Remembering 2014…my own form of therapy

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. Best to watch videos full screen and in HD


When I look back at all the years I have spent in Canada, all the fortunate riding I have been able to do since 2010 when I got my street license these videos will enable me to really see, feel and reflect. My life here has not been bad. 

At one point I thought I had it all.  Best partner, best job, best dogs and over all really decent existence.  As with everything in life in a moments notice your own utopia can shatter.  After my ex left I was empty, desperate and truthfully LOST.  What I found out was I did have good friends here, people who I could reach out to and I wasn’t alone.  While my family was so far away I had to allow myself to let others in to help me save me.  In 2014 it was the first time I ventured out SOLO.  Some say I did it in style.  I mean who decides in March to ride SOLO X Country to learn what it is like to ride alone?  Well, I did and it was a struggle because of my head games but amazing at the same time. 

The big bonus was the support from the virtual world.  I must have received hundreds of private messages throughout my X country trip especially after I heard my Beagle Cruizer died when I was in the Badands.  So many online comments of support, emails, postings etc.  I could not keep up with replies.  That was AMAZING and another true testament what a great bunch of ADV riders and readers out there.  So, this post is a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent me messages or has been here in real life to help me get through 2014.


I am re-posting my LONG video/slide show of my X Country 2014 trip as well as a video/slide show I made incorporating some of the highlights of my Fall trips too.  I managed to ride just over 22,000 KM’s this year after a late start in May.  This Fall I spent exploring the PNW as much as I could because after moving back to the USA east coast, I am not certain when I will return.  I am disappointed that I will most likely NOT be able to make my Return to Alaska trip for June 2015 but I will get back there one day.  I have to.

So, for you non riders out there you are going to ask yourself “what is it about Leslie and her damn bike?”  Well, fast forward over the numerous pictures of my “Beauty” and for those who get it?  She has taken me places where I would have never have gone.  She is has been the one constant throughout this terrible year.  The smells, the weather, the challenges, the work, the freedom, people I met, stories I have heard, comments I hear all make it the best way for me to travel at this point in my life.  Even tops flying first class on Cathay Pacific.  😊

My most recent collage is a montage of both video clips and photos of the entire year.  I hope some will watch, sit back and listen to good tunes or just fast forward or reverse when you want.  For me?  I am glad to have all my videos that I will re-watch to remind myself I am fortunate and to keep looking forward.  Enjoy.

Motorcycle Christmas Card

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

10 thoughts on “Remembering 2014…my own form of therapy”

  1. The Thank you goes to you! You give this virtual friend many days of strength too. So I guess we gave each other a boost from time to time. We all go through our stuff in life. How we deal with it tells alot about us. I think we are both pretty strong and practical women. Riding clears my head and gives me a reason to press on. My GS1200 is everything that spells sanity to me. Hoping some day to meet you “out there”. We are planning the Billings, MT BMW RALLY this year in July.
    That would be an great place to catch up. Fate will decide.RIDE ON GIRL! Keep blogging.
    Catch me on FB ….. Cookie DePietro

    1. Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year to you!
      Thank you for sharing – as you know, we all are cheering for you and look forward to your blog in 2015!

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