Boots, Tires and Resting Place for My Bike

My boots, Alpinestars Toucans need new soles.  I am a short rider for the F8 and often have to really push off my left boot to get the bike up from its stand and it shows.  Still an amazing boot for the price and 100% H20 proof and so comfortable.  My Heidenau K60 Scout tires are the bomb.  Keep the PSI up and they last forever.  Rear has over 17,000 KM’s and still has plenty of tread left and the front has over 14,000 and is in really good shape.

My bike will stay in this exact place until I get back to the USA.  First time we are separated and yes, I will have a difficult time not being able to ride back in BC.  But…at least she has a spot with a window view 😉

Jesse Luggage


  1. bka0721 says:

    Surprised you didn’t set it on the center stand for the interim period that it will be left.

  2. Michael says:

    Resole America – they probably can put new soles on your boots.

  3. rob says:

    Leslie, you can get a little “tweener” motorcycle to ride around while in Canada in between now and when officially leaving Canada. Then sell it up there . A 250 cc something or other , even a scooter would be better then nothing. Caging ain’t raging any more once you gots a bike. Just saying, rj

  4. Doug says:

    And I like the snow blower! ( joke) Good pictures!

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