Day 6 – All about heading into Spring?

Day 6 – January 19th 2015

UPDATE:  My spider bite on my right temple swelled up last night and puss came out.  I know gross eh?  It’s now infected because of my helmet, etc.  Put Bactine on it and it’s looking scabby but better.  Other than feeling like someone punched me in my eye, I think it’s on the mend. 

When I decided to take this trip, and I won’t name names, many thought I was crazy.  Maybe I am when I carry on and meet the east coast but so far my plan for this winter trip is holding out.  I mean I did check the regional weather reports and they have been SPOT on.

Now I don’t want to jinx myself so I will not carry on about this but I am so glad I decided to go with my gut.  I needed this trip in ways not everyone can understand.  Hard to explain but being between jobs, between countries literally I needed to find a place that is a constant in my life.  My bike.

the view

Some might say I am obsessed.  I agree I am…I mean who wouldn’t be? I ride my bike and see places I would never take my car…appreciating North America and everything it has to offer.  I am part of my trips not a passive participant.  That is why I ride and it allows me to think when I want to think but also allows me respite.

After riding the Sequoia National Park with Paul, we ended the day in the dark and got a little cottage.  Paul is from this area and knows everyone in Three Rivers.

Meet Paul..

We had pizza, lot’s of bike and trip talks and went to bed early.  I had a sleep over with Paul.  😉  All innocent.  Nice time with Paul and it was Monday when we woke and off to work he went and I got ready for my ride at this point to?  Ended up in Vegas.

I took some really twisty back roads to a town called Springville.  I was to find out when I got there is the pass over the mountains was open to Kernville.  When I did get to Springville I found out that the pass was not open.  One way up and down so I bypassed the long way to Vegas and took main roads.

Vista point heading to Springville, CA

Short clip using my point and shoot of the fog and road

At this point it was warming up as I rode into the desert.  The weather so far has been like riding in early Spring or Fall.  When I got to Springville it still was chilly but once I made the decision to go to Vegas it got very warm for me.  Actually took off my heated liner and had to use my light weight gloves.  For me?  Riding in this type of climate and temperatures is ideal.  Rather be cold than HOT.

When I travel I always look for interesting places to eat and this did not disappoint.  I saw 3 bikes outside when I pulled up and that’s always a good sign.  Three elderly men riding an HD, BMW 1200R and a Honda 700. They are the guys who told me to stay away from the pass.  They also told me the longest they have ever been on their bikes was an over night trip.  They asked for my secret….I said I just ride.

Inside the cafe

Great food and I loved the waitresses shirt had to take a photo.


While in the middle of nowhere I checked in on my dogs.  They have moved in with my ex permanently because of my transition and are now living in Vancouver.  It was great to hear they are doing well adjusting and I was sent this picture of Xander, My 14 year-old heart failure amazing dog.

Xander – 14 and has been in heart failure since 2008

Sierra my 12 year-old is going well too, even got a nice report card from her new groomer.  So, that was a relief to hear while I am out on the road. My dogs mean everything to me and saying “good-bye” was heart wrenching.

Again in the morning I rode through fog and it cleared up later in the day.  I absolutely LOVE this next picture.  It captures what I was seeing at the time and for some reason I find it so peaceful.

LOVE this pic

Even though there was pavement it was broken up in sections with loose gravel and tons of pot holes.  The perfect kind of asphalt 😉


I have to say between my blog and FB page the comments, the weather updates, the offers to meet me for coffee or have an over niter has been overwhelming on this trip in a good way.  So many NICE people out there willing to just lend a hand.  I feel so lucky to be honest that anyone would take an interest in what I do no less be so gracious.  For that…I THANK YOU the virtual world and all the neat folks I meet on every stop.

Stunning views with the fog burning off


I decided to go to Vegas at some point.  Not sure why but I felt the need to ride the strip and see the Hoover Dam.  Off I went and stayed on main roads which were a bit boring but decided to do this to make up time.  It fogged in again later but then got HOT to me.  About 21 C or over 70 F.  But once the sun set in the desert it dropped almost instantly to 8 C or 46 F.  I am fortunate to have packed gear for all these temps.

I have been in the coldest so far of minus 8 C or in the teens F to the hottest so far of 22 C or 74 F.

I had no idea there was so much oil in California?  Who knew…some rancher is getting RICH with all these pumpers.


Nice sign when the balaclava comes off for the light weight buff.  Thanks AltRider.

Long day on the bike and again I was starving.  Stopped at this little joint outside Vegas as my last meal for the day.  My diabetes seems to be in check for the most part but I just couldn’t resist…authentic Mexican.

Everyday I end up riding in the dark.  Just not long enough days for riding.  I am so used to being on the bike for 10-12 hours and I still have that routine even after sunset.  No issues with the dark yet and have not run into any animals.

Rode by the largest wind power, I call it metal forest.  Was massive and made for an interesting landscape.

So, this was a great day of low temps, high temps, exciting back roads, boring highways and ended in Vegas at night.  I should have now that I look back ride through the city at night and left.  But again I was tired and was not thinking…oh well, rode the strip on Day 7 and got to see the city lights when I got there from a distance.  It was reported to me that there were many many conventions going on and there were hundreds of thousands of extra guests in town. That is just craziness.  I have been to Vegas via plane.  Cheaper to fly and stay then ride and stay.

Amazing sunsets I have been seeing

End of Day 6 and still feeling great but tired.  Good tired.  Fortunate to be able to take this trip for sure.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

9 thoughts on “Day 6 – All about heading into Spring?”

  1. Leslie, I SO admire you!
    I am about to be 47, just bought my first motorcycle and this weekend finally got my basic riders certificate. My family thinks I’m insane.
    Anyway, kudos to you! Thanks for letting me peek in on your adventure.

    1. Congrats and don’t let anyone know you are more sane than most now that you ride lol it’s our secret. Get good gear and have fun. What bike did you get?

      1. I’m a short thing, put myself on different bikes. I was more comfortable on Yamaha XV250D. That was the only bike that I could plant both feet on the ground. 🙂 After the bike, I purchased good gear. Luckily, my best friend helps me out lots.

  2. Love reading your adventures. I’m Vancouver Island, so winter is giving me major PMS. Only reprieve is the Motorcycle show this weekend. Sigh. Keep up the travels. Take care. Travel safe. Ride well.

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