Struggling with Diabetes….part of life

My name is Leslie…I am a diabetic.

What-causes-diabetesWhen you see diagrams like the above you have to say to yourself…I am so embarrassed to have given myself diabetes.  But the truth is it runs in my family.  Maybe some of the above is true at times, but I am NOT embarrassed to say I have Type II diabetes.  It’s not my fault..and it can’t be a prison sentence either.  Diabetes for me is the biggest mind F@#K I have ever dealt with.

type-2-diabetes-1-638Since moving to the USA from Canada…my enemy has been my stress.  Riding my motorcycle was a tool to de-stress.  I am not riding enough.  I chose to live on eastern Long Island…so, the way I used to ride in BC, Canada does not exist unless you get off the Island.  Need to find a way to entertain myself down here as real life sets in…working, not what type of work I want to do but working nonetheless and also working on a career reinvention.

TT Rally 2015

Oh, maybe that is part of my stress eh? I know everyone tells me it takes time.  I am a TYPE A you know.  Leaving BC, used to having it “ALL”…means nothing now.  Wow that was a harsh thing to say wasn’t it?  Let me rephrase that last statement.  I have much more here in many ways.  Family, a person who loves me…old friends and somewhat familiar environment.

Diabetic-Exchange-Diet-For-Type-2-DiabetesEating means all the difference between high or low blood sugars.  I feel like an idiot at times…often analyzing more than ever what my body will tolerate and what it will reject.  You see for me…my body seems to have a mind of its own.  I can not really figure out why one day the foods I choose I do well and then next time my sugars spike.  It’s not a game…seems simple to most because living with diabetes means you just have to eat well.  Right?  Not to sure about that but I do know I have been eating the best I have since living on the island.  My partner and I do really well together.  She understands the foods I can eat.  We never eat fast food like I used to more than I care to admit.  However, now I am on insulin and my nightly doses are going up…or should I say my body needs more insulin.  I am in touch with my endocrinologist weekly and see her every 3 weeks.  We adjust meds and insulin weekly.

researches-cost-effective-treatment-type-2-diabetes_14Even my Endo isn’t sure what’s going on.  STRESS…yep…I have it made so why be stressed out?  That’s the part many don’t understand.  Diabetes is a hidden disease.  You can look good on the outside but your organs are screaming we are hurting.  It took me 3 years to adjust to living in Canada.  I have been Canadianized.  Like when I moved to BC, I was told to forget the USA because Canada was my home now.  Reversal is occurring now…forget CANADA you are back in America now.  Forget my dogs, my jobs, my friends…the life I had most of my adult life.  I can’t forget it and I need more time to adjust to being an American again. I need to ride.  I need to find a rhythm and balance.

What my bike feels like

I need to ride more.

Roads like this are healthy

Moods?  Well, that is part of it…love this next image

cure-4_2I have to laugh because I feel for those around me…it is like being on a roller coaster when your sugars are high and low with little normality.

fe9af14a4b249426984eaa6df2579bc4Anyway….another honest post.  Many will BOOO this but it is what it is.  I am working on all aspects of my health and adjusting slowly.  I just speak my truth and although I am grateful for many things…life does throw you curve balls that are very hard to catch.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

9 thoughts on “Struggling with Diabetes….part of life”

  1. Diabetes type II doesnot define you. It’s just something you maintain to continue on with your life adventure. Trust me on this: we all have something we have to maintain to enjoy life. RIDE ON!😎

  2. I know saying sorry isn’t really what you want to hear but I truly am. I see my grand daughter struggle with her blood sugars and the moods created by the ups and downs and it’s a living hell. I hope it levels out for you soon!!!

  3. I have a close friend’s 2 suns with 10 and 18 that have diabettes, my father also has, it’s not easy but there are worse things, and it’s a wake up call to eat a littler healthier (like the pyramid image), even if in your case that’s not the cause, eating healthier will help you level the values.
    If you feel the need to a cake ride your Gs and it will go away, i guess when we all ride we don’t need cakes or whatever.. so as you said you need to ride more!
    Regards from Portugal

  4. I think I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 for about ten years or so. I lose track. It was initially a real challenge to try and change everything at once. I.e. new diet, lose weight, more exercise, etc. But with all of the changes in meds, I must admit that I rarely think about it anymore. Every time I check my numbers these days it’s around the same number. Now, I rarely dig out the meter anymore until I feel “off” which usually means I’m probably coming down with something. I’m definitely not type “A” which might make things easier.

    I really appreciate your being so open as many try to hide it or even worse, ignore it. I knew someone who didn’t believe the physicians for 20 years and now is in full time care.

    1. That wasn’t a spammy shill by the way, that website has some really revolutionary ideas about nutrition stemming from the Swedish LCHF (low carb high fat) movement. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks with some decent results (and testing my blood sugar every few mornings.)

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