TOFINO, BC Weekend to clear the head

If anyone has been following my “story” you will know I have recently separated from Cheryl.  Just this past week I became the sole owner of my house and needless to say I am overwhelmed with mixed emotions.  So, what I do best is get out of town on my F800 to clear my head.  On Oct 3rd, yesterday I did just that…headed out early to take the BC Ferry to Vancouver Island with my destination for the day Tofino, BC.  Tofino is right smack on the Pacific Ocean.  Been here years ago but wanted to return.

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Throughout these past 9 months since the day Cheryl left I have been constantly searching for ways to embrace this new “normal” many talk about.  Give me the chance to set goals to look forward to so I can give myself time to heal and try to understand why I am where I am.  Never really got a reason why I am single now, came out of left field to be honest.  So, I carry on…my bike, my dogs, my family, my friends and work.


Something new though has entered my life just as unexpected as my separation.  If you believe in 

The Meaning of Anam Cara this has happened to me.

Anam Cara means “Soul Friend.” Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and Cara is the word for friend. In Celtic tradition, an Anam Cara is a teacher, companion or spiritual guide. With the Anam Cara you can share your innermost self to reveal the hidden intimacies of your life, your mind and your heart. This friendship cuts across all convention to create an act of recognition and belonging that joins souls in an ancient and eternal way.

In everyone’s life, there is a great need for an Anam Cara, a soul friend. In this relationship, you are understood as you are, without mask or pretention. When you are understood, you are at home.

Love is the threshold where the divine and human ebb and flow, one into the other. Love is the most real and creative form of human presence. An expression of human consciousness, this love includes a depth of awareness and reverence for presence.

Where consciousness is dulled, distant or blind, the presence grows faint and vanishes. Therefore awareness which brings integration and healing, is one of the greatest gifts of this friendship. As a result, you look, and see, and understand differently. You refine your sensibility and transform your way of being in the world.

The Anam Cara is a loved one who awakens your life in order to free the wild possibilities within you.

***Sounds corny Anam Cara but someone from my past has come back into my life as a friend and the connection we have as adults I guess is described in the above.  So, you don’t have to be in love with a partner you can have a “special” love and connection with a friend that seems to be the perfect relationship I need right now.

rs to the Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding.
Here are a few pictures of day 1.  Sights and sounds of what I saw and heard.  It’s raining now.  People pay big bucks to come here as well to storm watch.  For me?  I think I might try and catch a wildlife boat trip today.  My other LOVE is wildlife.

So, here’s to new beginnings.  With hopes that I embrace this new life of mine and keep moving forward slowly while now all the business has been taken care of to separate, I accept that the last 17 years is over forever.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

IMG_3788 P1040482 P1040483 P1040484 IMG_3789 P1040485 IMG_3790 P1040487 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 P1040488 P1040489 P1040491 IMG_3795 IMG_3796 IMG_3797 IMG_3798 P1040492 IMG_3802 P1040493 P1040496 P1040497 P1040498 P1040499 P1040500 P1040502 P1040503 P1040504 P1040505 P1040506 P1040507 P1040508 P1040509 IMG_3805 IMG_3806 IMG_3808 IMG_3809 P1040518 P1040519 IMG_3810 IMG_3811 IMG_3813 IMG_3814 P1010345 P1010346 P1010347 P1010348 IMG_3815

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5 thoughts on “TOFINO, BC Weekend to clear the head”

  1. Wow I have not been keeping up with the web site, I am sorry to see that you two have broken up, it is not an easy thing to go through. But as I am sure others have told you, time does make things better, and in my case and many others, it truly does work out in the end.


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