CYCLOPS H7 LED Headlight Module Install

I installed the new LED module on my bike but only the low beam.  I felt since I use the low the most in conjunction with my Aux lights I would light up the sky.


I am going to add one more item…LED signal inserts when the come from Adventure Design


Lumen Rating         2400 (RAW)

Color temperature   5600K

Power draw             20 watts

Life span                 30,000 hrs

Warranty                18 months

The install is pretty straight forward but I would say the secret is removing the entire head lamp and take it from there because there is a fan and a heat sink that you will need to tuck inside the housing.

LEDYou will need to take off the ring that is around the light bulb above the fan and install that first using the OEM clips and lock that into place.  Then you will place the bulb with the fan module into the base and turn clockwise to lock that in as well.  Carefully tuck all the extra contraptions into the house and it should fit.  On my F800GS it did all neat and tidy.  I had to drill a hole on the bottom of the cap as per the instructions for extra venting.

The light runs warm for sure and only time will tell if it has enough venting to not cause any damage to the housing.  This is a neat light bulb option from CYCLOPS for $49.95.  I have all ready gone through 3 bulbs in only 30,000 KM’s probably due to vibrations extra.  I usually use Vision X bulbs which are great too.

As for the beam pattern.  Seems more like a flood beam rather than a driving.  It was hard for me to really get a grasp as to how much better the street was lit up due to this bulb when I rode home from my dealer.  It was pouring rain out and almost dark.  but so much traffic and lights being reflected off the road and light posts made it difficult to truly form an opinion.  I could tell with my Aux off that the street signs were lit up and I could see the lines on the road but like I said hard to tell if it was that much better.

I am certainly more visible to cars I can tell that in an instance because of its crisp white light.  My headlight is pointing as low as it can go and I never once was flashed by oncoming cars or my bike didn’t seem to bother the cars in front of me.  No rear view mirror adjustments being done.  I am going to lift my headlamp up a bit and go find some dark streets so I can come back here to give a better opinion about the actual coverage.

I made a promise to myself this year to be more VISIBLE.  I think I have accomplished that with the Fenix F4 yellow Aux lights and now the LED low beam.  Where I live it rains a lot this time of year.  Like most I commute in the dark and come home in the dark.  Anything I can do to make cars see me I think I have done.  My gear has reflective 3M material in all the right spots thanks to KLIM.  My boots that I am wearing now, the TCX Desert Gore Tex have little reflective material at the base of the boot too.  My pants expose that in the riding position.  I will post a review comparing the AP Toucan and TCX boots soon.  Both boots are FANTASTIC!

Any questions feel free to post them….one more thing…anyone who reads this post or this blog knows I am in love with this bike.  Due to some changes in my life and a possible relocating to the east coast of the USA I might have to sell my beauty.  I am not listing a price.  Check out the F800 Album page on the menu up top of any page.  If sold with all the accessories the price has to be right to make me part with her.  Anyway, not sure about this yet but if anyone wants to make an offer I will listen.  Leslie

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11 thoughts on “CYCLOPS H7 LED Headlight Module Install”

  1. Leslie – Good deal on increasing your visibility as studies establish about two thirds of all motorcycle accidents are a result of the other drivers not seeing the motorcycle – so kudos and respect for your ‘be seen’ safety strategy. (most of the other third of m/c accidents are from operator error – so if you can be seen and drive sanely, you really improve the riding safely situation)

    Here is another easy safety mod – – these LED tail/brake light bulbs replace your stock 1157 bulbs. They are brighter than stock, and flash three times and then steady bright when brakes applied. They use less power and because they they are LEDs, will probably never need replacing.

      1. Does are the BMW LED indicators available as accessories in Canada? These are used on most BMW bikes sold in Europe and conform to ECE regulations but not DOT (in other words they are road legal in all of the world outside US/Canada). I would suggest these are your safest option as they are OEM equipment – most of the aftermarket LED indicators I’ve seen don’t come close in brightness and the other advantage is that they bolt in and only require a software update for the CAN-bus, instead of fiddling around with resistors etc.

  2. I think the main issue you’ll find with using this new light is getting that light to shine effectively on the road. Compared to a quality H7 bulb (~1,500 lumens) you will have an extra 60% of brightness but the light is very different… Halogen bulbs emit an omnidirectional beam whereas LEDs emit a linear beam.

    The difficulty in this case is that the reflector in your headlamp is designed to focus omnidirectional light into a predetermined pattern on the road, but when using a linear light source, most of the reflector cannot do its job. The result will be an unfocussed, diffused pattern with no defined cut-offs. While the brighter light will make you more conspicuous to other road users, it will produce less useful lighting for you as the rider. Some of this will be mitigated by using your aux lights of course alongside the headlamp, of course.

    On bikes with full LED lighting (R1200GS, various new Hondas, Ducatis etc), the headlamp unit is very different, with a spherical lens directly in front of the LED module diffusing the linear LED into an omnidirectional beam.

    Have a look at this photo: – The dipped/low beam is on the left in the photo, with two LED modules mounted in the X-shaped black plastic area, diffusing light upwards through lenses, with the resulting light reflected downwards onto the road. The main/high beam is the two spherical lenses on the right in the photo, which essentially aim the full brightness of the LED modules straight outwards and slightly down to provide long range lighting as brightly as possible. The DRL is the semicircle lens around the main beam lenses and consists of 4 small LED modules which diffuse through the lens to give the effect of a continuous semicircle of light in the daytime.

    It may sound counterintuitive, but have you considered mounting your LED light on the high/main beam side? This would give you the best of both worlds by lighting your path with halogen light for the dipped/low beam but with the extra brightness of the LED on the main/high beam side where beam precision is less important.

  3. The fan had quit running, but light is still working. Do I need to send in for replacement. It is just less than one year old. It is a H7 light.

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