AltRider = Premium Quality and Protection

I figured that when I put anything on my bike that has real life testing to prove my dedication to a manufacturer or online company that has great customer service and products I need to share.  All of us when buying bikes look for the best value, protection, and items that assist us with better visibility, etc….real life reviews are what I look for and they are hard to come by when reading magazine reviews.  Just for the record I am not paid to endorse any products.  I just share what works well for me.  I also share what I would buy again and again.

If you buy from them mention my blog or name…you never know!

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I am so impressed with the products AltRider has been putting out for so many ADV bikes I feel they deserve their own post. All BOLD words are click-able links to the actual product page.  I have tested their lower crash bars.  My bike at times takes “naps”.  They have done their job many times and still maintained their shape to install the new upper crash bars.

This post is similar to my last one but I wanted to just wanted to highlight all the fun aluminum, premium protection they offer for my bike, 2013 F800GS as well as many other models.  Great people down in Seattle. USA born and made.  Revzilla

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is an online #1 company that sells AltRider goodies and so many other things only your imagination could drum up.  On that note if you do buy from Revzilla it helps this blog if you mention me…advgrrl or Leslie. I have spent thousands at Revzilla.  😉

Erik from AltRider doing me a favor and installing all their impressive protective accessories in their parking lot

One of my concerns about installing the new upper crash bars was will they fit my lowers.  My crash bars have been tested  many times with fully loaded luggage dumps and even a small slow speed dump after a guy crashed in front of me on a dual sport ride.  The bars did their job, protected my expensive parts and apparently did not bend too much because the upper bars fit perfectly.  The installation was easy and seamless.  AltRider makes premium equipment for your bike.  Absolutely one of the best companies to protect your bike.  Available at Revzilla too.My bike looks mean and it is even more protected now.  If I did not install my AUX lights with the Denali brackets I would have used a clamp to mount them on the uppers.  That would be a perfect place for floods.

AltRider Upper Crash Bars Assembly for the BMW F 800 GS (2013+) – Black Click here

Upper crash bars

More pics of the uppers

The clip mount uses stainless bolts and attaches perfectly.  Very sturdy and looks really good even these were developed way after the lower bars.

my scars from a dump, makes my bike look ridden

You can see scratch marks on my lowers.  Need to use some touch up paint.  😉  I have to say this.  When I walked in to AltRider I was greeted by Matt.  Nice guy who we chatted about my blog, stats on web sites, social media stuff too.  Met Mitchell, I really hope that is his name.  Nice young guy who rides a speed Triple and is in charge of their affiliate program and social media.  Now…the one female in the office.  I am so sorry but forgot her name but she was so friendly and kind as well.  This company is small but have a large array of accessories for many bikes.  They take a lot of pride in not being mass-produced like some other companies and you can tell in the quality and well thought out farkles.

Erik not only installed the uppers on my bike but I also go some extras.

AltRider Rear Exhaust Guard for BMW F 800 GS – Black click here

AltRider Chain Guard for BMW F 800 GS – Black click here

AltRider Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard for BMW F 800 GS – Black click here

My bike is sooooo dirty.  I can see it clearly in these pics.

My own F800 ADV bike 😉

Ann example of what is put into the upper crash bars is described very well on the page.

  • All AltRider motorcycle accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • AltRider lower crash bars need to already be installed – these upper crash bars will mount directly to them
  • Provide stability by tying together left and right side of  lower crash bar system with the one piece upper crash bars
  • Protects the upper fairings and radiator
  • Perfect mounting for auxiliary lights
  • Available in shot peen satin or rugged powder coat finish
  • 1” (2.5 cm) tube diameter with hand TIG welding
  • 5 axis CNC laser coping
Click here for all the products they make

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