STAY TUNED….January 2015 Departure?

SPOT will be tracking

SPOT will be tracking

This could be my route for my X Country Winter Excursion…departure date still being determined. Will make a pit stop in Florida to see my folks, (snow birds) and cousins if all works out. More details to come…will probably take the 101 down through the Oregon Coast…
8366.71 km or 5198.83 miles


  1. Jo Maloney says:

    If / When you get a chance, if you could can you break out the routing between Charlotte and Virginia Beach ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad you’re skipping Highway 1 from Monterey to Cambria. Worth the time, even on a long trip.

  3. depietroplace says:

    We are snowbirds now too in Pasco County, FL. Where in FL are you headed?

  4. Colleen says:

    I recommend hwy 1 between Monterey and Cambria as well. Maybe we could meet up…I’m in Santa Cruz. Let me know😎

    • advgrrl says:

      Yeah highway 1 it is and please follow my spot and send a message as i get closer. I will post all my links and contact info once I know my exact departure date.

  5. Kevin Brent says:

    Looks like a good, and mostly warm route. 😉

  6. captteddgreenwald says:

    When you get close to Florida I could ride out and help you navigate the back roads and stay off the I10 to 175 part of the trip when your East of Tallahassee. What tires are on your bike for the trip>

  7. Gerry Maitland says:

    Have a great trip and a wonderful adventure. Stay safe.

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