Looking Through My Lens…Vancouver & Greater Vancouver Beauty

February 18th 2015

Alouette Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park, BC

I have a friend from New York visiting me here in BC.  We actually flew back together after my amazing 2015 Winter X Country ride.  Should really rename my last trip to Spring Like Ride. 😉 Anyway, I am back to BC and for this week playing tourist.  Soaking all the beauty my area has with my friend.


I brought back sunny and warm weather after leaving New York on February 15th with temperatures that were actually intolerable with the wind chill.  We almost got frost bite walking from the car to the monorail at JFK.  It was brutal and then we arrive to BC.  It smells like Spring, no snow on local mountains and warm.  Amazing transformation.

Rainforest, not tropical but a rainforest none the less

I really do not feel like I have experienced winter this year with my route I took on my bike and then coming back home.  I have diverted winters wrath really specifically the northeast.  Only had 2 days of really cold until I was flying back on a jet plane.

Gold Creek

I only have had 1 “down” day since I got off my bike February 11th.  Still going in some ways and I am tired but enjoying my friends visit and being back in BC.  It’s hard traveling around my own area and absorbing the beautiful place I have called home for the last 18 years knowing I am leaving here.  No bites on my house yet, little frustrating but in time I hope.  I am conflicted at times but know what I have to do.  Move on, move east and to the USA.

Golden Ears Provincial Park is only 20 mins away from my house

Mountains, Ocean and farms all a stones through from where I live.  Rivers running through dividing townships, bridges, wild life and such a mixture of urban and rural.

So, much to see in such a small area.  Playing tourist no matter where you live every once in a while reinforces the beauty we often take for granted.


We went to Golden Ears, Pitt Lake, Swaneset Resort & Golf Club, an amazing public and private club, downtown Vancouver, the North Shore of Vancouver and Stanley Park.

Swaneset Resort

We got see Bald Eagles, seals, tons of birds, deer and so on.

Maybe good for the fairways?  Not sure but they are soooo cute

Swaneset Deer
I see you

Next few pictures are from the Pitt Lake area.  Another beautiful lake made for small boats, kayaks and fishing.  Or, just camping on the shore and relaxation.

Pitt Lake

Next we were able to drive up to Cypress Mountain.  No snow but a beauty of a day.  Great views of the Vancouver skyline and Stanley Park as well as the UBC endowment lands and the Lions Gate Bridge.

from Cypress

From Stanley Park

Lions Gate in the background

Vancouver is one of the largest ports in think in the world

Stanley Park an outdoor play land for the enthusiasts with a huge seawall for walkers and cyclists.  The off to Lunch at the Tap & Grill located in the heart of the Olympic Village and perfect view of the harbor.

Deep fried pickles and great food…YUM!

Granville Island an amazing place to shop for fresh foods, entertainment and people watch.  Buskers have to get a special permit to perform down there and most are really talented.

Views from Granville Island give you such a different perspective of Vancouver

Amazing fresh produce

After a great visit to the Vancouver area, on our way home a quick visit and walk through Kanaka Provincial Park know for the love of dog walkers, cedar bogs and wild life.

Another gorgeous sunset to end another day. Will spend a few days east of my home on the Harrison River for some R&R and come back to meet up with some friends.  Hope you have enjoyed my city and town as much as I loved walking, taking pictures and touring around with friends.

On another note I hope by next week and I can get a wrap up together of my 8000+ mile one way trip to New York on my bike and some costs as well.


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