Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 2

April 23 2015

Thanks to my friend Wayne I have changed to the title of this trip.  As he pointed out I crossed the border into the USA in about 45 mins after I left BC.  👍 Day 2 was a day that I forgot about why I left BC and that I was moving.  I actually felt like I was on a vacation of sorts and just had fun riding through the Cascades in my car.  Beautiful mountainous roads, ones that a biker would die for really.  One area I wanted to go was blocked by snow but I did get some altitude at this time of year.

Seems like the trial of using Beemers is waning in most areas.  The cost got to the States as well as in BC.

In any case, I am off today after spending the night in Hood River, OR.  Beautiful little town and recommended by me for car drivers and bikes to come through the passes and spend a day here.  Rainy morning but that is to be expected this time of year.  Not a lot of traffic or tourists yet.  Still early in the season.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I like to go places with fewer people and I don’t mind tourist traps as long it’s out of the high season as well.

Said good-bye to Seattle and then headed into the “woods”

I will miss the PNW for sure but it will be a great place to come back and visit on 2 wheels.

So used to taking pictures of my bike but my Fiat will have to do for now.  It’s a cutie but not a beauty like my bike.

Really beautiful area Mount Saint Helen’s and Gifford Pinchot National Parks.  No National Park camping grounds open yet but there are quite a few for the campers out there.

Windy Hood River, OR is so cute.

Had a healthy dinner at the Best Western restaurant.  This is a great Hotel…voted #1 in Hood River and great food and beautiful view.



Off to Bend, Oregon today.  Not a far drive at all but I have been there before and really liked it.  Not sure what route I will take.  Just set my GPS to avoid highways and let’s see where I go once again.  Had a comment on this blog that a guy was disliking and not following me because I am blogging about my life and now car.  Just for the record, this is a personal blog and I choose the content.  No hard feeling for anyone that feels the need to leave because of my personal journalistic style.  I will continue to blog what I want because as I have said this before, some journal and keep it to themselves.

My blog is my journal that I choose to share.  So, let’s keep blogging about everything and not just the greatness of life and bikes.  I guess I try to make this more dimensional and real.  L

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

14 thoughts on “Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 2”

  1. “this is a personal blog and I choose the content”

    Well put… I post all kinds of content though bike stuff is sort of the norm. I am looking forward to riding through the PNW again. I’m enjoying following your road trip. Is there such thing as a bad road trip?

  2. Please keep up the blog. I enjoy your adventures. If you like BBQ, check out Baldy’s at 235 Southwest Century Drive Bend, OR. As for a decent place to stay that’s reasonable try Bend Riverside Motel at 1565 NW Wall ST, Bend, OR. It’s a nice place right on the river with the usual amenities. There’s a beautiful walking trail along the river. Also, you can walk a few blocks to an older part of town with lots of cool little shops and places to eat. We have been there a few times on bike trips. Bend is a really cool town. But you’d know that if you’ve ever been.

  3. I for one am happy to enjoy your travels, be they on a motorcycle, or in a car! We all have journeys in life, and why shouldn’t we share the road with like minded friends!!
    Thank you for sharing all your life journeys with us!

    1. Garmin is coming out with a new cam in June that looks a little like the go pro. I really like this elite. The real test will be on my bike but it’s simple, does a lot without adding tons of extras. I got the wrist remote and that is a very nice addition and tons of mounts like go pro .

      1. Yes i think it’s called Virb XE. But now in Europe the actual Elite can be bought for about $usd 220, which i think it’s a very good deal.
        I’ve also traded my F650GS Twin for F800GS, it’s a very nice bike, only 500km’s so far 🙂

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