My leg is WELL done…

On October 17th,2015 I did this


Broken tibia and ++ fractures

I have gone through 3 months of refection

I have  mourned the loss of my brand new 2015 BMW 1200GS…


TT Rally

My cast is falling a part from the outside and in…it’s time to loose it and get back to what I know…5 days until my next appointment and I hope some freedom from this claustrophobic full length cast.


What do I know?  I will be getting back to my 2013 F800 for now and while I rehab this new/old bike of mine will remind me that although I have had an accident, riding still will remain a part of my life.

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  1. Roelof says:

    Hello Leslie, You won’t go very gracious once the the cast has been removed. Re-validation will take effort, time and endurance. But an other milestone passed towards full recovery. Huzzah!

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