It’s Still FALL but…Feels Like Winter

December 5th 2014

Headed out once again for a breath of fresh air on the bike.  Wasn’t sure where I was going so I brought hardly anything with including a real camera.  For some reason as I left my neighborhood I ended up heading east.  Made sense to me because going west just meant traffic.  So, off I rode and before I knew it I gravitated towards one of my favorite areas this time of year.  The

Chehalis Flats – Harrison Mills

out by the Sandpiper Golf Course here in BC.  Beautiful course right on the Fraser River and they have an awesome inn as well as cottages to stay in if you choose.  Love this place especially during the week when little or no people are around.

Sandpiper Golf Course

Every year I do a post on one of my hobbies.  Bald Eagle watching out this way.  I will return with a better camera with zoom.  The eagles are around, in hundreds but I suspect once the river level comes down a bit the numbers will grow.  Why?

The Rules
The Rules

The Chehalis Flats – Harrison Mills is one of the largest salmon spawning grounds in BC and there are thousands if not millions that make the trek up the river to lay their eggs.

Once the river comes down you will be able to see and smell all the dead salmon and that is when the eagle frenzy begins.  A salmon buffet that supplies thousands of eagles and other wild life with free and easy food.  This is one time you will see eagles “socialize” and get a long with others of all ages because there is an abundance of food.

Not many dead salmon yet

Like I said I rode out there. Only about 45 mins when pushing it but really about 60 mins.  As usual it was raining for most of the day and a high temp of 2.5C about 35F.  I find these temps to be ideal for me.  Heated liner and gloves, a little weightier sock and I feel very comfortable in this weather.  Rain?  Part of my life as an all year rider.

Best girlfriend I have ever had 😉

Once again hardly any cars and people.  I really like traveling outside the typical tourist season, although out here this is the tourist season but not on a weekday.  I like cold weather versus hot.  I like to ride.  I guess that is the bottom line.  I am including this little day trip as part of my fall adventures.  It is still fall even though we have had some snow and very cold weather.  More like winter but technically still Fall. I have  lost count of the mileage I have done in the Fall 2014 but I would guess somewhere around 3000+ KM’s since end of September.  Still not enough 😉

The view
Pan view

Not having a camera that could zoom with me I found myself just meandering around, listening to the trilling of the eagles, trumpeting of the trumpeter swans and absorbing the beautiful but wet surroundings.  There are brooks all around this property. While walking around the golf course you often hear the creeks and little waterfalls.

It is a very tranquil place but at the same time it can be full of people, tripods and cameras worth more than my bike.

I had a bite to eat for lunch at the Rivers Edge restaurant.  This cute and cozy restaurant will close for the season on Dec. 17 but reopen in the Spring.  Has great food. Simply put this is an oasis for the wild life lover and golfer ;-).

the Rivers Edge restaurant
simple grilled cheese. Secret is the caramelized red onions

After lunch it started to rain pretty hard so I decided it was time to head back home.  Believe it or not by the time I pulled into my garage I rode 225 KM’s.  Time flies when you are having fun.

dyke riding is a great way to get closer to the river

Before I end this post I took the back way home and stopped at a dam being renovated with seismic upgrades. Seems like this has been going on forever but from the pic you will see this can’t be an easy job to do.

I find dams fascinating.

familiar sight…rain and me

As I de-clutter my house and garage I seem to be finding accessories I never have placed on my bike and I am also finding old pictures that have me cracking up.  The following pics are a few little items I have put on my bike just for fun and perhaps functionality.  I have this little handle bar bag made by Wunderlich.

handy when you don’t want to use a tank bag

This little bag I installed after I found it and tried out this day.  Sometimes I don’t want to use a tank bag and I have to admit this is a great solution to be able to carry my wallet, phone and other little items.  Roomy enough for a days ride.  I would still use my tank bag for longer trips but this handlebar bag makes sense for day rides.  Had to work out the straps with my hand guards and I wish the straps that attach the bag were a bit longer but it stayed secure and did keep my items dry from the rain.

bag has some decent capacity

On my bike

I also found these little grippy things.  😉  Not sure where they came from but I thought why not use them on my levers.  Had to trim the length and I used some WD40 to slide them on and Voila!  Purpose?  Better grip?  In any case seemed to keep the levers a little warmer.


Went for a little hike and got caught in a quick downpour.  Nothing like putting a helmet on with wet hair.

Another fine day of riding and doing what I love.  Seeing Bald Eagles, wildlife of any kind is another passion of mine.  I just enjoyed being out on the bike.  Here is a pic of the LED lights.  You can sure tel the high beam is a regular bulb but having the low LED now makes me very visible and no one has flashed me.  I think the set up and angle of the Aux and my headlamp is perfect.

Led low beam, signals and Aux lights

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6 thoughts on “It’s Still FALL but…Feels Like Winter”

  1. Have one of those Wunderlich handlebar bags on both of our GS. Use them all the time with or without the tank bag. “handy as a shirt pocket” as the old saying goes.

  2. Hmm. Interesting bag! I wonder if they sell them at the bike show? Northern Vancouver Island sometime doesn’t have the “gadgets” for bikes. I’d be curious to see one up close. Glad to see you got a chance for a scoot.

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