.  So, what to do?  What else, find someone to take care of my dogs and plan on riding a 700 KM day trip.  I need to power ride once in awhile, especially when I FEEL the need to go on a LONG trip like I do now.  Not possible but let’s make the best of this day and I did.

I know I could see the sun starting to burn off the fog

Fraser Canyon I have been all over BC, still many roads to explore especially dirt but today I decided to ride up to Lillooett, BC then take some forest roads all the way back to Pemberton, BC.  One road called the Highline is such a great dirt road.  HIGH above the river, a narrow dirt and gravel road that cuts off 150 KM’s if you took the pavement to Pemberton.  This one is about 55 KM’s long.  Pemberton is about 45 KM north of Whistler, BC.  Many new of Whistler because we hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. Took awhile for the fog to dissipate, at times there was zero visibility.  Good thing I had my new fog lights this day.  😉

a little water on my camera lens

This pic shows what I was heading into SUN

almost through the fog

My goal for today was to ride 700 km’s.  Why 700?  Don’t know it was a number I fixated on.  Almost made it, did 675.  I have not been riding solo very long.  My first BIG trip was May/June of this year when I decided in March to ride X Country to North Carolina, Washington, DC, Philly, Long Island, Ontario and back home.  I did it under adverse conditions but I did it safely too.  14,100 KM’s.

May/June 2014 X Country Trip Track

I guess you can say I am tested out my courage to explore further away from civilization, practicing my off road skills and making sure when I ride Alaska next year by myself I am mentally ready.  I know physically I will because like all trips I work out before I go.  Can’t wait to see this again…

The great Kennicott / McCarthy road

I need to eat a proper breakfast in the morning before I leave for a trip but I always know there will be some dive I will find that would serve me better eggs than I could make myself.  I did of course right outside Harrison Hot Springs.

Great food
love plastic menus

I left my house around 0700 and headed up Highway 1 towards Lilooett.  Once you get to the Fraser Canyon this highway is a great paved road to ride.  Beautiful scenery and plenty of curves.

Tunnel through the mountain, Highway 1

Once through this tunnel I just pulled over to take it all in…great river view and the surrounding area just so rugged.

glacier fed river
great cliff

I have to admit I take a lot of pics of my bike.  This is the first bike that I have owned that I truly have made the ergo’s all about me and it is the most comfortable BMW I have owned.  True story even with the stock low seat it WORKS.

you can see my new Fenix F4 aux lights

I really enjoyed the ride up Highway 1…took some on the fly pics and pulled over when I wanted.

sneak peek 😉

There was a huge line up of cars where you would think we all should be hauling ass…I was a bit frustrated doing 5 KPH but when I found out why…it was no big deal.  Ride for Cancer with police escort was what was holding up traffic…got a quick pic of the team and a RCMP bike cop.

Ride for Cancer

The cop who did not wave…maybe he knows I am getting a divorce from a RCMP…JK.

bad one handed pic but there he is, unfriendly cop

View from their ride

Fraser River

The best part of this little day trip was that I felt like I was a world away and really on a longer trip.  I was feeling a bit bummed out when I hit Pemberton to be honest…want to keep heading north.

Not a lot of fall foliage in this area

Love these little side roads.  No cars, no people and saw a few deer.  Had the road to myself.  Actually had most of the day to myself away from towns.

nothing but me

I have said this many times but I really do believe this is a beautiful part of the continent.

River is showing the colours of being glacier fed
fun hanging off the bike to get these shots

I think this road will be paved eventually.  Takes you right by the water and even though the grater was out spreading water and chopping everything up still was a fun road to ride.

will be paved?

Many of these back country roads have very step shoulders.  Oh, no shoulders and if you are vertically challenged, don’t like heights this might make you a little sick.

steep drop off to the side

Here’s an example of the drop.  Hard to catch it on camera but it’s sudden and a far ways down

the drop

The weather was absolutely perfect.  Most of the day it was in the mid teens Celsius and climbed up to low 20’s.  I was comfortable all day and only had to change my gloves.

fresh water lovely and slippery

Need to remember to bring a little tripod when riding solo.  Nice helmet head eh?


Some more shots of the road I took to get to Seton Portage.  Small and I mean small isolated Native town that I have been to before.

single lane really
love the hills and mountains that surround you all around this area. Dual sport bikes allows you to cut through the mountains versus ride around.

Need to point out again…NO CARS it was awesome or bikes.

road less traveled

Beautiful water reservoir…this is the turn off for Seton Portage.  The road starts after you go through a tunnel and then you head up this GREAT dirt road to the top of a mountain, switch backs, gravel, pot holes, water and DIRT.  Great views too.

Is it just me or do most riders LOVE tunnels?

Phew made it through.  I have tons of videos to edit too….need to get them together so you can see some of the terrain in action where I was.

the tunnel

There I am Mission Mountain Road

GPS is a good thing

Had to just chill out here for a bit.  Needed a snack so I just watched the water while I ate.

snack time

This is a good shot from the base of the reservoir and then there is a hairpin turn that takes you straight up.

can’t get any closer to the water can you?

Why I ride?  Views and more views.  Places where most don’t go on 2 wheels.  Love the secret we DS keep! 😉


The beginning heading up is a nice smooth road.  The only thing that sucks is seeing the power lines on this road.  The Highline you expect to see hence the name.  But as you climb up the mountain you get more spectacular views of down below.

up and up

Doesn’t take long to be able to see this.


And my beauty is JUST as nice to look at too. 😉

Haven’t named her my Beauty!

There is only one pub, liquor, restaurant and general store in Seton Portage.  Here you have a choice.  Ride 150 KM’s via paved road to Pemberton or ride the Highline for 55 KM’s.  In the winter it’s a no brainer the Highline would need a snowmobile but this time of year it’s a no brainer to ride it.  Known to be a rough road, narrow and cars and trucks use.  I always get a warning to be safe by this nice Native lady who works the restaurant.  Warns me about young adults driving their trucks fast as if its a two lane highway.

the last place to get food

Saw this sign do they mean me?  😉

they are not kidding with this warning sign

Again a nice view as you head up the mountain on the Highline…see at sea level and the road gives elevated views too

on the way up the Highline

I will let the next few pics speak for themselves

OMG shot

The Highline seemed shorter this time around.  I wanted it to go on much more.  It was a delight to ride it for the second time.  Will do it again and again.  Great road to test your off road skills, practice like I did.  I worked on rear breaking through curves where the rear tire slides outs to help control the cornering.  Getting better at it.  And no dumps this time. At the end there is a gas station.  I needed gas desperately and got some snacks.

D’Arcy, BC

Heading back to reality via Whislter then home.  Tons of cars and people…ugh1  But all in all a great day.  Had someone take care of my dogs so I didn’t have a care in the world.  675 KM’s of fun roads, beautiful weather and just me.  Days are rare like at this time of year and I got the day off.

Whistler, BC-Sea to Sky Highway

Got to watch the sunrise and set Next pic is The Chief in Squawmish.  A famous rock climbing hang out.


Next is the Britannia Mine.  All off the Sea to Sky Highway Ending the day nicely with a beautiful sunset.  So, it was a great day of riding, hardly talked to anyone and worked on my rising skills.  Felt good.  Just what the doctor ordered!  Until next time…every ride can be an adventure.  Leslie Oh, my new Aux lights are bright indeed and I may need to turn them down a bit…but they WORK!

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9 thoughts on “Best “Backyard” Riding Ever!”

  1. hi leslie: you may not remember me but I was the massage therapist that worked on you up at tyax last year. I just wanted to let you know that I was driving back from Whistler on Sunday on Hwy 99, in West Vancouver, and I was in the passing lane when I checked my rearview mirror; three bright lights behind me, I knew it was a motorcycle. An interesting thought came to me as I had just read your blog that morning about putting the new lights on your bike. “I wonder if that is Leslie” and being the polite canadian driver I pulled into the right lane. When I saw all the stickers on your bike I knew it was you. Thought I would let you know and yes you may want to turn your lights down just a little LOL. Thanks for all the updates on your travels, I have enjoyed reading them. And it was great to see you again, even if only briefly.

    1. Small world and yes I remember you and our meaningful conversations. Sorry about the aux lights I have turned them downwards lol. Can’t believe you put me on that bike. Good eye and I think I remember a polite Canadian pulling over for me. Thanks for your comment and hope all is well. Leslie

  2. Have driven some of those roads in the past when on fire assignment and always thought that i want to bring my motorcycle out there and ride them. Such fabulous dual sport country with an “oh wow” view around every corner.

  3. What a lovely back yard! So nice the GS Trophy was just held near there in September.

    Really beautiful pictures and your words captured the feeling well too!

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