Lay Over – R&R in the Winter Florida Sun

February 1, 2015

Florida sunset

Ahhh…rest time.  After 17 days on the bike and over 9000 KM’s or about 5700 miles later, I thought I needed some R&R off the bike.   I rode on Friday from Bonifay, Florida to the Lakeland area where my parents have a RV/House.  Great place to layover and get some rest.  I have my own room, bathroom, entrance, well…whole house.  My folks stay in their RV lol and do not use their house at all except for laundry.  So, enjoying my rest off the bike, going to see cousins today, Superbowl Sunday, might go for a leisurely ride tomorrow with a friend of my folks and I am keeping an eye on the weather up north.


Last report on my dogs is that they are adjusting to life in Vancouver and are doing well.  Love the fact I keep getting updates with pics from my ex.  Cordial and appreciated.

The moment I arrived and pulled into my parents driveway, my father was telling me before I even got my helmet off all the plans he has for me and insisted I leave my bike in Florida, stay with them and fly back to BC from here.  I didn’t even get a chance to pee. 😉  Excited to say the least and their friends Marty and Ellen where there to greet me as well.

Since the weather is amazing, 40’s in the morning upper 70’s in the afternoon, feels like summer to me.  Gave me a perfect chance to check over everything on my bike, tighten loose bolts, fill my Scottoiler canister and of course wash her.  Some say she looks better dirty, I tend to agree but I bet if my bike could speak, she would say “OK, every once in a while you could clean me!” 👍

wash day

Florida = EATING!  Trying to be responsible and eat well.  Salads, protein, low carbs to help my blood sugars stay normal even while it’s tempting to eat my way through the next few days.  Superbowl Sunday my Aunt will be having a get together for some of my cousins who can make it on such short notice.  I have not seen any of my Florida family in over a decade.  I will enjoy seeing everyone for sure and a great way to spend Superbowl Sunday.


It’s great to hang out with my folks.  Even though my father especially has reservations about me riding up the east coast he knows in his heart I am stubborn to a point, get it from him ;-), and I won’t don’t anything too stupid or risky.  I will rely on the blog, FB every virtual way to make sure I get to Long Island safely.  I am optimistic I will make it in one piece.

My parents have a winter house on a nice little canal full of wild life.  All sort of birds which I enjoy watching.  Sunrise and sunset.

Ugly ducklings but beautiful too

Some of the most interesting ducks I have seen…have a beauty all their own.  Pelicans flying around as well plenty of vultures.

feels tropical

Love these fork seal protectors.  I take them off every once in a while wash them and add a little WD40 and back they go on the forks. Never have had an issue using these covers on any of my bikes and never an issues with my deals.

Just a little cheap add on for the fork seals

While I relax here I hope to get in a leisurely ride with my parents friend  Marty.  An avid sport bike rider wants to show me some back roads which I am interested in to see.  Flat riding but he knows that…he lives down here for about 6 months then heads up to Jersey and gets his fill of riding up there on “real” roads with hills.

hi VIZ tape all cleaned up
nice parking area

Now, my parents don’t have wifi at their house.  So, they own property in another area that has a really nice club house with WIFI…that is where I am writing this post.  I am always seeking out WIFI lol but here I am with my parents hanging, more like loitering at the club house in a gated community by the pool.  It’s pretty funny to be honest.  My mother on her kindle, my dad trying to figure out iTunes.

Family WIFI morning 😉

Got to see a gorgeous sunrise this morning while taking a morning stroll.  Nice to stretch the legs and get in walks.  Won’t be long until I am back on the bike.  This layover is about relaxing and enjoying some Florida sun and family.  Which is exactly what I am doing.


Believe it or not tomorrow is Groundhogs Day which is my birthday.  Turning 49 and I will let you know if I see my shadow.  Until next post…Days 17-22 will be quiet.  Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday and be safe wherever you are…No drinking and driving or riding. 😉

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