Baton Rouge BMW & New Orleans Tour

January 28th, 2015 – Day 15 (NEW ORLEANS)-click the pics


I should have really called this trip BMW Dealership Tour.  On a serious note, I did not have to be in New Orleans until 1500 hrs so I thought what the hell, stop by Baton Rouge BMW and see if they can figure out my EWS code.  I sent the dealer an email the night before and Cory, the Service Manager responded promptly and said “sure we can fit you in”.  Got a late start, took my time in the morning and made the HUGE ride of 8 km’s to the dealer from where I was staying.

Cory is in the middle…all NICE guys

I spent the morning at the dealer just chatting with everyone and a nice surprise.  A guy named Tony stopped by to say hello.  Tony reads some of my stuff and works near the dealer.  Again another nice visit from someone who knows me through my pics and words.  Thanks for coming over Tony, was really nice to say hello.


I changed out all my brakes pads at this point.  The rear wore out since New Mexico and the fronts may have lasted but I had pads with me so put them on.  Plus, I got rid of some weight.  While Anthony, Jeff and Cory were checking out my bike they noticed my OEM socket by the key does not work.  Gets power but the insert is dead.  Will have to get that fixed one day, BR BMW did not have anything in stock to replace it.  Cory decided to change out my aerial ring to see if that will eliminate my EWS codes and issue.  Once my bike was checked and everything else checks out OK.

Frost Blue

I see this frost blue 1200 and I am finding my self just wanting to sit and ride this beauty.  I can dream but I will be in the market later this year.  I decided to sell my F800 in Canada rather than import it to the USA.  So, anyone interested in my bike let me know.  😉

After such a fine welcome to BR BMW, efficient look over of my bike, replacement of my aerial ring I said good-bye and headed towards NO.  Short ride but very cool entry into the city.  THANK YOU Baton Rouge BMW for being another great BMW dealer.

amazing long bridges over marshes

It’s amazing to see how this state has built highways basically over marsh land on stilts.  I can’t imagine how deep they have had to drill to place the columns and support these roads into NO.  Amazing to ride over and they last for miles and miles.

god view of the length

This pic gives a nice view of how long the bridges can be and also I hit little traffic heading into NO because I did pay attention to the time.  Easy in right past the Dome and to my hotel.

famous Super Dome

I asked my parents if I have been here before and I remember as a kid I was.  My folks used to take my family on summer trips all the time in their RV and for some reason I remember being down here a LONG time ago.  Coming back as an adult on my bike is the best way to experience NO at my age.  I totally looked like an ALIEN coming into the city amongst all the expensive cars and city landscape.  My bike looks better in the country but I sure get a lot of looks when I hit cities and of course questions.  F800 is a topic for many discussions.


Thanks to the manager the night before I was set up really nicely at this hotel on Canal street.


Pulled in and was directed to park my bike near the valet guys.

my own spot

Was interesting maneuvering into this exact spot where I was told but I have two security camera on my bike and it felt safe.  This city of NO is not immune of big city issues.  There has been some increased crime  in the area because I was not only told by locals but police themselves that the number of cops has dropped.  The Mayor and State are increasing police slowly but I guess not fast enough.  I was warned but never felt unsafe while wandering around during the day by myself and then at night with my own local tour guide Russell.  More about Russell in a bit.

I am terrible with names but my own Bell agent

Aspiring musician, this young man, what is his name? Was so sweet and made sure my arrival in my room was nothing short of perfect.  Everyone here has been great.

Room with a view, 10th floor

The temperature was really spot on today.  Upper 60’s F made it so comfy to ride with just a t-short under my jacket.  No sweating.  Big difference between 60’s and 80’s.  My room had a great view and although I was not in it much, just shows you was being entertained walking around at night.  Such an eclectic town for sure.

I got settled into my room and headed out for my own initial walking tour of the French Quarters.  I have not seen evidence of Katrina but I am told the out skirts of town some areas are still not rebuilt.  I was also told Biloxi, Mississippi is where the hurricane hit the most.  I will be riding towards that area later.

Love the balconies

I think my pics will hopefully give you a taste and idea of the ambiance of this city.  It sure is a 24/7 town.

I can’t see a cloud can you?  This Winter Trip I have been really lucky following the storms.  I seem to behind any bad weather and this has allowed me to go places this time of year that usually no one can.  Lack of snow, ice etc…makes this the best trip for me as I am mostly riding in almost perfect weather.  The east coast weather for next week looks OK in most areas so perhaps I will make my final goal of Long Island.  Time will tell.

the Mississippi River

While I was walking around I was waiting for Russell to come meet me for treats at Cafe du Monde.  Russell is another online buddy who recently contacted me and we arranged since he is native to this area to be my escort at night for dinner and his walking tour.  He was a great escort and we had such a very nice time together.  At dinner it seemed folks eating may have thought we were on a date.  😉

What a different feel when the sunsets and our stroll on Bourbon Street. It’s the week before Marti Gras and festival season. I am ok not being here for the hundreds of thousands of people that will embark on this town.  Not a huge fan of HUGE crowds so this amount of tourists was perfect.

You can hear Jazz, trains, horses, bells and of course car horns all throughout New Orleans.  It’s alive, loud and vibrant.  Colorful people of all colours street talents.


My date for the night arrived around 1645 hrs.  Russell and I went to Cafe du Monde for coffee and beignets.  I can’t tell you how many messages I got that I must go here and I did.

Cafe du Monde

Yes, Glen don’t breathe as you try to eat one of these.  Not good for diabetes but worth it.  Besides we walked a lot so I am sure my own sugars were fine with the exercise.  👍

After Russell and I had our desert before dinner we both were on the hunt to eat.  I am not a fan of seafood/fish so we found a very quaint little Italian restaurant on a side street that had AMAZING food.

our restaurant

So good, so tasty and such an interesting man to have dinner with, this stranger now friend Russell.  Thank you Russell I will pay it forward just as you said.

slice of food heaven

The best chicken dish I have EVER had…Russell agreed and wished he ordered what I did.   😉


Afterwards we had to walk this delicious food off a bit and on to my tour with a man who knows this town inside and out.  Had a really nice time with Russell and I am really glad he took the time out of his life to show off New Orleans.  I learned so much and I truly appreciated again having a nice escort.

Just a random parade.  Happens all the time here and this little group had their own Vespa police escort.

Bourbon Street is full of night life. Full of everything and I have a video that took me by surprise…

It was all in good fun and after walking quite a bit, we went back to my hotel, showed Russell my bike, hugged good bye and parted ways.  Amazing bright man that added so much to my visit here in New Orleans.  So glad I came here.

famous people stay here lol

Some of sent me messages saying my mood on this trip versus my X Country 2014 ride seems much better.  It is despite all my uncertainties I am totally engrossed in this trip and all that I am seeing/experiencing and people I am meeting.  This has been the best trip out of all that I have taken and for that I am so appreciative for everything on this trip.

I am heading towards Florida today. Should be with my parents in about 2 days.  I will stay south and go through Florida via the Pan Handle.  Day 16 about to start in a few hours.  Leslie

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2 thoughts on “Baton Rouge BMW & New Orleans Tour”

  1. Awesome. I am sooo happy you were enjoying NO. I haven’t been there yet but it’s on my list. By the way….the 1200GS is an awesome motorcycle. Once I decided to get one I know there is no other bike for me. I think you will love it.

  2. Haha, I love your surprise at the seedy parts of N.O. I guess when you were 12, your parents didn’t take you to that part. 😉

    There is nothing better than seeing N.O. with someone who lives there! So glad you are enjoying your trip so much, and meeting such GREAT virtual friends. There are good peeps in the bike world, and I hope we get to meet you on your way north too!

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