The LAST 110 Feet, The Break IN – 2015 Winter Trip Day 29

2015 Winter Trip FINAL Track – January 14th – February 11th.

February 12th 2014 – Day 29 my Last Day Riding – short video clips are part of this post and click on the pics for higher resolution

final mileage or 8131 miles

Original Route looked like this which was always just a rough idea

original idea

I thought because it being winter I would have had to head more South.  But as I begin the trip it was clear that going North would be OK.  Plus, more north would allow me to ride in cooler temps than the deeper South which I like much better. Cool versus warm.

This update has been interrupted numerous times today due to the fact I keep falling asleep. 😌  Which brings up another topic.  Recovering after a long trip.  My body always does this on the day after I have completed a long distant trip…it shuts down.  You use so much energy and it takes a lot of adrenalin to get up everyday to pack, repack and ride.  Climate conditions, traffic etc…all use your mental alertness capacity to its max and I never realize how tired I am until I “stop”.  I mean stop for good.  In any case, I will carry on and continue to let my body rest and complete this update in between my naps.  👍

the boys…my Hosts for my last night on the road. Mark & Jay

My last day riding was SUNNY and cold.  I tried to savor this day by taking detours around Princeton, NJ, Pennsylvania areas but was mindful I needed to get to the Bridgeport Ferry in Connecticut by around 1600 hrs because the ferry I wanted to catch was leaving at 1645.  So, I popped off the interstates and major highways when I felt I had the time to spare but jumped back on to make up time.

downtown Chestertown, MD

Before I pushed off in the morning after being hosted by Jay and Mark, we had to take a selfie, Mark wanted to check out my bike before he left for work and then Jay took me to a little cafe while we walked his dogs to the downtown of Chestertown.  Small and very quaint east shore town full of history.  I loved it.


Many very large estate looking old homes line the waterway.  This is where Washington College is, a college I just found out about this pit stop.

They have a Tall Ship always in the marina and a Tall Ship festival every year.

Beautiful day beautiful town

Chestertown, MD

Here is a great view what I saw as I left this cute town and what I saw pretty much all day.  SUN and perfect riding weather.

corn fields

Although my last day was the coldest I was warm and comfy on the bike.  And….the dreaded EWS code?  NEVER showed its face ever again since Baton Rouge BMW changed my aerial ring.  I will NOT place blame on any other dealer who looked at my bike to help me fix this issue. My bike is probably one of the most inspected bikes on earth, but for me it was the aerial ring I wanted to be switched out in October 2014.  Won’t dwell, I dealt with the issues out on the road but sure was relieved my bike ran like a champion for the east coast.

no more wide open spaces

As I got closer to NYC all those amazing wide open spaces got more cramped.  I have been across country 2 times before, 2010 and 2014 and both I took my bike around NYC and on the parkways and highways of Long Island.  This time I was smart. Forget that crap and go to Connecticut and take the ferry for a change.  I am so glad I did.  Why?  Well, I took tolls off my GPS when I saw how far out-of-the-way I would have to ride to get to CT.  I also wanted to see the traffic to an extent and ride in it after such a long trip.

GW Bridge

Once I took the tolls off I sort of regretted it.  I FORGOT New York and New Jersey are NOT bike friendly states.  They feel we should pay the same tolls as cars.  I don’t know if any other states that pull this crap.


$14 for the GW, same rate as cars on any of these roads up here.  I need to write the Governors and remind them we are a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation and it’s ridiculous to charge us like a cager.  At the ferry discounts bikes.


I am looking outside my parents house right now and it’s mild and even some of the snow is melting.  I guess I could have used Feb 12th as my last day but this was not what in the forecast.


Not that anyone cares but right now I am feeling relaxed and it feels good

such a populated world we live in

Philly in the background


When I rode by Philly I really wanted to stop in and say hello to the Revzilla gang but just did not have enough time.

not sure the name of this stadium but it was near Philly

First sight of snow or evidence was around Princeton, NJ. I have forgotten that this area is SOOOOO affluent.  I know Princeton University is there but man the homes are mansions.

back roads of NJ

When I finally got to Bridgeport the temps dropped and with the wind it was cold.  I ended up turning my bike on and plugged in while waiting for the ferry.  I got there exactly at 4.  👍

more snow

I got a little foreshadow of what Long Island was going to look like as far as snow goes.  I still was wondering how the roads would be?  Icy?  Was the road up the Port Jeff hill dry?  I found it all roads were good all the way into my parents neighborhood too.

BP Ferry docking CT side

I was the only bike on the boat and lost count how many came up to me and said WOW what a trip but then said you are “NUTS”.  I don’t think I am or was but I get how it looks in February.  One thing I am happy about…I can ride in this region all year round.  Yes, there will be days I can’t and won’t but when the roads aren’t snowy and even when it’s cold?

I will ride just like I have been in the Vancouver area in the pouring rain and cold.  Right gear, good judgement, I believe I will be a year rounder.  That excites me.

lonely bike lol
SPOT was on over the LI Sound

I have has the privileged of witnessing many sunsets and rises throughout the 29 days on the road and this one was pretty spectacular.

Ferry sunset

It was cold tracking the sunset.  I ended up on the boat just like waiting for the ferry plugging into my bike and running heat.

I love the wakes

The deck guy said it was OK because I did not want to hang out upstairs.  I wanted fresh air.

ninja me and the sunset

I stopped to get some groceries as my folks empty their house when they head south for the winter.  That went the basics…heading up to their house went perfectly…even their driveway looked GREAT.  Thanks to my brother in law and nephew.  THANK YOU!

looking good

The last 110 feet of my ride looked so promising until…..

The key that was supposed to be outside the house in its hidden place was well?  NOT THERE. 😵  I called my dad and was swearing it was there.  It’s dark, cold and all I wanted to do was get into the house and pee.  Huge hiccup…I had to break in first.  Too funny.  I made all the way up the driveway which was a concern to me and then can’t get into the house.  House is all secure now…I made sure it was.

made it almost

Morning view of the driveway


tons of snow and more to come

After the ordeal of getting in all was good.  Just had to clean up the glassy mess I made and then moved my BEAUTY into the garage for its final resting place.  I will be putting her up for sale.  BMW makes it awfully difficult and a pain in the ass to import so I will post this bike soon for someone in Canada to buy.  I can work out shipping the bike if needed later.  But for those who may be interested let me know.  She has been completely maintained and is in perfect condition.  Even the tire have a ton of mileage left in them and she is loaded.

Final resting place for now

Well…this adventure ended with an adventure within one.  All is good now.  I feel a bit rested after having a really lazy day and will probably follow up with a post of my favorite pictures and a complete low down how my bike did.  BTW…haven’t said this for a while I LOVE MY BIKE!  I am going to miss her for real when I get back to BC on Sunday.  I have never not had a bike in my garage.  So, until we are reacquainted I will be a cager for now.  My next trip will be a 4 wheeled X Country trip when I move back.  That also should be a great time and different route.  Can’t wait to be honest.  THANKS to everyone who took this ride with me and I promise there will be more.

This trip was incredible and will be hard to top unless I leave the continent.  Hmmm….😉

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17 thoughts on “The LAST 110 Feet, The Break IN – 2015 Winter Trip Day 29”

  1. Sounds like a great ride. I’m really glad you brought us all along with you, and that you made it there safely. Be sure and take us all along on your upcoming ”cage” trip. Bring your spot!

  2. Very much thrilled for you! As the prior posters commented, I’m happy I could follow you. Have a good flight on Sunday.

  3. I always enjoy being along for your rides, if only virtually. Glad to know that it was an exciting and successful trip from your point of view. Of course, having you stay with us your final night was a real treat for Mark and me. The door — including the garage door — is always open.

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