Antigravity Micro Start Power Supply Review at

Nice addition to your kit.  After my last trip many recommended I get something like this as I needed to get a jump numerous times.  This is an awesome idea to maintain your independence. I have the XP 1, hopefully will only need it to charge my phone and not jump my bike.  Part of my car kit and bike kit from now on.  😉…

Incredibly easy to use and highly efficient, the Antigravity Micro Start Power Supply is a great tool for any gear closet. Coming in a variety of sizes, powers, and prices, Antigravity has really come in on top of their game with this one and offered up a hugely beneficial accessory that can be utilized in a variety of situations. Look, we all go hard and push our electronic devices along with us, sometimes it helps to have a little mobile jolt to kickstart things back into good working order so that we can be on our way.

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8 thoughts on “Antigravity Micro Start Power Supply Review at”

  1. Hey Leslie! (Hugs)

    Good stuff – I have heard of another use for these amazing little power supplies – on a car with a dead alternator, or a motorcycle with a fried stator – connect the antigravity unit to your battery, and velcro-strap, bungie, or otherwise rig a way to secure the unit under your hood or motorcycle seat – in other words, leave it connected…and it will supply enough power to continue on to a repair shop or better place – even though you have a dead alternator/stator and run-down battery.

    Very cool product/technology – we have an XP-1. Yes, it will be traveling with us.

    Good post! 😉

  2. I have one of the smaller models of those as well. I tried it shortly after getting it and it works like a charm. Disconnected the battery on the BMW and started it just on the tiny battery. It has found a permanent place in my gear,

  3. I have had the XP-1 for a while and yes it works great. You DO NOT want to strap it under your hood or motorcycle seat. it clearly states that in the manual. It can BURN

      1. Leslie – perhaps have it connected and the XP unit outside of the seat – I would do this, others have done this.

      2. If the charging system is non-functional, there wouldn’t be a problem leaving it connected. If the alternator is working, leaving it connected could cause a fire due to the lack of the proper charging circuitry for the Li chemistry.

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