2015 Long Island or Bust Tour – Days 23 & 24

It’s that time to get to Long Island….😊  I am in Pennsylvania right now and will be heading out soon to finish this incredible X Country trip in my very fun Fiat 500L.


Love this car, it did well on this trip and it really reminds me of my F800GS on 4 wheels.

Canada back to the USA.

Canada-2-USAI haven’t figured out all the states I have driven through yet or my mileage.  What I do know is that I visited many National and State Parks, managed to stay away from interstates almost the entire trip.  If I were on my bike I would imagine this trip taking about 2 months which is something not out of the question.  Most of my track I would recommend for all bikes except some parts and this would make for a memorable ride.

2015 LI or Bust Days 1-23

I left my home for the past 18 years on April 22, 2015, my gardens, my friends and something still hard to talk about my 2 elderly dogs who stayed with their other mom.

The journey across the USA was a great reminder how beautiful this country is.  I am worried about a few things.  What would a post of mine be without a worry eh?  The entire healthcare set up down here.  I hear some good stories about the changes and I hear some really bad stories.  I think the USA is caught between trying to assure Americans they will receive healthcare but for some reason it’s costing so many more?  Anyway, not to make this a very politically driven post….all I know is I have a lot to learn coming from Canada back to the USA and figure out this healthcare nonsense.

Driving or riding in the Spring there will be a Mother Nature surprise here and there.  On this trip I hit snow of course, torrential down pours, outstanding beautiful days in areas that can reach over 100F and I drove through in perfect temps.  The bugs this years were bad versus last year.  I had a lot of time to myself and met some memorable folks along the way.  I locked my keys in my car only once 👍which brought together a bunch of strangers for one cause….free Leslie.

Lake Tahoe was amazing when I drove through.  Little traffic, it was a gorgeous day and peaceful

I did survive, need I say more

Saw some amazing scenery, wild life and sunrises and sunsets.

Got to jump out of a plane, hike and explore

I love Mountains and water

Closed a chapter by spreading my Beagle’s ashes at the very same spot I held a memorial for him last year, June 10th 2014.  Cruizer died unexpectedly and I knew if I got the chance I would bring him back one day to this very spot.  I left his best friends collar for him, Sierra my lab/shep X.

Found out what an real life Antelope looks like…at the time had no idea what I was seeing…interesting looking creatures for sure.

Clinton, my new 82 year-old Cheyenne Tribe member friend who loves bald eagles…he was also memorable as well as a young Army soldier, and the Baptist Pastor I met too.

Clinton, 82 year-old

The Badlands and Blackhills are places to go visit if you want to find a very peaceful and beautiful area.  Go in the early morning before others ruin it for you.  👍

Chattanooga, TN – Lookout Mountain where you can see 7 states…the aquarium was great too.

The Tail of the Dragon…the entire area of North Carolina and TN was so much fun to drive around…tons of great roads throughout the USA.  I love this man Roland I met…after we drove the Dragon.

Recently, almost got squished by this big ass OAK.  I am glad I had a chance to stop before it toppled on me.

One thing is for certain, while I eventually saw thousands of bikes out there…I think I handled my self rather well.  Not too frustrated, was “happy” for those out riding and maintained my enthusiasm for driving my car.  😉

Need coffee…and I am appreciative of being able to have taken these last few weeks to sort of decompress and transition back.  I have had so many new adjustments to make over the last 17 months and I continue to hope that I make a smooth transition in to a work life in and around the NYC area.  Back to where it all began, full circle…weird foe me but familiar.  I have my family here, some old friends and a new “someone”.  Let’s see what comes next shall we?

Oh..I get to see this…haven’t been on her since Feb. 11th 2015…way too long


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