2014 Fall DUAL SPORT BC Newbie Ride

2014 Annual Fall Dual Sport BC ride is a group ride for all size bikes and skill. There are three routes, A, B and C. C is the big bike adventure route. Great organization, great people and always a great ride.

October 19th, 2014

Before I post about today’s ride I think I should catch up the BLOG about where I am at in my separation.  Again somethings should remain private but others can be shared since I have shared so much.  I guess you can say I am in the mourning phase of the loss of my relationship/marriage.  I will mention my ex’s name only once and then she will be referred to as my ex. 😉  Cheryl left on January 30th, 2014 and never looked back.  Since then I was fortunate to be able to buy her out of my house and keep it.

Just like that, some money and the swipe of a pen she was erased from ever owning my house.  We are completely separated and I would suppose the next step would be a divorce in 2015.  So, 2014 has been a struggle for me yet I seem to be able to continuously ride my bike.  It’s been a busy Fall fitting power rides, leisurely rides as well as the annual BC Dual Sport off-road ride too.

2014 Fall Trip Tracks

I want to address one thing before I move on.  I am suffering from an adjustment “disorder” according to the DSM-V.  Having said that, situational depression I am certain hits all of us at some time in our lives.  It can be quite debilitating.  I have done all the right things since day 1.  I work out, got my diabetes in control, work, ride, try to be social and get back to the things I forgot I love like skiing and have I mentioned RIDE?  😉  I have though burnt some bridges without really knowing it.  Amazing how ones behaviour can change?  I wish for 2 things that I hope heal with time.  Maybe three.  One that someone who I befriended and she befriended me comes back into my life, two, I work things out at work..get my passion back and make things right and three, I transition into this new single life, solo riding, healthy and stronger.

My ex said to me riding a DS bike was more for me than her.  I agree now.  I am 100% addicted to riding this type of bike at this point in my life.  Seeing North America on board two wheels for me is the only way.  The smells, the weather, people you meet, the camping, the work it takes to keep safe on the road, the rewards surviving everything Mother Nature throws at you is probably the best therapy ever.  Most don’t understand why I ride.  But I do…and I have to say this has been one way I have dealt with my “depression” and loss.

One thing I find really difficult are those who don’t know that we have separated.  I feel like I have to “come out” and almost embarrassingly have to say when they ask about my ex that we are no longer.  It’s still weird to say this and even more so since it’s been so long.

Today’s Dual Sport Track

Now on to the my ride today.  I have this neighbour Adrienne and friend in New York Pam.  While I was contemplating not going today, in the real world I am not really into large group rides, The 2 of them sent me TM reminding how much I love to ride and that I should go.  Glad they both agreed and they don’t even know each other but they know me.

This mornings trek out to Chilliwack, BC started out in the single digits Celsius and in the dark.  I recently installed LED auxiliary lights on steroids and they sure work in the dark.  Light up the street about 600 ft.  😉

I knew the weather report today was supposed to be decent but you never know this time of year.  After a week with down pours as the sun came up I could see that the clouds were not dark and ominous but light and “fluffy”.  I had a feeling it would be the prefect day for mud and a good DS work out.  I was right….or the weather people were right for a change.

I took the quickest way out to the staging area.  It’s about an hour and half away. So, route 7 to Highway 1 and I was there in no time.  They raised the speed limit on the highway, makes a difference.

Evidence I bought my 2014-2015 Trail Pass

Buying a yearly trail pass supports out local folks who not only put this ride together but also keep the trails in decent shape, advocate for off-road riding to stay in BC and just do a great job.  So, this year they were selling swag, passes and of course I had no issues paying for anything as long as the Provincial government let’s us ride.

And…..I LOVE my new cap and toque.

Great healthy breakfast, $5.

When you arrive the staging area you are welcomed with a hearty all round breakfast with unlimited coffee.  Seriously, this is a very well-organized ride by those who ride themselves.  They know what to provide to start the day out right.

Fruit, egg sandwiches, juice you name it.

Throughout this post you know I have to post pictures of my beauty right?  Well, here she is clean before the ride.

Still early and as it got closer to 0900 more bikes of all sizes showed up.  I counted for women riding solo this year.  Not sure how many riders were out today but I would guess around 70-90?

We don’t really have a true Fall foliage in the region.  We have mainly evergreens not too many deciduous trees. Nothing like what I used to see living in New York but alas it’s still a pretty time of year.

My favorite time of year to be honest.  Crisp cool mornings with warm days and cool nights.  Love it.

Two of the many folks who get this all together and allow us to ride great trails…Judy and Tom.  They always give a talk before we all head out, warn us not to ride solo, be careful and most importantly have fun.

It’s funny how plans change. I was supposed to ride with one group but ended up with a much smaller group.  Before I started I took this picture and in the bottom left and centre are two of the guys I rode with.  Now….I am soooo bad with names.  I told them to check out the BLOG…I HOPE they will forgive me for riding all day and forgetting their names.  Please if you read this post your names and I will update ASAP.  Thanks guys and it was great riding with you today.

Today there was a treasure hunt.  Some choose not to try and others did, like me.  They used a Garmin Chirp as the treasure.  You downloaded the track, enable the chirp function on my GPS at least and when you got near the Chirp you would get details and letters.  Was supposed to spell something but it really did not work out for my group.  It was worth the try but one of the organizers said it was a bit of a bust.


My tire set up for today and I think I am on to something for my future.  I got a new Heidenau K60 rear mounted after my Tofino trip and kept the Metzler Karoo 3 front.  I like this set up. Nothing like having a reliable rear that gets about 22,000 KM’s out of it and a front with a but more bite?  The Karoo 3 rear died after 9500 KM’s.  The front I think I can get a few more thousand out of it.  So, very pleased with how my bike and tires did today.

New Heidenau K60 Scout.  My favorite tire since 2010.
New Heidenau K60 Scout. My favorite tire since 2010.

Heading out on some pavement to start and then we went up Vedder mountain and hit gravel and TONS of small lakes 😉 and gravel.

Just going to let the pics speak for themselves, plus I am getting tired and want to get this live tonight.  😉

blurry but caught my odometer hitting 30,000 KM.
KlIm Altitude suit is great just GETS really filthy and it won’t come clean ever. Need a darker colour!
DAVE is a great rider and OWNS MOD. I have his skid plate and side stand enlarger on my bike.
The three I ended up riding for most of the day. Dad, his son and ???? Again it was fun guys tell me again your names? Our names – Bill (Dad), Jake (son), and Mark
my riding buddies for today
Nothing like McD’s after a ride

P1040609 P1040610 P1040612 P1040614 P1040615 IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3899 IMG_3900 IMG_3901 P1040617 P1040618 P1040619 P1040622 P1040623 P1040624 P1040626 P1040627 P1040630 P1040631 P1040632 P1040633 P1040634 P1040635 IMG_3904 IMG_3905 IMG_3906 IMG_3907 IMG_3908 P1040639 P1040640 P1040641 P1040642 P1040643 P1040645 P1040647 P1040648 P1040649 P1040650 P1040651

So, that was my day.  Started at 0630 and ended at 1700.  Perfect weather, great riding buddies, nothing crazy technical but got a great work out, rode some really cool trails with great views…and was outside on the fresh air all day.  Even though at times I was covered in mud, had mud up my nose, on my face it was fantastic.  I have some video clips to try to edit. Once done will add to another post.  Leslie

Author: advgrrl

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7 thoughts on “2014 Fall DUAL SPORT BC Newbie Ride”

  1. Now that’s our Leslie we all know and love…;-)

    Glad to see you out twisting the throttle – great therapy for what ails ya. And nothing beats quality ‘helmet time’.

    Your ride is looking pretty badass – keep making those deposits to the bank of good karma – the cosmic universe has your back – you most awesome ADV grrl!

    BTW – Deb and I are thinking a ‘Northern Tour’ for 2015 – TOW, Dawson, Mayo, Keno, Carmacks, Robert Campbell to Ross River, CANOL to Watson Lake, Skagway, Haines, Haines Jct., Tok, Glennallen, McCarthy/Kennicott, Valdez, ferry to Wittier, Anchorage – any chance our ride will intersect with your ride? We’re planning late May for a departure date and 10-15 days on the ride. If we are in town when you roll in – your room is here waiting for you. 😉

    1. I’m planning on coming up your way mid June next year. The only thing I really want to do is take the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert and then I’m I’m open. Probably ride the dalton again but not the Dempster. I’m hoping for 35 days.

      We could meet somewhere. And thanks as always for your enthusiasm Gary!

  2. Hi Leslie. The Newbie Ride was a lot of fun and we enjoyed your company in our little group. Nice action photos along the way. Maybe next year we’ll have a CHIRP-capable GPS and the actual route 😉

    Our names – Bill (Dad), Jake (son), and Mark.


  3. Leslie, was good to see you again, The Noob ride has been a favorite of mine since we started it in 2005. For what its worth, many years ago I learned the one thing I really enjoy is riding my bikes, on or off road. Have fun and we will see you soon
    Tom Timmerman

  4. That looks like a great day! Nice weather, great scenery, some mud! 🙂

    From your blog to Klim’s ears, I hope. Mud and light silver don’t go together. Not all girls stay out of the mud!

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