Healing and more changes

Recap…this blog has been a bit sleepy because well?  I haven’t been doing much since October 17th, 2015 except trying to heal from my crash.

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More New Stuff Coming

I appreciate a company who can take their gear out on a real life test and come back with their own constructive criticism to make improvements. Keeping my eye on these bags and their tank bag as well.

Mosko Moto

March 11, 2016

Josh and I returned from Africa last week. I started a ride report on advrider.com – click here – which I’ll be updating over the next few weeks. It’s trippy to go from riding a motorcycle in Africa one day, to my normal home routine the next. Already evaluating destinations for next winter’s trip.

Andrew and I laid out the two Reckless 80’s from Africa and inspected them for issues. We put these two prototypes through a lot of abuse on this trip and they held up great. There was one minor issue on a drybag (known issue, fixed in the new version), and a few other things on the harness that we can address in production.

mosko-moto-motorcycle-soft-bags-dualsport-offroad-adventure-soft-luggage-pannier-duffle-ktm-bmw-klr-rackless-reckless-tank-bag-adventure-jacket-pants-jersey-1-6-16 (13)

You can see where the heat shield was pushing against the bag on the left side of the pic. There’s always going to be some hot spots on the underside of these bags…

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