KLIM LATITUDE take 3 = A lot of bang for the buck

New KLIM Latitude one of the most comfortable versatile suits on the market.  Not too heavy, priced OK, for me a good suit for every riding I do.  Highly recommend and I am sure KLIM will tweak this version yet again.  I will keep this one for sure…as well as my Altitude.  Love the new BLACK Altitude suit.  KLIM said they did not make any changes regarding the style of the Altitude by releasing the black version but I swear the collar is more forgiving as well as the width of the chest.  Could be wrong but sure feels different than my gray version.  That’s for another review.  😉

My bike for testing was my 2013 BMW F800GS.

It’s traded in 😵

Soon I will be riding a 2015 BMW R1200GSW.


More about my new bike soon…

loaded which will be fun to learn

I wonder if there will be a difference in how this suit vents on the bigger bike?  Time will tell.

Rear of the new Gen 3 or 2.0 KLIM Latitude

There is no doubt anyone who has been reading this blog is aware I am a KLIM fan.  I am especially a fan when they revise their gear from customer feedback. The unfortunate part is it’s almost a guarantee when KLIM releases a 1st generation anything there will be changes and for most who buy the first go around?  Well, it may seem frustrating that the issues you “MAY” encounter will be changed at a later date and model.  $$ that may be spent and wished it wasn’t.

The NEW Latitude I have to say 3 is a charm.  I owned the 1st generation STIFF and OMG killer collar version and this is a huge improvement at least in my opinion.  I skipped the Misano generation on purpose.  Still didn’t feel enough of a change occurred to satisfy my gear needs.  Now that the women’s Altitude is out and in black that will be my main gear of choice.  Ladies cut feels much more natural on my body.  Having said that…the Latitude because of its hip gators on the jacket make it a more unisex/universal fit for men and women.

Front of my Latitude Jacket. Noticed all black arms. In some pics it shows gray arms, not the case when you get the jacket.

Another point I want to make is most will have one set up.  I don’t know about you all but finding one set up for all seasons is almost impossible unless you buy multiple suits.  Since I moved to Long Island from BC, Canada I have been struggling with the humidity.  Back West it got HOT but add to the other 2 H’s…Hazy and Humid it’s a new ball game. I will elaborate with my new base layers, they are indeed working.

Back to the suit.  The collar is much more comfortable and will easily handle my Gerbing heated liner.  Practically the only liner I use when wearing KLIM.  I have different base layers but when there is a chill in the air, the Gerbing liner goes in.  Simple really.

Collar much more comfy, but to keep it open? Well, there is the Velcro now to pull it back but I wonder why KLIM won’t come up with a simple way like Triumph, Rev’it and BMW to secure it open.

KLIM has added a way to secure the collar open yet I find this addition a bit annoying.  You fold it back, secure it with the Velcro they have added but it makes the flap a bit bulky and my helmet often hits the opened collar.  I wish KLIM would just add a clip, magnet anything to make a smooth fitment for their collars.  R&D please just copy what has been working for other companies and make it your own.

Not a fan of the horizontal rear vent, will be impeded when I wear my hydro pak.

The venting on both the pants and jacket work really well.  As usual when stopped you get hot, but when moving you can feel the air flow.  When standing even more so.  The rear vent being horizontal versus vertical on the sides I know will be overlapped by my Hydro pak.  I am sure it will vent still but for an ADV jacket I rather see vertical back vents specifically because of the hydro paks many of use while riding.

What I really like on the jacket are the hand pockets.  LOVE them.  all the little inside pockets for “stuff”.  It’s not an over kill Gore Tex shell…to me it seems just right, spot on to be exact.  Light weight compared to most ADV jackets, great protection, use of high abrasion material in the right zones, flexible, comfortable and 100% waterproof from the outside in.

One arm strap seems to do the trick.  Waist adjustments made easy and the hip gators.  I appreciate this little expansion because it sure helps gals with hips fit into a smaller men’s jacket.  Zip down off the bike for a leaner look and up for better riding comfort.  So simple yet functional for both sexes.

The new zipper pulls are awesome.  Really nice quality and easily gripped with gloves on.

hip zips

I hear so often KLIM charges a lot for their gear.  I guess in a way the price tags can be intimidating.  However, KLIM makes gear at many price points and for me I do not need kidney belts, suspenders and a thousand pockets.  I just want something to protect me from a crash, elements and most importantly comfortable.  Jacket sells for $630 and pants $500.  I was looking at Gore Tex GOLF suits for my father and they ran from high $600’s to way more.  When you think about the Gore warranty and how waterproof it is I think a thousand dollar suit is worth your BODY protection.  Just my 2 cents.  We spend so much on our bikes and often neglect our bodies because of lack of funds. I am an ATTGAT grrl from head to toe.

My new BASE LAYERING in Humid weather.  I have never had to adjust my base layers until now.  I bought some LL Bean wicking, light weight running gear.  Long sleeve top and short, shorts and Capri like wicking pants.  I use vented wicking socks and all is decent for this weather.  Yep I sweat, but when stopped my body isn’t soaked.  The light weight base is wet but dries out very quickly when I stop and take my jacket off.  AS for hours of riding?  Open some vents and I actually can stay cool enough without using a cooling vest to tolerate a HAZY HOT HUMID ride.  To me a simple investment to make riding in the eastern summer more tolerable.  Other seasons?  My LD gear like I have been using since 2008

rear vents work well as well as front. I also really like the cargo pocket but it’s not H20 proof. Just FYI
D ring where I hang my keys and you can see the cargo pocket. Perfect place for a wallet and cell. Deep enough too.

There is leather where it should be. Not down by the boots where it can get soaked by water.  Adjustable snaps to tighten around your boots too as well a zippers making in and out easy. Reflected 3M material is subtle but in key areas.  KLIM has toned down their logos too.

The jacket doesn’t come in all black..only like the one I own and comes in a blue and HI Viz.  Pants come in the colour like mine and all black.

Blue version
all black pants

Real specs and description of this suit compliments of Revzilla…

Klim Latitude Jacket

Setting the benchmark in the performance touring apparel world, the Klim Latitude Jacket is an easy-to-pick, feature-packed riding partner for extended trips that offers total comfort. Versatile enough to span multiple riding styles and bike preferences, the Latitude proves to be the go-to jacket for sport, adventure and cruiser touring. Thanks to its more relaxed, comfortable fit, durable and weatherproof Gore-Tex fabrics, robust integrated D3O armor system and intelligent cargo capacity, the Latitude Jacket is a total rider support system.


  • Jacket to pant zipper has been standardized which enables you to zip different new pants and jackets together
  • New collar fit
  • Collar can fold back to allow for more ventilation
  • Custom TPU zipper pullers
  • Hypalon headphone access port
  • Shortened wrist gaiter
  • Reduced the risk of water penetration in venting locations
  • Changed pocket direction for easier entry
  • New interior chest pocket in center front zipper flap

Exterior features

  • Guaranteed to keep you dry
  • Gore-Tex 2-layer performance shell exterior in main body
  • Gore-Tex 2-layer 840D Cordura laminate in high abrasion zones
  • High-mobility active fit patterning
  • 3M Scotchlite industrial grade reflective materials for increased low-light visibility

Integrated armor system

  • D3O T5 EVO elbow and shoulder pieces included (meet and/or exceed level 1 limb protector CE certification [pren1621-1:2011])
  • D3O Viper stealth back pad (CE certified level 1 to en1621-2)

Max Flow Ventilation: 5 ports

  • 2 arm and 2 chest intakes
  • 1 back exhaust
  • Collar can be opened and attached back for more ventilation

Cargo, Hydration, Comfort and Support Systems:

  • 5 external pockets [2 long chest “map” pockets, 2 front cargo pockets, 1 sleeve i.d. Pocket]
  • 1 waterproof chest pocket
  • 4 internal pockets [2 zippered, 2 open stash]
  • 1 secret internal pocket
  • Mesh comfort liner
  • Jacket-to-pant zipper integration system
  • Zippered waist/hip expansion panel
  • Adjustable waist cinch straps
  • 2 sleeve adjustment straps
  • Lined
    comfort collar
  • Velcro brand fastener adjustable wrist closures
  • Bottom hem adjustment
  • Custom tpu zipper pullers
  • Adjustable collar cinch
  • Embroidered logos
  • Klim custom d-ring

Klim Latitude Pants

Comfortably combining weatherproof, cargo, armor and comfort systems into a robust touring pant, the Latitude Pant begs to be challenged on your next tour. Built with real toughness but refined for a dynamic fit on a multitude of bike and body types, Klim’s Latitude series truly welcomes all riders, from cruiser to sport-tourer, long-distance to commuter and everything in-between. Enjoy the confidence of a intelligently developed Gore-Tex weatherproof pant with legendary Klim design and D3O protection on your next journey.


  • Jacket to pant zipper has been standardized which enables you to zip different new pants and jackets together
  • D3O T5 evo knee and hip armor
  • D3O pieces feature velcro on back of pad to minimize movement
  • Velcro on inside of knee pad pocket to allow for more adjustability/security of armor
  • TPU molded zipper pullers

Exterior Features:

  • Guaranteed to keep you dry
  • Gore-Tex 2-layer performance shell exterior in main body
  • Gore-Tex 2-layer 840D Cordura laminate in high abrasion zones
  • High-mobility active fit patterning
  • 3M scotchlite industrial grade reflective materials for increased low-light visibility
  • Leather inner knee and lower leg

Integrated Armor System:

  • D3O T5 EVO knee and hip armor (meets and/or exceeds level 1 limb protector CE certification [pren1621-1:2011])
  • Velcro on inside of knee pad and pocket to allow for more adjustability/security of armor

Max Flow Ventilation:

  • 4 ports
  • 2 thigh intakes and 2 rear leg exhausts

Cargo, Comfort and Support Systems:

  • 1 external thigh pocket
  • 2 hand pockets
  • Pre-curved leg geometry
  • Raised waist back with elastic fit
  • Side waist adjustment straps
  • Adjustable boot cuff with zippered expansion and snap closures
  • Jacket-to-pant zippered integration system
  • Mesh comfort liner
  • Embroidered logos

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