Pouring Rain, EWS error code, Sun, More Rain & the Olyimpic Penisula

This what I woke up to leaving La Conner this morning.  It was an on again off again rainy day.  Some pooling on the roads and just bad drivers made for an interesting ride at times.

But before I took of from the Channel Lodge I had to take some pics of the reception area.  I love this little lodge.  Has a great cozy feel to it.

Had a hearty Continental breakfast and then headed into the rain.  I forgot to switch to my pin lock shield so I was forced to keep my lip cracked a bit.  There were times as you can see I could hardly see with water pouring into the inside of my shield.  Managed to mostly wipe in and out enough to see but I did wish I had that pin lock.

This is Greenlake Park, outside Seattle.  This is where my bike wouldn’t start.  I went to take some pictures off the bike and when I tried to start her I got an EWS code.  Looked it up and thought my key is bad, or the antenna thing for the key etc.  Called BMW roadside because this bike would not turn over to get towed.  I was only a few KM’s away from RIDE WEST BMW.

I let me bike sit for about an hour as per a virtual FB friend said to do and in the end it did start.  I canceled my tow truck and rode to Ride West.  I was great by a very friendly sales guy and sent downstairs to the service department.  There Chris checked me in and asked the questions.  Got my back into the dry garage to have a look about this code.

Should have dried the lens off on my camera.

Chris got the manager involved and a tech too right away.  They never hooked my bike up to the computer but after a quick look inside and testing the battery etc.  They could not replicate my EWS code.  Came up with some theories as to what may have happened but in the end all the pros decided this could have been a one-off issue because my bike kept starting and ran for the rest of the day with no issues.  “Knock on Wood”.

Sorry guys water on the lens – So, I remember the guy to the left is Ben, Service manager, then Chris but not sure who the other guy is..hopefully they will fill us in if I am incorrect.

The nice guys who got me in and out.  BTW, they have a 2009 Bubble Bee F800GS for sale over there if anyone is interested.  Low mileage, has a bunch of goodies including Jesse bags and I think it’s listed for around $9000 US.

My layover cost me a few hours but at least I got to dry out and my name now is in the Ride West service data base. 😉

Took a quick tour of Seattle as I by passed it to get to the ferry I did not know I was going to take. Got some neat on the fly shots.

My attempt to over the should it to get the Seattle Skyline as I headed towards the Olympic Peninsula.

My little virtual tour for those who don’t live here.  Now, I can never remember which stadium is which.  I am sure someone will help me out here.

I leave Ride West, it’s not raining anymore and I follow my GPS that I had set to Shelton, WA.  I had no idea I was taking a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula, I thought I was riding around on the mainland.  But hey, for $4.25 I got to take this short cut that lasted about 25 mins and for now it was beautiful out.

tons of bikes on this vessel
I feel like I am always taking a ferry on each trip

Many use this route as part of their commuter route hence all the bikes.  SO CHEAP.  This is where a woman came up to me as we were ready to disembark and said, “Leslie”?  I said all geared up “yes”.  She introduces herself as Bonnie.  She reads my FB page and wanted to say hello.  It was awesome timing because have chatted about meeting up one day and after we said hello and good-bye at the same time.  We again touched base later and are meeting up for breakfast this morning.  I really am enjoying meeting the virtual world in real life and I have lost track as to how many I have actually met now since May.


Got to love the fact she is wearing KLIM too!

With the sun out and getting off the ferry I felt like I was in a whole other world.  I have ridden the Peninsula before but each time I go west from the north, south up the west side and I have even been up the east side but not heading north.  See you can entertain yourself out here by simply switching the direction of your route in the same area as well as ride in a different time of year.

SUN!  Seriously felt weird getting out the sunglasses because its been raining like crazy at my home too for what feels like days and days.

you can see the Navy Ships in the background. Bremerton Navy Base. An old friend from High School commented that her husband works here.

Someone PM and asked, “what do you think about when you take all these trips?”  Well, each trip there seems to always be something on my mind.  For this one it’s about do I move back to the States and start a new job and life?  Be closer to my family and older friends?  Hmmm….then I blast the music and try to forget about everything as mush as I can and just focus on the ride and my bike.  I made a promise to myself that I would try to get away as much as I can over the winter.  These 2 night getaways are so good for me.  Still healing from my 2014 losses and trying to figure out 2015 I need a break more often than not.

She is beautiful to me lol

My destination was supposed to be Port Townsend but the weather turned ugly, it was getting dark since I had my layover at Ride West I was hours behind schedule.  I decided to enjoy the last bit of sun

Because I could see as I headed north there was some VERY dark clouds that just had I am going to pour on you yet again.  I stopped in Poulsbo, WA.  Things though happen for a reason…now I get to have breakfast with Bonnie, the ferry gal.

I return home sometime today.  Weather?  Well, supposed to be perfect.  Would love to cruise home in crisp clear weather.  Or rather not go home and head south?  Now that’s an idea.  Until next time…thanks for reading.  Leslie

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Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

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    1. Both comments made it through my spam approval lol thanks again for stopping by and glad you are enjoying reading my reports. I love putting them together. Another one coming up for tomorrow or later tonight. Leslie

  1. Those aircraft carriers are all Forestall Class. Our first super-carriers. You stumbled on another piece of naval history. 😉

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