October 17 2015 – beauty turns into pain, all pics clickable to enlarge

Lessons learned…no one is immune to accidents no matter how many miles you have under your wheels.

Gear: Alipnestars Toucan boots-SAVED my Tibia from shattering, KLIM Altitude suit – saved my body from drainage ditch rash and broken shoulder, Shoei RF 1200 helmet – saved my head after landing on it, KLIM gloves saved my hands

so sad to see BLUE in this shape

2 UP – Joe Rocket basic gear, saved my partner from ditch rash, broken shoulder and her SCORPION helmet saved her head as well.  KLIM gloves protected her hands and TCX boots protected her feet.

It started out as a beautiful chilly morning.  Cold enough for heated gear but because I don’t have my passenger set up for heat I decided I would join her…no heated liner or gloves.  Besides it was supposed to get up to a high of 50.  Destination?  Bard Collage to watch my Alma Mater play a soccer game.  Really that simple.  150 miles one way, 300 round trip.  Easy to do in one day.

We got to see some beautiful fall foliage after we got past the city.  We were supposed to take the ferry back to Long Island but obviously that was not in the cards.

Just like any other normal ride so it seemed.  Can’t highlight enough that dressing for a day ride or month-long trip my gear stays the same.  I am a very strong believer in ATGATT (All The Gear All the Time) and in this case, for this day I can’t thank my AP boots enough.  My shin due to the direct impact on my crash guards and then a cement culvert would have shattered versus the end result.  A right tibia with multiple fractures that was able to be reset back into place.  I cringe to think what my life and leg would have been without a full height ADV boot.

I am writing this post to really put things together for me.  Keep this accident in proportion to all the miles I have ridden before this crash successfully.  It’s so easy to initially lose your confidence about ever riding again after something like this happens especially when you have a passenger on board.  I will take the next few months as I heal to keep perspective, hope my bike can return to a working machine and I continue to ride like I have for years.

Looking back at these pics I can feel the chill in the air and the freedom I always experience when on this bike.  Seemed perfect weather to be heading away from Long Island and just breath, take in the surroundings of the Hudson Valley and enjoy each others company.  So perfect.

Okay so what happened?  What made this day turn from sheer enjoyment to sheer panic?

 Oct 17 2015 – Highway 9, upstate NY. Beautiful day to ride. A car in front of me decided to make a very wide right hand turn without a signal. I had to decide quickly in this 40 MPH zone what to do. Oncoming traffic and swerving left not a choice.
Low side landing
Head on would have probably killed us. Swerve to the right and try to beat her on the shoulder? We would have been broadsided. Try to get by her riding the double yellow best option but I nicked her tail end with my crash bar. I was able to Stay up right after the hit, but the bike went into a wobble.
In a blink of an eye…down we go
my view of my bike moments after the crash. I never lost consciousness, not a great sight to see

Decided to head towards a water ditch. My plan was to land into the ditch, hopefully upright and then lay the bike down high side into a grassy slide.  Later I found out the ditch was full of old telephone poles and logs covered by cut grass. Hydroplaned into a culvert.

Pretty lucky the bike did not land on me

My passenger was thrown off the bike about 20 feet, me 15. Bike landed about 5 feet from where I laid. We were both very lucky and my bike will be towed to Gold Coast on LI Monday, Oct 26th. Insurance says repairable, I think the front end is bent…we will let the pros decide.

I was in so much pain in the ambulance to the Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital. Can’t remember the last time I was in one of these.
To the right of the bruising is where the impact was. Dead on where my Toucan shin protector is on my boot. Saved me from a shattered Tibia.
Multiple fractures of my right tibia
Full-length cast, could in this for 6-12 weeks depending on how I heal. I am a type II Diabetic and this may be a reason the multiple tibia fractures take longer than usual to heal up.

Injuries, thanks to wearing GEAR…bruising, whip-lash and me? Multiple fractures in the right tibia as being the worst. All responders and witnesses say we are very fortunate to have been wearing the proper gear. I ride like this all the time and I am grateful I was wearing my AP boots because I do at times wear shorter boots.  I was fully aware of this entire sequence of events.

I did the best I could to minimize our own personal injuries.  I don’t think there was anything else I could have done with this very unexpected turn of this car.

AltRider CRASH bars WORKED…faring not damaged

 My KLIM suit and D3o armour protected my right shoulder from breaking!  Thank you KLIM.  Pants had to be cut off….sad but necessary.  Cool seeing the inside of a KLIM pant.

KLIM Altitude pants with D3o armour. No scratches, some bruising no breaks

Pam’s Joe Rocket gear did great as well protecting her from any severe injuries.   My helmet fared well since I landed on the right side of my head after doing a flip.  One accident and both our helmets will be replaced.  No chancing anything there especially when it comes to our heads. My shield mechanism broke but everything else looks good.

One accident is enough of a dropped for this RF1200. New one is a MUST

So many nice and concerned people stopped to help us.  Although the woman I hit was never seen by me, I understand she stopped as well.  In the end, this was an accident….according to the law it’s my fault. No proof she did not signal or suddenly made a right hand turn.  I really don’t care to be honest.  I know what I saw and being on 2 wheels I know that I reacted as best as I could.

They say laughter helps with pain…

laughing the pain away

I know I wasn’t too close and had proper spacing on this slow, moderately traffic road.  I am grateful for all the nice passerby’s and for then one’s who called the ambulance.  I am thankful for the treatment we both received at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital

Sad to see me this way when my LOVE for riding is upright for sure

and followed up by Stony Brook Hospital when my pain was too much to bear to wait to see an orthopedist.  I can not tell you how many people both professionals and the public stated they were so glad to see us in proper gear.  The EMS and docs all said our injuries would have been so much worse if we did not take riding this seriously.  Protecting our bodies and heads every time we ride.  I rather be writing this blog as a lesson to pass on versus being dead because I did not at least try to minimize risks.

These last few pics are from when the insurance adjuster came to see my bike which is still upstate at Al’s Garage in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Initially I thought to myself “WOW” she looks good but there is a lot of damage.  Right now the insurance thinks she can be “fixed”.

AltRider crash bars REAL Life TEST and PASSED! These bars are amazingly strong.
The blue and white paint on the crash bar is where my bike made contact with the car. That’s all it took
front beak
Front forks are bent, not sure how much yet
need to find out if my luggage mount is bent and if I can salvage any Jesse bags
low side view. Looks great thanks to AltRider Crash bars. They are no joke and worth every penny

I believe in my heart after hitting a culvert dead on, there has to be a bent triple tree or frame somewhere down deep.  That will be discovered if true once my dealer takes her apart.  Either way, I will get my bike back….I will get back on her and do what I love.  As for my 2 up…no pressure there.  It will be her decision and only hers.  No matter what I respect what she decides a month from now or years.  I would never put her back on my bike unless she felt 100% about it inside her head and body.

So, I wait…wait to hear about the exact damages to my bike.  I wait to heal…8-12 weeks.  No driving, no riding, no work, no money.  Time to reflect?  This past year and a half has tested me in so many ways starting with my separation January 30th 2014 to my moving back to the USA.  I wait.



Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

49 thoughts on “2015 BMW 1200GS, FOLIAGE RIDE….CRASH”

      1. Thank goodness there’s no life changing injuries or fatalities! Heal well and ride again 🙂

      2. PS bit disappointed with the metal panniers looking so wrecked, I’d have figured they’d be tougher than that!

  1. I’m 5’8″ with a 26″ inseam and a 44″ waste. Wish someone would make that caliber gear for people like me.

    1. Sam….several companies will make custom fit gear for you. One is here in NC, and I found a great one online….sadly at the moment I cannot remember either name…if I find them again I’ll post. LOL

      1. I kind of hate aerostitch. Their stuff does not breathe at all. It’s like wearing a garbage bag.

      2. I’m interested in the Latitude pants. But I’d want to know that if I got them (fairly drastically) shortened, that the knee armor could be in the right place.

    2. I also am 5’8″ with a 29″ inseam and 38 waste. I purchased a pair of Klim Latitude pants and had them hemmed to fit me. The added cost is far less than the medical cost if I go down.

      1. 2 questions: who did the work, just a regular dry cleaners/tailor? and, where the knee pads too low after you did that?

  2. All the best on your recovery Leslie. I crashed Aug/14 in AB but it was my shoulder that took the brunt of the impact. Agree with you on the AltRider crash bars. They saved my legs. My Tenere was written off. BMW Tourshell Suit. gloves, boots saved my hide. Schuberth Helmet saved my head. Take your time to heal – riding season is pretty much done anyways. It takes a surprising amount of energy to recover. I’m riding again (and was actually in Rhinebeck NY last week) but it was quite a year!.

    1. Wow didn’t know you crashed. My leg hit the crash bar than the culvert. Everything sucks about crashing and I have no say on the recovery except I have to accept that I am totally dependent with a broken full cast tibia. UGH…There is no end to a riding season for me lol…I always find days to ride in the winter but for now…off my leg for at least 8 weeks..thanks for the comment and glad to hear you are back riding.

      1. Just when I was getting ready to get back on the road in spring, I slipped while waking and fractured tib/fib. More surgery. Learning/having to ask for help throughout that whole time was one of my biggest and most humbling lessons.

  3. Sorry to hear of the crash. The gear did it’s job and you are alive, all good. Heal and get back riding but don’t underestimate the mental part. Reach out to other riders for help if you run into trouble. One day at a time!

  4. Wow. Scary stuff. Progressive Insurance paid for my son’s damaged safety gear; helmet, pants, and jacket. Check with your insurance.

  5. Wow, really sorry to hear about this but glad that you are both okay! It’s sobering to hear stories such as this as motorcycle accidents aren’t alway due to lack of skill and experience. You’re getting into the poorer riding part of the year anyway. At least it isn’t Spring (trying to look on the brighter side).

  6. Get better girl, glad you’re ok, don’t care about the bike as long as you’re ok 💪💪💪👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😬😬😬

  7. Like the worst of a rider’s nightmare coming true. Thank your stars that you both are ok. Get well and riding soon. Another experience to put behind you and ride onward with life!

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad you had the gear on, prayers for you and your partner to be back riding again. Was your partner badly hurt ?

  9. Leslie, so glad you okay and staying strong. Glad you were wearing full gear, one can never be too protected. I know it’s hot at times and gear is a nuisance but it’s worth it. ATGATT 🙂
    I’m sharing this on my Facebook and Google Plus page. Keep the spirits up, time flies and you will be back riding soon.

  10. Your comments and observations are so true, Leslie.
    ATGATT, continual observation and caution, but still things happen and you minimised what otherwise could have happened.
    I sympathise over your bike and more over your inability to generate income while recuperating. I hope it works out well for you in the long run.
    I’ve now had two, both on sand, one I still know nothing about and one where I misjudged the surface. I recovered, but being retired, income wasn’t a problem. The bike (SUZI) didn’t recover from the second, so she’s been succeeded by SUZI II (just last week, five months after).
    I sincerely hope you have as happy an ending to your story as I had.

  11. The R1200GS has excellent brakes. SInce you couldn’t just hard brake to avoid a collision, I assume you were either following too close or just not paying attention, and have paid the price. Stop blaming the other driver and take ownership of your mistake and learn from it.

    1. I take responsibility but as in any case unless you were there…at times no matter what I say many will judge me. I was neither too close and I was paying attention. I had a passenger so stopping isn’t as easy as one would think and then there is also the case that if I did stop in time I would have had a car up my ass. It was foliage traffic and everyone was going slowly and driving closely. But thanks for your opinion.

  12. Hi! I stopped by GC to put some knobbies on my bike and saw a well traveled F800 and noticed the sticker with your website and brought me here. Unfortunately your latest post didn’t end to well :T. I hope you feel better. These bikes are quiet so I bought my self one of those neon Hi Vis jackets to avoid trouble with cars even though I had just recently purchased a black on prior. Revzilla has the Klim Hi vis for sale so you may want to look into that. Anyways, get well soon. Maybe we’ll run into each other on one of these New York Meetup rides 🙂

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