2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Day 19 – Parks, Glamping and the East

May 11 2015-UPDATE-I’m an idiot lol

Tail of the dragon Rocks! Just actual drove the real thing on my way to Knoxville 

Warm and muggy it was when I left Chattanooga, TN.  I only had a short drive to a place called River’s Edge Treehouse Resort in Robbinsville, NC

More about the resort in a bit.  The Cherokee National Park scenic by way was a treat to drive through. You can tell you are heading into the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountain range when you see the difference in the trees and rolling hills.

Back in BC, it’s known for its cedar and evergreens.  Back east it’s all about the deciduous forests.  Deciduous to me equates to an eventual fall foliage that in no shape or form we got in BC.  That is what I remember about living in the east as well as the humidity.  😌

My hair will have to adjust to this new climate as much as myself.  I was in this area last May, right around Memorial Day weekend when I thought I would ride the Tail of the Dragon on my way to my brother’s in Matthews.  I was WARNED…the Dragon was packed and to stay away on that warm day.  This time I took my car….well, that’s all I got for now.

She drives like how my bike rides.  No kidding…she’s got torque and power and gets good gas mileage.  So, fun to drive.  There are twisty roads all around here and the Tail of the Dragon?  Is it worth all the hype?  Not sure but it’s another road I have checked off my list.  Yeah, maybe I will come back on the bike but again it would have to be off-season.

I tried to get into the BMW DS Off Road Riding Academy down in South Carolina last-minute but I don’t have my gear and they were full. That is on my list of things to do perhaps before I settle down in June.

When you travel like me without a map.  I do have internet obviously you stumble across things and places I was not aware of at all.  Like when the Olympics were going on in Atlanta they used rivers in the NC area for many of the water sport events.

Back to the my digs for the next 2 nights.  I have watched this couple originally from New Orleans build their resort from literally ground UP on Facebook.  Doug and Laila had a dream and it was to build treehouses on their property in the heart of Tail of the Dragon land.  I can say that is what they have done here.  Glamping not roughing it.  You pull up to a gate, push the security code and drive under your treehouse.  Loaded with car/bike washing goodies and in my treehouse a life for the handicap.  Brilliant even if you built one of these for yourself and had elderly parents that could visit or elderly dogs.

This is not the norm for camping, but for Glamping it is.  Bucket List for me.  I wanted to Glamp and I wanted to stay here.  So peaceful despite the Dragon being near by, 6 treehouses, bikers, drivers all stop by for a treat.  Inside is much nicer than some home. Cozy and quiet.  Perfect for a solo traveler and a couple.  I for one love being up in the trees and you can not beat the car port.

My car is cleaner than it has been this entire trip because I actually washed it for as long as I wanted with the resorts car washing set up.  Great idea guys.

You can watch satellite TV if you choose, read a book or pursue the free WIFI.  Up to you how you want to “rough” it.

Even with 6 units on the property they are set up for privacy and common areas loaded with wood for fires at your leisure.  Fire pit by the treehouses and one down by the river.

Other than a few outside creatures getting into the house, this is a beautiful place to treat yourself.

I am spending 2 nights here.  Not sure what I will do.  I am going to take the Blue Ridge Parkway up to West Virginia tomorrow.  I may head over to Knoxville, TN and just go for a joy ride.  That I seem to do well.  I feel like this trip may be ending soon.  Time to land on my two feet.  I have used this time to readjust to the USA and I think I am accomplishing that.  Been on the road just shy of 3 weeks and I have covered so much territory.

2015 LI Tour Day 1-19I love this route…would LOVE to tackle on my bike but it would take much longer.  One thing for sure in a car you keep going and going and going.  Tank size, cooler and I can drive for days.  Such a different world in a cage versus a bike.  I still prefer the bike.

I am off soon to explore more if this area…and just have a relaxing day.  Soaking it all in as much as I can while it lasts.

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