Sliders Bella Womens Motorcycle Riding Jeans

I decided to get a pair of riding jeans.  There are times I just don’t feel like wearing my KLIM pants. Below is all the info you need to get an idea of these jeans.  From my personal perspective these are really comfortable jeans to wear.  I bet they would be too warm for HOT days but three season for sure.
They come in man’s and woman’s sizing.  BE AWARE:  I wear a size 10 pants usually.  I read reviews how these run big and short.  I took the advice and I am glad I did.  Ordered a size 8 LONG.  I have a 30.5 in seam but when on the bike these cover the boots nicely and are not too long when walking around in my boots as well.  You can add armour which I like and the use of Kevlar is the high abrasion zones works for me.
will run you about $89.99.  Two colours as well.  In any case these are my first pair.  Rode in them with a temp of -1C to 7C and I was comfortable.  Would not take the chance wearing these in the rain of course.  Nice option for the rider and one I just never really thought about until recently.  Just my 2 cents.  There are many jeans out there but I did like this price.
**Information and Details about the Sliders Bella Womens Motorcycle Riding Jeans
made by Sliders

More women than ever are riding now and are demanding high quality riding gear too. So, here it is ladies, the motorcycle riding jeans you’ve been searching for… Slider Bella Motorcycle Riding Jeans! Constructed with the highest quality premium stretch denim, in a special relaxed fit and consisting of the most Aramid abrasion resistant fiber coverage of all women’s riding jeans, Sliders Bella Jeans offer the benefit of abrasion resistance in the critical areas, but move with your body and stay comfortable all day long. Adjustable interior pockets at the knees for the optional CE armor allow you to properly position the armor for your height . So, no more stealing your guy’s gear, ladies as Sliders Bella jeans are made specially for you. They fit just like your normal jeans, are comfortable while in riding position, and are an affordable option to keep you safe just in case the road unexpectedly rises up to meet you someday.


  • Sliders® Bella Jeans offer the most Dupont™ Kevlar® Aramid coverage in the industry, strategically placed in the hips and sides of your legs, your knees/shins and throughout the seat and upper hamstrings
  • Constructed of high quality premium stretch denim that is stonewashed to make it soft and comfortable to wear both on and off the bike
  • Optional Sliders® CE approved knee armor that can be positioned at 3 different spots to accommodate most riders’ leg length (sold separately)
  • Perfect to wear over your boots
  • Exclusively available at Competition Accessories®
  • Available in Women’s sizes 4 through 16, in Short, Regular, and Tall Inseams
    (14 and 16 Regular and Short Inseams Only)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Sizing Help: Sliders Bella Motorcycle Riding Jeans are designed with a special slightly relaxed fit for lady riders that is consistent with today’s styles and sizing. So, if you want a relaxed fit, then order your normal size. If you want a more fitted look, then you may want to order down a size or even 2 sizes. The Beauty is these jeans use a premium stretch denim that allows for a wide variety of body types to fit and fit well.

    Note: The CE approved Knee Armor is sold separately for Sliders® Bella Jeans, 4.0 Jeans, 4.0 Khakis and 4.0 Cargo Pants. However, we do not hold back orders for just armor. If the remaining part of your order is just armor it will be canceled. The armor can be reordered at a later date when available.

Author: advgrrl

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4 thoughts on “Sliders Bella Womens Motorcycle Riding Jeans”

  1. I have these jeans. They are very stretchy. I can still wear them even though I gained 10 pounds. I think they are great in warm to cool weather. Not great in really hot weather, not great in really cold weather. I’m surprised you were comfortable in them in freezing temperatures! At that point I would be wearing long johns and windproof pants!

    1. I have a base under them and I wore them in -10C. Too lazy to get my KLIM pants out. Tomorrow I will wear my base, plus these jeans and my KLIM…LOL But I like them…I added D3O armour in the knees as well but they do run large as I have said

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