Saying Good Bye is NEVER Easy…

I need to re-post this for me. My final good byes with Xander and Sierra before I left BC…since then Sierra has passed away…she is with Cruizer. Xander is left back in BC and at this moment I miss many things from my home for 18 years. New York is good, I am adjusting but my recent pass reminds me of all of my dogs and I miss them all.

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March 14th 2015 (videos included)

One of my MOST favorite pictures of Sierra

If you LOVE dogs like I love mine then you will understand why I feel compelled to do an entire post about saying good-bye to my best friends.  One of the hardest things over the year has been knowing that life changes comes with many consequences.

Cheryl took this photo

Since I am picking up and moving to the USA it may appear I am deserting my dogs or somehow I let Cruizer my Beagle down when I left for my X Country therapy ride after my separation.

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3 thoughts on “Saying Good Bye is NEVER Easy…”

  1. Hello Leslie,
    So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dogs. I can relate having lost one recently. We had two litter mates and unfortunately Hailey passed away from cancer two years ago. We still have Norman but he is now 12 and getting frail. I’m dreading the day when we have to say good bye to him.

    I wish you all the best in your new adventures.

    Cheers, Mark ( ex Pacific Motosports)

    1. Hi mark thx. It’s been a long year losing 2 dogs and moving. Sorry to hear about anyone losing a pet but it’s inevitable isn’t it? So, ex pacific where r u now? Anyone left there that I know?

  2. Lots of images of dogs in Heaven on the net. Also, articles about animals in Heaven. Cannot copy and paste it, but they are really cool. Check them out sometime.

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