Dual Citizenship, “WICKED” TATs, House is Empty…time to go

April 18th 2015

So much has been going on since my last post.  Too much it seems because it’s making time fly.  I leave April 22nd.  Leave BC, Canada for New York to start.  I am driving my car and heading to where?  I will have my SPOT on and post a link to my Spotwalla page soon if anyone’s interested.   I know I am not on two wheels….

but I get to drive this fun little car and I am going to go places I have never been on previous X Country trips.

To keep this post brief…I need to chill out to be honest I will sum up what has been going on over the last few weeks.  I have sold everything I practically owned.  Emptied out my 3200 sq ft house completely of EVERYTHING.  My delusional plan was so grandiose I had no idea how much time and energy selling everything would take.  I did it though and I feel everyone who bought my furniture and goods all got decent deals and I am happy with the results as well.  But, HOLY…ignorance is bliss.

I became a Canadian Citizen on April 13th 2015.  I am proud to say I am now an official import of Canada and even prouder to say I am a dual citizen of 2 of the best countries.  Not to say every country isn’t great…I am just privileged to be able to roam freely in 2. 

My friend/ex colleague…also citizen of Canada, Sharon came to my ceremony

IMG_5488    I decided to get some tattoo’s in honour of my new citizenship.  I never ever felt so compelled to get a tattoo before than now.  As a matter of fact I am not a fan of Tats but there are always exceptions, especially when it comes to my own rules.  😉

Wicked Tattoo & Body Piercing in Maple Ridge, BC

I have to say Chelsea,

Chelsea in action and doing a great job

Clay, Vanessa and Shawn were all great at this shop.  It’s more like a boutique and I actually found getting a real tattoo a pleasurable experience. 

Check them out if you are ever around here.

Wicked Tattoo & Body Piercing in Maple Ridge, BC click me

Another treat was I got some custom vinyl touches done to my car.  Another great company near my house 37 inc did my car.  Specifically Scott.  I let him do what he wanted and I love the simple and original design he came up with for my car. 

Thirty Seven Inc. click me

Clean up tomorrow, Sunday April 19th, final pack to ship..I have all ready shipped 12 boxes.  That’s seems like a lot but it’s all I have.  Papers signed so my house does not feel like mine as of yesterday. 

I have been living in about 120 sq ft of my 3200 sq ft house now for a month.  I guess that says a lot.  I can live a much “smaller” new life.  I will try to keep that in mind and not over do it with “things” when I establish roots next time.  Maybe build a Tiny Houselinden-photo-slide-002_6418cde0-745c-42ba-8483-64c01d9e7e7e_grandeOver the next few days, final good byes and off I go.  18 years later.  I feel as though I have done all my growing up in BC.  To be real, I know the USA will feel like home but I don’t know what it will be like as an adult there.  I will certainly find out soon won’t I?  I have had a good life here.  I will MISS BC and my friends too much for exact words.  Oh, and my dogs.  I have had to disassociate any feelings.  It hurts too much and I am not going to even post a pic of them right now.  I love my dogs more than me and keeping them safe and sound in BC with their other mother is what’s best for them…not me.

My, well the new owners gardens are blooming and it’s time for me to go. 

1500 sq ft of my hobby

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5 thoughts on “Dual Citizenship, “WICKED” TATs, House is Empty…time to go”

  1. What a beautiful home and garden! The new owners can be very happy.

    Congrats to your Canadian citizenship. It’s one of the best to have! I am German by birth, and Canadian by choice).

    I wish you well on your new endeavours, and I hope that you’ll find peace of mind and happiness.

    Greetings from the Black Forest, Germany

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