Alpinestars Toucan GTX Boots – 2013 & TCX X-Desert Gore-Tex Boots – Review

AP Toucan
TCX X-Desert Gore Tex

I have had the pleasure to own both these pairs of boots and still do.  I have only thing to say about both brands…they are fantastic ADV boots for the not so hard core rider like me.  The TCX feel lighter than the AP 2013 version.  The tread on the TCX is a bit thicker than the AP but both seem like they will wear well.  I have had the AP’s for a year now and the tread and boot are holding up really well.

I wear these boots 365 days a year and just adjust my socks.

I wear normally a size 7.5 – 8 in women’s shoes.  In the AP Toucans I fit into the size 7 which is male sizing with a Dr. Scholl gel insert and they feel perfect.  The AP boot I think runs wider than the TCX.  So, for those who have wide feet perhaps the AP would fit your foot better.  Both boots have treated me well in very wet conditions.  Gore TEX guaranteed you can’t lose. Breathable and stay dry.  I will never buy another boot without the guarantee of Gore Tex.

AP has come out with a new version of the Toucan.  More money because they added aluminum buckles.  For the price the TCX is a better deal.  But remember if you have narrower feet that is where TCX wins.  I wear a 39 in TCX but I bet I could gotten away with a 40.  I will not add inserts to these boots nor do I have to.  I can wear any weight sock and both feel as though they were meant to be worn out of the box.

My AP squeak more than the TCX but in the end who cares.  I feel a bit more protected in the TCX but I am not a hard core rider.  So, read Revzilla’s reviews.  They are the experts.  I can only tell you from real life experience you can’t go wrong with either one of these boots.  I also have hiked in both.

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The Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex boots are a game changer in the Alpinestars touring boot line-up. One of the lightest, most rugged, built for the toughest adventure you can throw at them, the Toucan will take you to the next level. The leather and suede upper are durable and breathable and mate perfectly with the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to shield you against extreme conditions.

Internal ankle, toe, and heel reinforcements coupled with exterior TPU components protect from impact and provide support. 2 aluminium replaceable buckles borrowed directly from the Tech 8 Light, top selling MX boot in the Alpinestars collection, use a memory setting so there is no need to readjust each time you don the boots. The ideal sole construction features a true triple stitched sole that eliminates the need for glue that increases impact absorption and flexibility. A 3/4 steel shank gives support so the boots won’t sag over pegs when standing. Made to be worn all day long, each boot weighs in at 2 pounds, 11 ounces, one of the lightest adventure boots on the market. If there was ever a “boot of paradise” the Toucan would top the list. Offered in Black only and in US sizes 7-13.

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New for 2013, the TCX X-Desert Gore-Tex boot is made for adventure touring and light enduro cross riding. The X-Desert uses full gain leather that mates perfectly with the waterproof breathable Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry in the toughest conditions.

Great for off-road use, the X-Desert borrows technology from both the S-Sportour Waterproof boot and the Pro 2.1 MX boot to create a boot that feels like a comfortable touring boot and performs like an off road boot. PU external hard parts protect the heel, toe and shin and suede heat guards protect the boot from hot engine parts. The lugged enduro sole will provide grip on and off road and both the foot-bed and the aluminum buckles can be replaced. Offered in black only and in Euro sizes 38-48.

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