Even Charley has accidents…

February 17 2016

I just heard yesterday that Charley Boorman was in a motorcycle accident in Portugal.  He broke his left tibia, fibula and right ankle requiring surgery. 

Charley Boorman’s Twitter pic

Here is a tweet:

CB had accident today in Portugal @ Global launch of Triumph Explorer

I bet he’s home by now and beginning his road to recovery.  I can relate as my road to recovery just got longer even though my cast was removed on Feb. 12.


I have broken my right tibia now three times and yeah I am older now but I have never experienced a break like this one.  Actually, I have broken 9 bones due to multiple reasons.  Sports, my sisters when I was 2 😵 and a car accident.  What are the consequences of suffering this break at this time in my life?  Well, recently a job came up in my field.  Organ Donation.  These are rare to find and my interview via the Net went well. 

The sad reality is after I got my cast off there was a mix communication between myself, my partner and the doc.  My partner and I thought  I was to go to physical therapy and start rehabbing.  Strengthening, eventual weight bearing, etc.  This is true, I went right after my cast was removed and had a session.  It was at my second session of PT that I was informed of the change to my rehab schedule.  Instructions now are; no weight bearing until patient is reassessed March 21.  No strengthening, no working, only light PT until March 21. 

Almost off, the relief was amazing

I am going on 5 months post accident and I still have to worry about protecting my leg as though it’s still broken.  I remain dependent versus having any independence except I can shower by myself.  I became so optimistic to have had the opportunity to interview for a profession I LOVE only to have to email the panel about my delay in recovery.  Will this position wait for me?  Not sure.  Do I need a job?  You have no idea. 

This imposition in my life is indeed only brief in the grand scheme of things and I felt freed from the cast on Feb 12th in more ways than one.  I am disappointed though that my leg is taking so long to be honest.  I am trying with all my heart to be patient and understand that my reintroduction to the USA after leaving Canada was meant to have this obstacle?

All that cotton and fiberglass was the cause of my claustrophobia
almost free and disgusting hairy-scaling skin

Everything is on hold with the main focus on getting my strength back and ability to walk.  In 2011 I had right knee surgery and I am getting the feeling this multiple break will take longer to rehab.  Come to think of it my right leg has been through hell in my now 50 years. 

Half a century old

Just realized I broke my right ankle too in a basketball game when I was in high school and in my sophomore year of college playing soccer.  What a mess eh?

Look how similar the knees look with different injuries.

I rehabbed quickly in 2011 because this was when Triumph loaned me two of their 2011 Tiger 800XC bikes to ride to Alaska and beyond.  I had to be able to ADV ride so I pushed it.  I was able to ride by May and my surgery was Feb. 2011. 


Once I get the green light my training will be the same and I will get on top of this physio asap.

Light physio is all I can do now

First shave was great.  Guys you probably don’t care but we gals do like some shaving.  😉  Scraping off the crud was interesting. 

lovely dry heal

After the scrapping

clean foot, amazing

In a nutshell, I am very lucky to have an understanding partner.  I have not been an easy patient but I will say I am amazed I have not gone nuts.  Things to look forward to are:  Independence, being able to walk and go out on real dates, drive, ride my F800GS home from the dealer, get that job I think was meant to be in organ donation and make the employer want to wait for me, work on the house my partner just bought and have fun gardening, making my woman’s cave.  Go for my birthday helicopter flying lesson. 

I wish I had my own motorcycle stories to write about as I read about those who are out and about taking bike trips.  In time as all say to me…the virtual world once again has been great and supportive.  Sounds odd I suppose but I think I have become somewhat “dependent” on my FB page and this blog to keep my chin up.  Whatever works I say go for it.  Until next update…everyone keep the rubber side down as the weather in most areas is beginning to feel and smell like Spring.




Author: advgrrl

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6 thoughts on “Even Charley has accidents…”

  1. Sad to see what you are going through. Hope you will be riding again very soon.

    Sad to hear about CB’s accident in Portugal. In fact I just finished watching his Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means and still reading the book.

    Get well and riding soon.

  2. Best of luck to you. I had a broken foot and it took nearly a year to heal to the point where I could run again. I’m 46 and hope I never break another bone !

  3. Its so hard to be have patience when all you want to do is get on with things. I had a bum knee in my teens and spent 3 consecutive summers in a cast from hip to ankle & on crutches to rest & heel the knee. They started talking surgery and I said nope, still have problems with it. I know the claustrophobia you are talking about. Hang in there lady.

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