Saying Good Bye is NEVER Easy…

I need to re-post this for me. My final good byes with Xander and Sierra before I left BC…since then Sierra has passed away…she is with Cruizer. Xander is left back in BC and at this moment I miss many things from my home for 18 years. New York is good, I am adjusting but my recent pass reminds me of all of my dogs and I miss them all.

Advgrrl Motorcycle Adventures & More

March 14th 2015 (videos included)

One of my MOST favorite pictures of Sierra

If you LOVE dogs like I love mine then you will understand why I feel compelled to do an entire post about saying good-bye to my best friends.  One of the hardest things over the year has been knowing that life changes comes with many consequences.

Cheryl took this photo

Since I am picking up and moving to the USA it may appear I am deserting my dogs or somehow I let Cruizer my Beagle down when I left for my X Country therapy ride after my separation.

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