Short Post, Long Day

Day 4 – January 17th 2015

Today I tried to be a tourist, I really did.  However, the Drive-Thru Tree Park was closed and when I attempted to make it to Fort Bragg the weather was so horrible that I did not feel very safe on Route 1.  It was slick and it was pouring out.  No other cars were on the road at all that I could see.  Just me.  After about 30 KM’s or so I turned around and headed out.  Went back to see if the Drive-Thru Tree was open and it was still closed after 0900.  Early bird did not get the worm today.

I got to see the sign 😉

The first 200 KM’s it just pissed on me.  I know rain but this rain is a lot in a short period of time.  I was texting a friend in Three Rivers and he kept assuring me that “soon” I would be in the clear.  Well, maybe not soon but he was right.  I was to try to make it to Three Rivers today.  Paul is a guy I met in West Yellowstone last June 2014 on my X Country Trip.  We rode a great dirt road near Big Sky, Montana.  Paul says he has “some” roads to show me.  😉 I wonder what sort of roads he really means.  Paul is a crazy good off-road rider on his F650GS.  I am certain though he will take me to fun dirt not dirt bike dirt.  Right PAUL?

Rt 1

I did not make it to Three Rivers.  I ran out of steam after riding almost 800 KM’s.  I took 101 for much of the day and then interstates and big highways.  Made it to Modesto.  Had a hell of a time finding a hotel room.  Soccer tourney in the town of Interlock where I wanted to stay.  Instead I landed a bleach smelling motel room.  If I don’t wake up you all know I was poisoned.  😵

Seems I take many selfies of me in the rain.  I just threw my GoreTex regular jacket on to ride to Fort Bragg.  I stayed dry but my jacket on the outside could not repel the rain quick enough.  Once I got cover back went on the KLIM jacket.  Not sure what I was thinking.

After the rain it went to fog

Pretty dense at times

Then patience paid off…

Heading towards Napa I took Route 128.  I had that road to myself until Napa and I have to say it really put a grin on my face.  I felt so into this trip and so into that road.  Twisties, great views, country, no cars, no people, just FUN! Tons of vineyards of course.

The Napa valley was booming with tourists.  Saw the Napa Wine Train go by…saw very rich people and their fancy cars and also saw many poor looking people in crappy cars.  Felt like a movie set at times.  I rode through tempted to stop and taste some wines but as we all know no drinking and riding.  I also needed to make up time to try to get to my destination.

While trying to pick up speed on I-5 I noticed my clutch getting pretty tight.  I saw a Harley dealer and quickly took that exit.  Scott the service tech came out after he deliberated with his boss whether or not he should really be touching my bike.  I just wanted a pro to look and assess.  Scott said my cable needed lube and he did adjust it at the clutch itself.  I know I could have done that but why not have someone with experience take look if you can?  Much better after I left Eagles Nest Harley in Lathrop, CA.  I have to say very nice folks and they checked my clutch out within 5 mins.  Thanks HD Eagles Nest!  Fancy dealer too.

While I was about to leave I felt the Sons of Anarchy showed up.  Weird, no one said hello to me yet I heard them say, “it’s a girl and she rode from British Columbia?”  It’s a girl?  OK, I won’t go there.  I just took off.

I felt so out-of-place….😉

Not a whole lot of pics today because once I was out of the rain and fun riding it was highway for the rest of the day.  Met some really nice people like everyday at rest areas and gas stations.  I just did not have it in me to ride another 200 KM’s to make it to Three Rivers.  I will get there tomorrow and see what Paul has in-store for me.  Maybe I will get some dirt under these wheels after all.

Something I also noticed today is I am going to have to resole my AP boots.  Go figure.  I guess these have a few KM/miles on them.  Good thing the sole can be resoled.

Day 5 tomorrow and perhaps once I get to Paul I will ride the day with him, stay there and then hopefully start making my way around to Arizona?  Somewhere in the direction.

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Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Short Post, Long Day”

  1. california is a beautiful and wonderful state but as you found out a long ride north to south, may I suggest you take hwy 99 south a much better than ride than I5. as for the weather it varies alot from the north to south but should expect the rain and/or fog in the early morning and night.Give your self plenty of time to cross the california and arizona desert, it may be warmer than your used to and possible windier, both conditions require more hydration. new mexico, it’s a breeze stunning scenery and Texas is a whole ‘nother country. enjoy the western states my home for many years.

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