2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 6

April 28th 2015

Spending time in my my car with me has been healing.  The states of Nevada and Utah are so beautiful.  I highly recommend riding your bike on the roads I have been taking or drive.

SPOT rack Day 1-6If you go to my SpotWalla page, click here

you can adjust the view by clicking on the page the title and pull down the menu to make map adjustments then you can zoom in and see the routes.  National Park Haven is what this trip has been about so far.  Dixie National Park was amazing.  I am not able to stop everywhere but will come back with my bike and spend as much time as I can in Utah exploring parks and dirt roads.  One day I will be back with this…

P1040981I miss this bike for sure…but won’t be too long until I see here.

I drove through the entire state of Nevada, Ely to Moab, Utah on Day 6.  Long day but worth it.  Staying 2 nights in Moab, going to see what I can get myself into here.  Although still early in the season this town is full of adventurers of all ages.  Outdoor adventures galore.

Didn’t get snowed on today but there were storms all around dumping rain, snow and hail.  I missed them all. 👍

Up top in Dixie National Park.  I love this time of year.  Fresh snow up top and then down below in the valley warm, not too hot temps.  Perfect to take on the deserts is coming in early spring.

I have to get ready to see what I am going to do today so this is a very quick post, not to minimize all that I saw.  In Day 5 post, I forgot to mention Hwy 50 is crossed by the Historical Pony Express.  A blog reader reminded me.  Very cool to think back in those days how travel must have taken months versus a day.

Reminds me of Sedona, AZ and looks like an above ground Grand Canyon.

By the time I got to the campground it was about sunset time.  I am in Mountain Time now.  Totally lost track of the time zone.  Moab at sunset is stunning and can’t wait to get out there today to explore.  Enjoy some sunset pics.

Until next time…

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