2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 14 & 15 – Wall/Badlands

May 6th 2015


Today was an interesting day.  Not driving but people.  2 random acts of kindness and a confession.  2 men paid for my coffees today after they heard I was moving, jobless and homeless.  Of course I elaborated but they both at different times felt compelled to help, and get this…they both thought I was in my 30’s.  Flattered to say the least and thanked them without saying you didn’t have too.  The last guy actually threw me a $20 bill…and said “you seem pretty smart, are you?  I know you are but here’s a $20…now put it to good use and best of luck.”  😇

Next guy I ran into owns a cattle feed lot.  OMG, I hate those lots and they also make me really want to be a veggie.  In any case, not about me.  He told me this funny little story.  He had cattle that did not like being kept in a small area full of food.  He swears this cattle was starving himself to death because he knew what was up.  This particular male would stand by the gate, refuse to eat or even have anything to do with the other cattle/herd.  He went on to say he was forced to let him out and roam.  He named this male determined.  Now a family “pet” and is healthy and eats.  I said politely, that is one smart BULL.  He laughed and we parted.

So, 3 nice men and what did I do with the $20?  Stopped at an Native American Cultural place and donated $20.

My day started off in Wall, SD…neat little place to stop and look around.  Small but you do get free water and 5 cent coffees.  I stopped here last year on my way home on my bike.

If you headed east you would be coming from the BlackHills and this is after the drive through the Badlands Park.  Heading West you still could go through the Badlands and come here or Wall first.  No matter what if you are in this area…stop by…it has history.

It was raining when I work up, poured at times and then drizzle.  This area so needs water much like California so many of the locals welcomed the precip.  When I entered the Badlands it was low visibility but then half way through the park it cleared up.

Cleared for a while…enough so I could see places I have been before just from a different direction.  I counted 3 cars.  I was in the park early, around 630.

The Badlands had a spooky feeling to it in this early hour.  I made the mistake and walked off a pathway and sunk into the colourful mud that surrounds this area.  I remember last year riding on the dirt roads throughout the park.  They often had signs that said….”Drive only when dry.”  Holy crap the reason is you can’t drive or ride in this crap.  It’s deep cement like mud.

After I cleaned my foot off which took about 30 mins.

The views were great after this cleared up

I think to be honest in HIGH season this road would be a nightmare.  HEAT and traffic…I still recommend coming here in April or May.  Just my 2 cents.  I am going to load the rest of the Badlands pics.  Easier that way to get the idea of what you can see if you haven’t been there and if you have…happy reliving a very beautiful place on earth.

The colours even in this weather were still mind blowing.

Just remembered I left a really nice ring in my motel room and when I called the motel, they found it and EXPRESSED post it to my parents house.  Soooooo grateful….

The drive out of the park and until I got to Iowa was rainy, relatively uneventful and I just entertained my self in my car.  I am heading away from the beautiful west and mid west….but I am aiming for the east side of the Smokies.  Should be there is a few days.

Storms all over but when you are in a car I really did not fret.  When on  bike some of the weather I drove through and winds would have made for a draining day.

I will head out tomorrow early if I can but I am still to certain where to go.  Hmmm….what state?  Where should I drive the Smokies from?  All these tough questions.  Just kidding…daily route planning gets hard sometimes.  🙂  Have a good night everyone.  L

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