2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 16

May 7 2015


I drove across the plains of Iowa pretty straight through as my goal for this day was Springfield, MO.  It’s storm season around here and when I hit Kansas City, Kansas I got a taste of a wicked thunder, lightening and pouring rain storm cell.  I was on the main highway and the pools of water were deep.  My car was hit a few times with a “tsunami” like waves.I saw a few bikers and was wishing they would seek shelter but one guy who I followed seemed ok with riding in lightning.  I was hit by a very bad storm back in 2014 when I went through on my F800GS Westpoint, NY.  I got myself to a safe place as soon as the lightning and thunder were on top of me.

Drive was straight and long but when I arrived in Springfield, MO the sun was out, humidity too.  I am going to have to adjust to the HHH days in the east.  Not a whole lot of humidity like this where I lived in the Vancouver area of BC.

I have been interviewing for jobs while on the road. This will be a focus of mine as soon as I land on Long Island.  Not going to stress out about this just yet.  As someone has said to me this trip will eventually end and “real” life will have to take precedence.

Got settled into my campground,

and took a long walk.  I am heading to the Smoky Mountain range and should be there by May 9.  My parents wedding anniversary.  Tennessee and head north.  My track/route is really shaping up.

2015 LI or Bust Tour April 22- May 7By the end of this trip I will honestly be able to say I have thoroughly seen the USA after all my trips on my bike and now car.  This is my 7th X country trip since 1998.  I am fortunate this way to be able to explore so many areas including Alaska and Canada.

It’s pouring out now, supposed to dry up a bit and I am going to do my best to navigate around thee storms.  I am hearing on the news that back in the Blackhills and Rapid City they are getting HUGE amounts of snow fall.  Just like my X Country Winter Trip on my bike back in January and February I seem to be lucky and just missing the terrible weather.  Day 17 begins soon.

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