Sleepless in Maple Ridge – Rambling thoughts

What keeps one up at night?  What goes through the mind to not allow one to rest and refuel like “normal” folks? Plenty of things I suppose.  I have a lot to share and I always do but the reason I am up tonight will have to wait for another day.  I could say I am awake dreaming about my next ride…which is partly true. Or my future bike?  Ahhh…not just yet but I can dream about this exact bike.


Ruminating can be daunting.  I have had so much change this year.  So many life changes that I have little control over.  Yet the one thing I always come back to is my own bike, the places she has taken me and will take me.


When I move back to the USA, OH…hey that could be keeping me up 😵 Where to move? I suppose where I get a job but where I would like to move?  Somewhere near Boston or in Connecticut and work out of NYC.


Many things keep one up.  In my case I know what they are and will share one day soon.  I guess I wanted to post something for today because this blog is something I love too.  I hope to get away Sunday after having Dim Sum with some friends.  I think a for sale sign will soon be going up on my lawn.  I always hate seeing those signs.  I mean why is that “house” for sale?  There is always a reason.  Divorce, loss of a job, job transfer, financial concerns or like me needing to get closer to my family in New York.  Or is for the bagels? 😉

NY Bagel

Such a random post for sure.  Sort like how my head is right now…random thoughts.  My future is still unfolding but I am more optimistic and not so much afraid of change.  Had a conversation with a woman yesterday and she said despite what I have gone through in 2014 she is a little envious I get to start over fresh.  I think that is the approach I will start to embrace.  Glass half full.

B&W Beauty

When I do move I will be most likely shipping my car and riding my bike back to the east coast.  My friends are like you are crazy!  Ship the bike and drive…they don’t get it.  People who read this will and know why I rather ride to my “new” home.  Getting rid of all the stuff one accumulates over the years seems like a task I rather not embark upon. It is a necessary evil when one moves.  Have strangers walk through my home, and I say home not house because it has been my roots since 2004 makes me ill.  Selling is also part of the deal.  So, I think if something that gives me peace of mind…

AltRider Goodies

AltRider Farkles.  👌


I am not going to be taking much with me when I leave BC, Canada for good.  My family says sell it, leave it behind, take whatever means something to me but leave the materialistic items behind.  They can be replaced. That is true isn’t it?  Not only start over but literally start fresh with all new memories.  I have all ready begun to do that.  I have successfully done enough SOLO trips to run through my Apple TV (oh, I will take that little device for sure) which now streams all new memories of trips with just me and not with my Ex.  I LOVE that…thousands of pictures from riding this year…all mine.

KLIM & X Country Trip 2014

My first long distance SOLO ride was x country in May and June 2014.  Who says go small when you can go HUGE? 👀

I loved and hated that trip.  My ex barely left, my dog died while I was away but I made it without incident.  Mind over matter.  As I type this I am realizing how random this post is but it’s at least entertaining me until the news comes on.  😌

Let’s what other pics I can find to post for fun and bring a smile to my face….hmmmm

Cruizer's memorial in South Dakota
Cruizer’s memorial in South Dakota
My tribute to my beagle
My tribute to my beagle

Well these pics, maybe not a smile but acceptance.  Cruizer died June 10th 2014.  Just 5 days before I made it home.  I’ve work through that guilt and one day will return to this area outside Yellowstone to place his urn.  I have made a promise to myself I have to do this to complete his journey.  Forever loved my crazy little Beagle.

Cruizer RIP 2004-2014

I have 2 dogs to love but they are seniors and if they are still around when I move I will have to say good bye to Xander

Xander age 14

and Sierra who will remain in Canada with someone they know….my Ex

Sierra age 12
my lucky charms

Friends gave me these charms to watch over me on my 2014 X Country trip and now I wear them everyday.  On that note I will stop ruminating.  Maybe take a nap.  I have a busy day ahead of me in some ways.  Soon perhaps I will post why I was really up this night…but for now…I will keep that to my self.  Leslie

PS…this is probably one of most favorite random thought posts for some reason.

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Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Sleepless in Maple Ridge – Rambling thoughts”

  1. Lots of thoughts mentioned. Nice to hear that you’re thinking of shipping the car + stuff. Driving a car with all of your possessions to a new place is somewhat depressing. Riding a bike with just what you need is an adventure, Nice post…

    And I’d vote for the bagels…

  2. What Lanie said…we ride all year round here in North Georgia. But we definitely use Heated gear.

    Great way to look at it; a chance to reinvent yourself and start new memories! Getting rid of stuff is always liberating too.

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