Crossing the Border – Day trippin’ in Washington State

October 30th 2014

I made another last minute decision to take a 2 night ride across the border into Washington State.  First time I think I have had no dogs to care for and absolutely no other real responsibilities  at home.  This prompted me to get away yet again. So, off I left around 1430 on Thursday to head down to Washington.  Short back country ride to La Conner for the night.

Pouring rain, lot’s of wind and then everything calmed down as I pulled into La Conner.  Known for it’s tulip festival in the Spring.

Raining on me as always

Best time of year for me to ride.  No one else on the road, need a bit of heat from my liner and gloves, cool days and it’s Fall.

Seems like peak foliage has past and I did not have to worry about roads being covered in downed leaves.  It was wet but no real other hazards to worry about.  Not many cars either.  No wildlife that I could see as well.  I really try to ride during the day down here so I don’t have a run in with a deer or two.

There were points on this short ride where I did get dumped on pretty well and then there were these wind gusts that caught me off guard.  I hate wind, can deal with rain but wind at times can scare the day lights out of me especially when my bike has no side bags on and is way lighter then when I travel long distances.  The high stance of the F800 can make for a turbulent ride at times.  😉 Well worth it though.

I should be a farmer….lol

Washington State’s Vacation Getaway

Known as both an artist enclave and a boater’s paradise, and with a decidedly coastal-community feel, La Conner has an almost magical quality that brings visitors back again and again. It’s the kind of community that many of us yearn for; charming and picturesque, with a vibrancy all its own. The La Conner vibe – that feeling that there’s something wonderful humming just below the surface – comes from the fact that the people who live and work in La Conner really do love this community and all it has to offer.

Tucked between the Cascade mountain range to the east and the San Juan Islands to the west, and within the Skagit River delta and along the Swinomish Channel, La Conner’s ever-changing landscape moves from stunning sunrises and sunsets, to the soft greens of nature, to the vivid blues of sky and water … all set to the backdrop of majestic 12,000’ Mount Baker.

Well-known as ‘the most romantic getaway in Washington State’, La Conner is approximately an hour from Seattle and two hours fromVancouver B.C. Among the list of places to visit in Washington State, La Conner is always one everyone’s list.

As one of Washington State’s most treasured historic communities – many of our old homes and buildings are still intact and have been meticulously restored – La Conner continues to honor a way of life that was begun by early settlers. Hard work. Entrepreneurial spirit. Preservation. Respect for the natural environment that surrounds us. Throughout the community, you’ll find each of these ideals still present today.

Stock Photo

There is a wonderful balance of residents who work and live here, including the Swinomish Tribal Community, Shelter Bay residents from across the Channel, fishermen, farmers, artists, and carpenters – a diverse mix of cultures and educational backgrounds.

There is also a healthy balance between our community and our surrounding natural elements. La Conner is wintering grounds for Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans. Along the upper reaches of the Skagit River bald eagles congregate to feed and rest during early winter months. The fertile farmlands produce food and seed crops that are distributed around the world.

And La Conner’s annual Tulip Festival – that starts with fields full of daffodils, then shifts to fields of stunningly beautiful tulips, and lastly shifts one more time to fields of delicate iris – draws visitors from around the globe.

 I have been here many times before and always seem to stay at the Channel Lodge. A cute arts and craft type lodge with very comfortable rooms and perfect location within the town on the channel.
Stock Photo

STOCK PHOTO-Great pic on a clear day
Great food

When I come down here I have to eat at the La Conner Brewery,  Such great food and beer.

I PIGGED out.  I am always starving no matter how long or short I ride.  Besides I think all I ate before my dinner was a hard boiled egg and pepperoni.

Every once in a while even a diabetic needs to treat themselves.  Good thing for meds. 😉

It gets dark pretty early this time of year so many day time shots of this quaint town.  After dinner the skies opened up again and I had a short walk back to my lodge in the rain but I still took my time and enjoyed how quiet it is around here.  Arriving off season does have it’s benefits.

I am going to head south today and ride up the east side of the Olympic Peninsula towards Port Townsend.  Here is a map of the loop I have done in the past.

So, going to take is easy today, should be able to get in a few hundred KM’s but staying away from the intrastate.  I will cruise through little towns as I make my way down south then north.  Will be spending one more night way and then head home tomorrow.  My goal is to really try and get away as many weekends of weekdays I can throughout the winter.  It’s such a good way to de-stress.

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