Back On The Bike, Day 23 – Rain and then Sun

February 5th 2015 (feel free to click the pics for HI-Rez versions)

where I ended day 23

After 6 days off the bike visiting my parents in Polk City I am back riding and heading into the Winter abyss of the North East.  I enjoyed my vacation within a vacation but I felt I needed to get back on the bike and try to finish this Winter Trip.

I would like to answer a few concerned emails I have received as well as ease my folks.  I will not take any unnecessary chances as I near the winter conditions.  I have been very fortunate this trip as I follow the regional weather reports and seem to be missing  the storms.  I know as I head to New York my luck may run out.  I see there is snow on most days in and around the area.  I may end up putting out a SOS for a truck or find another way to get to the Island.  Some have all ready offered to assist me if I am stranded depending where I am.  So, let’s see how far I can safely make it.

panoramic onto today.  My initial plan, as my plans always change was to head to a town just north of Savannah, Georgia to stay with some online hosts.  When I woke up I decided I wanted to get my oil changed and called BMW Motorcycles of Jacksonville.  Spoke to Matt, the service manager and asked if they could fit me in for a quick oil change.  It’s been over 10,000 KM’s since my last one.  Matt said sure see you when you get here.  Off I went after a quick good bye to my parents.

some said take the Coach to NY 😉

Hard to have left them, we had a really good time together but I will see them soon as a USA resident again in the near future.

Just before I left this morning

I arrived in Jacksonville after leaving Polk City in the cool drizzle and rain.  The sun was out, it warmed up but not too warm and when I arrived my bike was taken in right away.  While waiting I was sent a message from a FB friend to say hello to a British sales guy by the name Bloke.  I did for her and we just chatted about rides we both have taken.  Bloke then introduced me to the dealership owner Don Passell.  Nice guy and gave me the low down on his dealership.  Only 2 years young used to be a Chrysler dealer and then converted.  Now the home of BMW and Ducati.  While hanging out Mark, a Twitter friend showed up to say hello.  Again LOVE meeting anyone who rides and Mark, well…thank you for stopping by it was nice to have met you finally.

My intention when I left Jacksonville was to continue to Savannah but I changed my mind again.  Jada who I was going to stay with helped me find Fernandina Beach.  I really wanted to see the Atlantic and stay close by.  So, we have plans tomorrow to meet near Savannah off I-95 at an exit, ride to Charleston, South Carolina and have lunch.  Thank you Jada for dealing with my detours.

Only did a little over 300 miles today but I am glad I stopped at the beach.  Right before sunset.


The biggest difference between beaches in BC on the Pacific and beaches in Florida on the Atlantic is the sand. White sandy beaches on the east coast, sort of sandy dirt on the west.  Both have a beauty of their own but I do love the east coast white sand.

the park at Fernandina Beach

I will still plan on taking my time up the coast.  Pay close attention to the snowy areas.  I can handle the cold, I am prepared for that but we all know two wheels do not like snow and ice.  I will be staying to the coast.  There are many places I have not seen and want to ride through and stop.  I am aiming to be on Long Island by the 11th ideally but I am open to hovering around the Tri-States and see if I can wait out the weather.  I guess time will let me know if this is possible with the crazy winter the northeast is getting.

I LOVE mountains but there is something so soothing about the ocean.  I could have stood by the water all day if I did not run out of day light.  I am very happy I decided to come to this area.  I will ride through the Historic little town on my way up to Georgia.

I agree with this sign and sure hope others respect the dunes.  Amazing little birds all over but didn’t see any turtles.

Overall, the ride today was quit nice despite being on the interstate with traffic.  When I got to the beach again there are hardly any people here.  Spring break is coming soon but I will be gone.  So many things to “worry” about…spring breakers and the weather.  😵  I guess it could be worse eh?

I could be working and slaving away but instead I have been given this opportunity to be free in some ways to just do what I want.  Some may call me stubborn, I say persistent.  Day 24 coming up and I look forward to the ride.  Weather is supposed to be really nice again.  Not too cool, or HOT and sunny.  I will savor these days as the chill in the air gets colder.

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4 thoughts on “Back On The Bike, Day 23 – Rain and then Sun”

  1. I was wondering if you will be using 17n. Bay Bridge tunnel near Virginia beach, and cape may- lewes ferry into new jersey. I live in nc but my home town is Lewes De. Be well. thanks for sharing so nicely.

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