Taking longer than I thought

Need more bone to close the gaps

After 3 months of complying to the strict “rules” set out by my orthopedist-no weight bearing, continue full length cast “prison” therapy I was told on January 12th, 2015 that my leg needs at least another month.  Same therapy.  I will continue to comply but it’s tough when you’re not able to drive, have no income because I can’t work and still completely dependent on others.  Momentary lapse in my life.  Only 4 months plus rehab I should be feeling lucky.  I do in some regards but can’t help to feel frustrated. IMG_6652

Thankful I was wearing my AP Toucan boots.  My leg would have been severed so once again I preach ATGATT.

Unless you can read x-rays my break may not look that bad.  It’s there and I did not have surgery because it was set after my accident really well and put into a cast.  I have diabetes which could be interfering with healing.  Taking calcium and vitamins.  Come February we shall see if I can get out of the fiberglass and start to rehab.  As many have said roads won’t disappear and I will be on two wheels soon enough.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

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