2015 Long Island or BUST Tour – Day 3 & 4

April 23 & 24 2015


Should really call this FIAT fun…if I had to choose 4 wheels to drive the roads I have been on it would be this car…making my trip interesting and engaging…almost as good as my bike.  Almost!

What would a car trip be without locking yourself out of the said car?  Day 3 and did it.  Luckily I locked myself out in a parking lot full of fishermen(women).  I was going to have Fiat Roadside come bail me out but a bunch of crafty folks ended up using some fishing line with a hook to snag my keys. They were able to “catch” them and bring them up to the sun roof.  My trusty stick did not work for any of us by itself.

The sunroof was just opened enough.  Thank gawd for that and after about an hour or so of “fooling” around I was back in my car.

It was rather humorous by then to be honest.

Gave the good people some beer and of we all went.

I ended up in Bend Oregon last night.  Went to Pilot Buttes for a cheeseburger and walked around the shops.  Bend sure has changed a lot since I was there in 2012.  Growing in leaps and bounds in all ways.  I love the location but it’s so spread out now and full of businesses and new housing projects.

One night was enough.  Drove to Reno today.  Took the long way through national parks via 395 S.  I seemed to have taken many roads today and went through elevations over 5000 ft.  More snow swirls, rain, hail, sun, clouds and more rain.  Even though I am in a car the weather still impresses me but now I just sit in my comfy car and not worry about the elements.  Saw 6 bikes that look like they were touring.  One 1200GS…new one…hmmm.

I was about oh, 300 miles from Reno when I came across this campground/general store in the middle of nowhere.  Nice women came out with her dog to greet me.  I needed java so badly and voila, fresh brew in my hands and bought some water.  Seems like a nice way to live.  Seasonal with tons of campers, tenters and even concerts, then back to peace off-season.

I am loving the views, the drive and scenery.  Eastern Oregon is beautiful as well as Eastern California. The temps are cool which I like much more than hot.  In Reno it’s 8C or about 46F.  Perfect.

Just like last years 2014 X Country trip tons of storm cells popping up all over.  Spring time is meant for unpredictable weather patterns.  My car drives right through them where as last year I tried to navigate around them.

I didn’t come to Reno to gamble…I am on my way to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

Trying to drive through as many parks as I can.  Eventually I need to get to the east entrance of Yellowstone so I can drop off my beagles ashes.  Reminder, June 10th 2014 while I was in the Badlands I found out my Cruizer passed away and I held a little memorial for him.  Going back to the exact spot to let him go.

Lost the backing to this pin my real estate agent gave me so I found a new place for it.

I think I forgot I was in a car when I took this road.  I could have stayed on it but I was only 60KM’s away from Reno and I needed to pop out on asphalt because I was done for the day.

I feel like I am always saying I need to work on myself.  Decompress from the last year and a half.  So much has gone on and my goal for this trip is to really hang out with me.  Explore the beautiful National Parks of the USA and take my time.  I am so up and down now that I am really moving back to the States.  BTW…in Canada we no longer have pennies.  I wish for one thing…will the US Mint follow suit please?  I hate pennies.  😉

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

3 thoughts on “2015 Long Island or BUST Tour – Day 3 & 4”

  1. Nice road trip photos! And nice looking Fiat 500, another car that they don’t sell in AK…

    I thought that all cars with “smart keys” can’t be locked inside the car? On our Prius, if the key is inside, the doors won’t lock…

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