Tofino, BC Part 2 – click on the pics

A few weekends ago I went on a two night trip to Tofino.  It’s a great little ocean town on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  My goal in the future when off call from work and off work in general is to try to take as many “little” trips as I can to get away SOLO.  I find these trips to be helpful for the soul and exploring places near and far from my own home actually quite adventurous and rewarding.

When I arrived in Tofino is was a beautiful day but you could tell by looking out into the Pacific a storm was brewing.  This place is not only known for it’s surfing but also WELL known for it’s storm watching.

The system that passed through when I was there wasn’t anything too exciting.  No thunder, lightning etc…just pouring rain but gave the beach, the water a much different ambiance to this area. A much different feel then when the sun was out. 

An adventure is whatever you make of it.  In this case just riding around Tofino in the rain as the only motorcycle around was an adventure.  I just LOVE the looks I get when I am out and about in this type of weather and I seemed not phased.  Had a few passerby’s say to me aren’t you cold, wet and why are you out in the weather it’s dangerous?”  Dangerous?  As I say if I did not ride in the rain where I live I probably would have a very short riding season.  As an all year rider rain hardly ever deters me from getting out.

I have to admit this day I did wear just my Gore Tex rain jacket, no armor, just a regular jacket but I managed to stay dry even at high speeds and it just felt more comfy getting on and off the bike as many times as I did.  Having said that, I do believe in ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time).  At this point what I did notice was my rear tire that I had installed back in June in CT, USA at MAX BMW was pretty much worn out.  My Metzler Karoo 3 after only 9500 KM’s was toast.

So, riding in this weather I did have some scary OMG moments when I started to notice the rear slipping and sliding out from underneath me.  Just like that, I went from tread that was griping to not enough especially the centre.  So….I slowed down throughout my tour of the town and as I headed out on my way home as well.

10641028_708518902535864_7618781126174103333_n 10641097_708590832528671_5622193078422511645_nThe roads were really wet until I got to the east side of the Island.  I knew I would be getting new tires and I KNEW I would be returning to the tire I trust and love…Heidenau Scouts.  Been using these tires since 2010 and got a new rear installed almost right way after I got home.  Will get a new front installed when I go back to get a new rear rotor, steering head bearings and what else?  😉  Had my 30,000 KM service after this trip.

Amazing how fast I seem to be putting on mileage lately.  My bike is a 2013 and has just over 30,000 KM’s. on it.

There are so many surf shops, seafood restaurants, Whale watching tour companies for a small town.  I have been here before with my parents and we did take a whale watching tour and we did see whales.  Things you see on TV, right here in BC.

I will write less and post more pics.  I was told not that long ago that my posts seem to be getting wordier.  I am sure this was not a total criticism but you know he is right…I mean when I read blogs I like to look at pics and maybe less dialogue.  😉

I don’t know but there is something special about the rain, mist and the coast.  Of course rather have it nicer out but since there is no choice I really enjoyed this day.  Riding, walking along Long Beach and taking pictures.  I really should take a photography course.  I mean I have a passion for pictures but I never seem to get myself into a class.  One day I suppose.

Shameless Selfie…WHY?  Entertaining myself.  I am a solo rider now and this is what I do for some reason.  I am actually liking riding alone.  It’s a different feel to any trip.  So, SOLOING really does not feel lonely at all…soloing in Life?  Getting used to it….

Huge cedars in this area…one of the natural resources BC is known for…too bad we export it all.

Being from the east coast, specifically New York and the Atlantic Ocean.  I was initially surprised when I moved here 17 years ago that the beaches were so rustic, less refined then the east.  I mean sort feels like dirt under feet not sand and look at our version of DRIFTWOOD…;-)

While in Tofino I treated myself to a stay at the Long Beach Lodge

fromseahAlthough my room was right under the restaurant which I really don’t recommend if you stay here..I did have a direct ocean view.  Slept with the door open so I could hear the water at night…for me the ocean is white noise and love it.

The FOOD was amazing at the Lodge I have to say that.  i am certain I gained about 5 pounds ion 2 days eating here.  Even being diabetic I NEEDED even felt compelled to drink their beer and have at least one dessert.

This dessert was so freaking good I can not even describe it

One thing I do really miss from living in and around the New England area of the USA is the Fall foliage.  In BC we are an evergreen province.  Not a whole lot of deciduous trees, hence no real dramatic foliage to see.  Not a huge issue but something I do seem to always long for this time a year.  I sort wish I could super impose myself to New Hampshire and spend the fall there.

Good view of my Britannia Mirage 2 dash. LOVE IT!

I love my dash…a local man named Ian who owns Britannia Composites makes these and I have to say the colour match and location of my GPS makes this bike look complete in my opinion.  It’s also very functional with an adjustable shield.

Another part of traveling alone is my ability to meet some virtual friends.  Never really did this before because Cheryl did not like to meet “strangers”.  Me?  I absolutely appreciate folks who ride and want to meet up with me and every time never am I disappointed.  So many riders, so little time and so interesting too.  This is Tom.  He follows my face book page and we had a great breakfast at Lefty’s in Parksville before i boarded the ferry to the main land.

sport bike riders and DS riders do get along. 🙂

After a good hearty breakfast with Tom, we parted ways and I headed to the ferry terminal.  As you can by the sky the weather improved immensely as I made my 1 hour 40 min trek across the water which symbolized the end of a short but sweet trip.  Only about 700 Km’s ridden but it’s not always about how far you go…it’s where you end up that counts.

To end this post I will with a picture of a couple I ran into on the ferry.  Two HOT looking BMW riders 😉 and I had to make a comment to them…”maybe you guys should submit a picture to BMW and be their next 1200GSA poster couple.”  They laughed and I think actually appreciated my New York humour.  So, another great trip which only makes me want to do more.

Until next time….Leslie

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

9 thoughts on “Tofino, BC Part 2 – click on the pics”

  1. Lovely post. BTY, I don’t mind the dialogue. It all goes together and I find it as interesting as the photographs.

    No offends but that’s funny…..”Cheryl did not like to meet “strangers”. Seems to me that Cheryl is pretty strange herself! LOL!

  2. Hi Leslie, I enjoy reading your nice blogs and the pics. Keep it up. You are lucky to be in an area with so much natural beauty to explore. Ardent rider myself. Lucky enough to own almost all makes of bikes starting from an Ariel Square 4 to the last one an Africa Twin over a period of 40 years hehe. Sold the last one late last year. Feeling legless without a bike. Eyeing a KLR 650 Kawasaki or Yamaha XT660Z TÉNÉRÉ. Need for a lighter bike at my age. Next year I plan to ride from BC to Alaska. Daughter lives in Toronto. All the more reason to come over.

  3. The force is strong in those K60s – very decent ride/traction, long wearing, stiff carcass/puncture resistance, and can even drive on them flat in a pinch (within reason) – they do about everything but fix dinner…

    Now, if you could only score some tubeless spoked wheels without having to mortgage the house…;-)

  4. If you are visit Tofino again I would recommend you stay at Tofino Resort + Marina.
    Not on the beach, but it is on the waterfront. Been to Tofino many times and this is now my preferred place to stay.

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