Happy ONE Year Anniversary to ME?

January 30th , 2015 – Day 16 & 17

My long road

I had this whole reflection post about my last year drafted but I deleted it.  Today is my one year anniversary that my ex told me she was going to leave and never looked back. I am not not going to harp on the details but in a nutshell, after 17 years together as common law, only 4 months married I was dumped.  On February 2nd, she was gone forever and we are legally separated without even discussing anything.  I never asked her to stay, I went along with her decision.

So, today is surreal as my life as a result of this break up has taken a turn into a direction I never knew would happen.  In between jobs, lives and even countries that is part of the reason I took this trip.  Drop my bike off one way hopefully to New York, fly back to BC, sell my house, pack up everything and drive my car x country when the time is right to begin a whole new life closer to my family/friends etc.

All of those out there going through a separation? I don’t envy you but if I have learned one important lesson is that you truly can’t control things you can’t control.  I stopped fighting that although I slip every so often and still find myself asking why me?  I am doing my best to embrace all these changes at once and this ride yet again is helping me keep things into perspective and look at this transition as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So, Happy 1 year to me…I made it and starting out 2015 in my own right way, a crazy long one way ride across the USA in winter.

Yesterday’s ride was all interstate to make up for time.  I left New Orleans after chatting with the boys of the valet…Doubletree Hotel

They made sure my bike was safe and enjoyed my travels.  I left NO with fond memories to head to Florida.  I cruised through Mississippi, Alabama and then Florida.

I should be at my first destination in about 589 KM’s.  I will get some rest at my parents snow bird place down here and see some cousins I hope.  I also will keep an eye on the weather and safely make my destination to Long Island as planned.

NY Feb weather

I can handle cold so let’s hope the roads stay clear or almost clear and I can complete this ride.  I am so tempted to make a U-Turn and head back really south but I need to be back by Valentines day.  So, stay focused and stay with my plan.

Florida Welcome Centre

The weather for my ride on Day 16 was perfect.  Upper 60’s most of the day and sun.  Tons of bridges low over the water…and mainly straight riding.  Not many pics just focused on the “boring” ride.  My left speaker for the my Bluetooth has died.  I ordered a replacement from Revzilla to be sent to Florida.  I need my music and books especially for the trek to NY.

Tunnel to life 😉

How’s this for an analogy.  I am heading blindly through a new tunnel of life and at the end…let’s hope a new job, new life, new love and eventually some stability.  So, that is my one year update.  If anyone wants to find out more just type divorce in the search bar.  My older posts will pop up.

That’s it for now.  I need to take a few days off the bike and I will after today.  Keep an eye on the east coast weather and post here if anything out of the ordinary pops up that I might be missing.  Thanks everyone for caring enough to read my blog.  Off to get coffee.  Leslie

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Happy ONE Year Anniversary to ME?”

  1. Cheers to you, Leslie.
    I wish you all the happiness you can get your hands on.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Peace and best wishes!

  2. So glad you’re moving forward and not dwelling on the past. It’s the only way to go! Thanks for writing your travels. I enjoy comparing travel notes and I feel like I’m there riding with you. If you’re ever in the St. Augustine area, give a holler. I’ll buy you some lunch. Safe travels!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how our feelings and perspective can change? I am so excited for you and your bright future! You are strong and taking these changes the best way possible; by seeing and doing and traveling, what a joy! Keep in touch from FL while you rest and let us know if you’ll be stopping by. You are most welcome. With our impending travels, we would love to hear more about your experiences first hand. 🙂

  4. You amaze me in your strength! If you stop near Savannah GA or Hilton Head, SC you have a place to stay…just shoot me an email.

    1. I may actually be heading up the coast your way. Thought about Atlanta but may stay coastal. If you are serious send me an email at lsofarelli @ gmail.
      Com and we can exchange cells. Free text messaging in the USA for me. I would be leaving Monday or Tuesday . If the weather looks okay . Thank you for your offer

  5. You have over 2000 followers! How cool is that. You have something to offer all of us. Even when things get tough you keep giving back. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  6. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eyes forward and all that. If you are coming up I-95 toward NY and need a cuppa or a warm bed, we have guest space and garage just off 95 NE of Philly.

  7. Don’t look back, you are a strong woman, look at what you have accomplished…the future is YOURS to decide……..ride safe

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