BMW R1200GSW – my progression with the GS family



I always wondered if I would ever get the Giant GS model – 1200.  I have had a 2010 BMW F650GS and that was when I got bit by the Dual Sport bug. 


Although truly meant as a road bike my 650 took me across countries, USA/Canada in 2010 and rode thousands of miles in and around the PNW and BC, Canada.  Sold that bike with over 60 thousand KM. 

My 2010 BMW F798GS
On top of Mt. Washington, NH

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Inside my head or 0-Happy in 12 minutes

Simple post but says a lot…needed to reblog this for those out there who will understand…

The Ride

This is what I think before and when I ride sometimes.  Welcome to the inside of my head, watch your step.

“What a bitch, I didn’t divorce her so I could hear from her more. LEAVE ME ALONE.  She can’t get to me on the bike, time for a ride. ”

I gather up my gear and head to the parking garage.

“Hello, beautiful, sure hope you don’t kill me today.  Key on, yep that’s the right noise, WAM.  I love that sound (fear melts), perfect, simply perfect.”  “I need to let this anger go, she’s a bitch and she treats the girls like shit, and my hands are tied.  I can’t change that, the courts said so.  The gear box is clunky, always is, even changed the oil.  Take it easy in the garage. Left, side street, there we go, wonderful noise.  One day at a time, all…

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After 2.5 months there is still a glitch…

I have moved back to the States from Canada just a little over 2 months ago. The Transition back has been not without complications.

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